Sanne Van Paassen out-kicks Katie Compton to win World Cup opener

The two hit the line together and the Rabobank-Giant rider proves strongest

TABOR, Czech Republic (VN) — Sanne Van Paassen (Rabobank-Giant) pipped Katie Compton (Trek Cyclocross Collective) to win round one of the 2012-13 UCI World Cup on Sunday.

Van Paassen was off the front with three laps to go, chased by U.S. champion Compton and British champ Helen Wyman (Kona), when the American punched it and bridged to her. Wyman continued to chase only a few seconds behind.

Compton took the front and put the hammer down, and the two soon left Wyman in their dust and in sole possession of third place.

Hitting the tarmac with for bell lap remaining Compton had a few bike lengths on Van Paassen. But the Rabobank rider fought back and took the front on the rolling, serpentine course.

Going through the barriers Compton once more took the lead but could not put more than a couple bike lengths on Van Paassen. The two hit the pavement for the sprint and the Rabobank rider proved the stronger of the two. Wyman held on for third.

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