Sanne Cant wins crash-filled Waterloo world cup

Sanne Cant (Beobank-Corendon) dominated the women's UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Waterloo, Wisconsin on Sunday.

Sanne Cant (Beobank-Corendon) dominated the second round of the women’s Telenet UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Waterloo, Wisconsin on Sunday, as the temperature soared about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The two-time UCI Cyclocross World Cup overall winner attacked out of a chase group on the third of five laps and held off a large chase to take the win.

The win comes in the form of redemption for her, as she finished third at the opening world cup round in Iowa City a week ago and then on Friday was battling for the win with Katie Compton (KFC Racing p/b Trek-Panache), but a hard crash took her out of the running.

Americans took the last two podium spot with Wisconsin native Katie Keough (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) and Ellen Noble (Aspire) finishing second and third respectively. The duo came out on top, as a group of seven riders battled on the last lap for the remaining podium spots behind Cant.

Noble pumped her fist multiple times as she crossed the line, clearly elated to score a podium finish. She is the reigning under-23 world cup overall champion, but has aged out of that category and will be battling for the elite title this year.

Top 10

  • 1. Sanne Cant, (BEL), 43:13
  • 2. Kaitlin Keough, (USA), 43:23
  • 3. Ellen Noble, (USA), 43:29
  • 4. Sophie De Boer, (NED), 43:31
  • 5. Caroline Mani, (FRA), 43:37
  • 6. Katerina Nash, (CZE), 43:43
  • 7. Ellen Van Loy, (BEL), 43:49
  • 8. Emma White, (USA), 43:57
  • 9. Christel Ferrier Bruneau, (CAN), 44:02
  • 10. Maud Kaptheijns, (NED), 44:06

The second stop of the eight-round Telenet UCI Cyclocross World Cup again took place in the United States. The course was located in Waterloo, Wisconsin on the grounds of the headquarters of Trek Bikes. For the first time ever, a UCI Cyclocross World Cup race offered equal prize money for the men and women.

Keough grabbed the holeshot with Noble right behind as the course was dry and fast. The dry conditions would actually cause problems as the turns were dusty and slick. Many riders slide out on the off-cambers sections out on course. Helen Wyman crashed on the first corner of the race and was forced to pit.

By the end of the first lap, Ellen van Loy (Telenet Fidea) had opened a gap with 13-time U.S. national cyclocross champion Compton leading a three-American chase group with Keough and Noble.

Van Loy was brought back on the second lap after she wiped out on a loose off-camber section. The chase group had swelled and now seven riders were at the front. Sophie de Boer (Parkhotel Valkenburg-Destil) and Cant had joined Compton, Noble, Keough. Iowa City World Cup winner Katerina Nash (Clif Pro Team) was also briefly in the lead group, but a botched bike exchange in the pit dropped her behind. She had company in Caroline Mani (Van Dessel/Atom Composites) in chasing the lead group.

Compton crashed out of the lead group on the third lap and was a non-factor the rest of the race. She was suffering from breathing problems, which was due to an allergic reaction from a bee sting she got the day before. She would spend time at the medical tent after the race, but would be ok.

Cant laid down the power on the third and no one could follow.

Over the next lap and a half, Noble and de Boer did the bulk of the work in the chase group, but the world champion was on another level. Entering the final lap, Cant held a slim 17-second advantage over the chase.

The chase group splintered on the final lap, as the riders fought for the podium. Keough and Noble managed to come out on top. They finished less than 20 seconds behind Cant. Standing on the podium was special for Keough, as she is a native of Wisconsin and had many friends and family at the race. For Noble, it was the first time she stood on the podium at a world cup race.

De Boer finished fourth with Mani in fifth. Nash could only manage sixth on the day and thus lost her lead to Cant in the world cup overall standings.

The Telenet UCI Cyclocross World Cup continues on the famed sand dunes of Koksijde, Belgium on October 22nd.

Full results to come

  • 1. Sanne Cant, (BEL), 43:13
  • 2. Kaitlin Keough, (USA), 43:23
  • 3. Ellen Noble, (USA), 43:29
  • 4. Sophie De Boer, (NED), 43:31
  • 5. Caroline Mani, (FRA), 43:37
  • 6. Katerina Nash, (CZE), 43:43
  • 7. Ellen Van Loy, (BEL), 43:49
  • 8. Emma White, (USA),43:57
  • 9. Christel Ferrier Bruneau, (CAN), 44:02
  • 10. Maud Kaptheijns, (NED), 44:06
  • 11. Elle Anderson, (USA), 44:09
  • 12. Courtenay Mcfadden, (USA), 44:13
  • 13. Eva Lechner, (ITA),44:46
  • 14. Crystal Anthony, (USA), 44:57
  • 15. Arley Kemmerer, (USA), 45:10
  • 16. Lucie Chainel, (FRA), 45:16
  • 17. Sofia Gomez Villafane, (ARG), 45:19
  • 18. Fleur Nagengast, (NED), 45:21
  • 19. Nikki Brammeier, (GBR), 45:23
  • 20. Maghalie Rochette, (CAN), 45:25
  • 21. Alicia Franck, (BEL), 45:27
  • 22. Amanda Nauman, (USA), 45:45
  • 23. Annika Langvad, (DEN), 46:04
  • 24. Ruby West, (CAN), 46:04
  • 25. Helen Wyman, (GBR), 46:13
  • 26. Rebecca Fahringer, (USA), 46:26
  • 27. Loes Sels, (BEL), 46:33
  • 28. Emily Kachorek, (USA), 46:38
  • 29. Sunny Gilbert, (USA), 46:46
  • 30. Bethany Crumpton, (GBR), 46:47
  • 31. Rebecca Gross, (USA), 47:14
  • 32. Jennifer Malik, (USA), 47:16
  • 33. Hannah Finchamp, (USA), 47:23
  • 34. Natasha Elliott, (CAN), 47:27
  • 35. Julie Wright, (USA), 47:54
  • 36. Cassandra Maximenko, (USA), 48:05
  • 37. Emma Swartz, (USA), 48:21
  • 38. Kim Hurst, (NZL), 49:22
  • 39. Siobhan Kelly, (CAN), 50:23
  • 40. Anna Schappert, (CAN), 50:35
  • 41. Maria Larkin, (IRL), 50:54
  • 42. Katherine Compton, (USA), 52:04
  • 43. Erica Leonard, (CAN)
  • 44. Evelyne Ward, (CAN)