Rapha Cycling Club and Zwift to host rides with pros

RCC and Zwift will be hosting events with Canyon-SRAM, EF Pro Cycling, and US national champion Justin Williams.

The 2020 pro cycling calendar is in limbo, and events for amateurs around the world are being shuffled or outright canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone on a bike is left with the question of how to stay fit and still have fun, even if confined indoors.

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The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) and Zwift have answered the question — virtually. RCC and Zwift will be hosting ride-alongs with pros from Canyon-SRAM, EF Pro Cycling, and US amateur criterium national champion Justin Williams. These rides will be open to all riders.

Kicking off on March 22nd at 5pm PST, cyclists from around the world can participate in a 40-minute “free ride” in zones 1-3 with Williams. There will be a 10-minute warm up and a 10-minute cool-down. This ride will be available to all experience levels, so no need to feel intimidated by the big names and fast company.

Rapha will also be hosting events just for RCC members on Zwift. Ride leaders will shift their typical outdoor duties from the road to leading inside rides. These sessions will be in addition to the regularly scheduled RCC rides.

If you want to ride along in Zwift in RCC colors, you can enter this unlock code to gain access to RCC cycling kits.

Rapha and Zwift will be adding new events each week across a variety of different time zones worldwide, each led by guest ride leaders from Canyon-SRAM and EF Pro Cycling.

Registration for RCC/Zwift events can be found on the Zwift web site.