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Moreau takes prologue. Armstrong finishes third.

As of 1:20p.m. (Eastern time - U.S.) The French are celebrating in Dunkirk. They have a new race leader. Festina's Christophe Moreau has turned in a 9:20:59 (52.71kph), giving him the win in this Tour de France prologue U.S. Postal's Lance Armstrong finished in third with a 9:24.64 and Telekom's Jan Ullrich took fourth with 9:27.76. As of 1:08p.m. (Eastern time - U.S.) Defending Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong is on the course. Looking relaxed and confident, the U.S. Postal Service star, smiled, checked his radio earpiece and charged off the line, one minute after Telekom's Jan

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By VeloNews Editorial staff

As of 1:20p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) The French are celebrating in Dunkirk. They have a new race leader. Festina’s Christophe Moreau has turned in a 9:20:59 (52.71kph), giving him the win in this Tour de France prologue

U.S. Postal’s Lance Armstrong finished in third with a 9:24.64 and Telekom’s Jan Ullrich took fourth with 9:27.76.

As of 1:08p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Defending Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong is on the course. Looking relaxed and confident, the U.S. Postal Service star, smiled, checked his radio earpiece and charged off the line, one minute after Telekom’s Jan Ullrich took off.

Both are looking good on the road. Ullrich appears to be pushing a bigger gear… which makes sense, because Armstrong has concentrated on his spin.

Surprisingly, last year’s prologue winner David Millar finished way off the pace in 104th place, turning in a 10:02:30. Word from the course is that Millar suffered a crash.

As of 1:05p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Jalabert has finished, turning in a 9:42.

Joseba Beloki (ONCE) is on the course.

As of 12:55p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) We have a new leader. Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano, riding a 9:23:58 (52.43kph).

Brad McGee has finished with a 9:35, good enough for fifth at this point.

As of 12:55p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) U.S. Postal’s Roberto Heras is on course.

The current leader Florent Brard says that he is “under no illusion” that he will win today.

“The big riders are yet to come, but this is a great way to start out my first Tour de France.”

The Postal’s George Hincapie has finished, about 12 seconds off of the race leader’s pace. Hincapie said he wasn’t expecting to do well. He had apparently cut a tendon and an artery in his hand while unloading his dishwasher at home last week.

He received stitches and is now on antibiotics, though he says that he fully expects to recover in time to be an important asset to the team for the rest of the Tour.

As of 12:45p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Brad Mcgee, one of the early favorites for this prologue, is now on the course. The Aussie, riding for Francaise Des Jeux, won the bronze medal in the pursuit at last year’s Olympics in Sydney.

As of 12:40.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) We have a new leader. Festina’s Florent Brard lived up to the expectations put upon France’s national time trial champion and turned in a 9:27.830 (52.08kph).

It’s less than half an hour before the two biggies of this Tour start.

Lance Armstrong is on his bike warming up on a turbo trainer in a covered area between his team bus and one of the Postal team trucks. Armstrong looks fit, relaxed and very ready.

1997 Tour winner, Jan Ullrich has also been warming up, though right now he’s in his team bus, awaiting the start. As last year’s runner-up, he’ll be off the line one minute before Armstrong.

As of 12:36p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Mapei’s Stefano Garzelli, the winner of the 2000 Giro d’Italia has finished in 9:49. Riding in his 12th Tour de france, Domo’s Johan Museeuw has just left the start.

The rain has now completely stopped.

As of 12:26p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) The weather is actually improving a little. The rain has effectively stopped again and the head wind on the closing stretch is easing off from its high of 20mph.

The standings remain unchanged as of now.

The U.S. Postal Service’s George Hincapie has just started and Domo’s Merckx has finished — with a 10:11.

As of 12:10p.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Rain! A light rain has just started to fall in Dunkirk.

The weather may solidify the grip the Spanish riders seem to have on this prologue. As of now, the top-three spots are held by Spanish riders.

1 – Carlos Sastre (ONCE) – 9:34.130

2 – Antonio Tauler (Kelme) – 9:34:34

3 – Jose Gutierrez (Kelme) – 9:36:48

If Sastre holds on, this would be his first pro win ever. This is his first Tour de France.

Domo’s Axel Merckx on the course. He looks strong, but, man, he has an odd position on his bike. If he does well, it’ll be based on strenght and his incredible vital capacity – total volume of air a rider can breath in and out in a minut. Merckx has a capacity of 8.17 liters per minute versus the mean figure of 5.75 for the rest of the peloton. Good genes have got to help, eh?

As of 11:59a.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Ekimov has finished with 9:37. Telekom’s Kevin Livingston has finished in 10:10.

As of 11:56a.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) It’s just over an hour before the race favorites start their prologues, and the wind has picked up, blowing in off the English Channel. It’s a head wind at about 20 mph all the way along the final 1.8km.

Ekimov is now on the course, and make a huge effort. The Olympic time trial champion is wearing his usual Postal uniform, not the rainbow stripes that he earned in Sydney.

As of 11:49 a.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Credit Agricole’s Bobby Julich just finished with a 9:46:54, about 12 seconds off of the pace of current leader Carlos Sastre (ONCE).

Jonathan Vaughters, who recorded 9:44, was 10 seconds off the leader’s pace when he finished. “That’ll be 30 seconds by the end of the day,” said the Crédit Agricole rider, just after crossing the line in pale sunshine. “I didn’t have really good legs. I rested up a lot after the Tour of Catalonia, and will try to allow myself to work in the first week (before) the mountains, which I’ve never really done before. I’ve always hit the Tour kind of flying. So we’ll see…. It’s gonna hurt the first couple of days here, but hopefully it’ll work out in the end.

“As for today, the wind is only a factor the last 2km … hopefully it’ll rain for all the other guys. It’s a good course, nice fast corners. I don’t think the (time) differences will be big even though it’s a long prologue. It’s such a fast course, there’s not a whole lot of places where you can make a big difference. But who knows, you’ll probably see Lance or Ullrich come through and win by 20 seconds.”

The weather in Dunkirk is beginning to sour a little. The winds are picking up, the clouds are rolling in and it is beginning to look like rain… though nothing yet.

As of 11:27 a.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) ONCE’s Carlos Sastre has taken over the lead of the prologue TT, turning in a blazing 9:34.130, averaging 51.43kph.

Right now, Lotto’s Rik Verbrugghe is on course. Verbrugghe won the prologue at the Giro d’Italia, setting something of a world record in the process. But at the halfway mark, the Belgian’s time was already four seconds slower than Sastre’s.

So right now, the standings are Sastre in first, followed by Kelme’s Antonio Tauler (9:34:34), U.S. Postal’s Steffen Kjargaard is in third two seconds back.

As of 11:08 a.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) There is a new leader. Kelme’s Antonio Tauler finished in 9:34:34, putting him two seconds ahead of Hushovd and three seconds up on Gonzales, the man who beat him last week for the Spanish national time trial championship.

Tyler Hamilton (U.S. Postal) has finished in 9:46:42, putting him around 18th place. Hamilton said that he “had a little problem with my seat. I hit a bad bump and the nose of my saddle came down.”

Credit Agricole’s Jonathan Vaughters has also finished, turning in a 9:44.76.

Lance watchers will be happy to know that the defending Tour champion is now on the scene. He just arrived along with his new teammate Roberto Herras. The two pulled up in a VW Passat with tinted windows and immediately ducked into the U.S. Postal team bus. As defending champion, Armstrong is, of course, the last rider scheduled to start today.

As of 10:52 a.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Tyler Hamilton and Christian Vandevelde are on course. Norwegian Thor Hushovd (Credit Agricole) continues to lead the standings with his 9:37.18. ONCE’s Santos Gonzales is in second and Telekom’s Andreas Kloden is in third, having ridden a 9:39.76.

As of 10:38 a.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) Credit Agricole’s Thor Hushovd has taken the early lead, finishing the 8.2km course in 9:37:18.

As of 10:00 a.m. (Eastern time – U.S.) The rain has stopped for now and the roads have dried off in Dunkirk, even though a raging rainstorm continues 50km south of here, and all over northern France reports of severe weather are coming in. The weather is warm and muggy – around 75 degrees Fahrenheit – and calm. If the wind stays down and the rain stays away, it could make for equal opportunity to make the podium. On the other hand, if the wind and rain kick up later, some of the early starters could find themselves as surprise beneficiaries of the gods.

Yesterday, the US Postal Service team went out on a training ride together on their time trial bikes. We caught up with them at their hotel, a beautiful chateau in the country south of Calais, just as they returned from their training ride and headed for lunch. They jabbered excitedly about how fast they are going, what good condition everyone on the team is in, and how great it is to be staying in an isolated place out in the country.

While most of the other teams are in hotels in larger towns and cities in the area, the Postmen are in beautiful pastureland far from any population. The chateau’s proprietors are guarding their privacy by parking a tractor across the entrance to the walled enclave and withholding directions from people calling on the phone.

They were very excited at how fast they were going in their team time trial mode without even trying to push the pace. It bodes well for today and for the team time trial on the 12th.

Sebastien Talabardo of Big Mat and Servais Knaven of Domo (the Paris-Roubaix champion) are now on the 8.2km circuit on the streets of downtown Dunkirk. The 88th Tour de France is on!

Stay tuned here for continuing coverage today and all three weeks of the Tour!


1. MOREAU Christophe FES 09:20;
3. ARMSTRONG Lance USP at 0:04;
4. ULLRICH Jan TEL at 0:07;
5. BRARD Florent FES at 0:07;
6. BOTERO Santiago KEL at 0:10;
7. BELOKI Joseba ONC at 0:13;
8. O’GRADY Stuart C. A at 0:13;
9. SASTRE Carlos ONC at 0:14;
10. TAULER Antonio KEL at 0:14;
11. KIRSIPUU Jaan A2R at 0:15;
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21. GONZALEZ Santos ONC at 0:17;
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