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Video: How Team Twenty24 prepares for Unbound Gravel

Shayna Powless, Jen Luebke, and Natalia Franco explain their bike, gear, and hydration choices for 206 miles of Kansas gravel.

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Team Twenty24 team manager Nicola Cranmer has prepped her team for countless pro races, with a tactician’s sense of long-range planning and a real-world understanding for the myriad complications that can arise in the chaos of an event. But Unbound Gravel is another beast altogether, she says.

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“This has been far more preparation than any stage race,” Cranmer said. “On the road, we pick for performance. Here, we pick for durability. For a road time trial, we always go with the fastest, smoothest, lightest option. Here, we have lighter, faster tires. But we don’t choose them.”

Team Twenty24 riders Shayna Powless, Jen Luebke, and Natalia Franco are each racing Unbound Gravel for the first time Saturday. Each one has been doing local gravel races to get a feel of what equipment works for them. The riders had a Zoom call with Kenda to get a walk through of the pros and cons of each gravel tire. Each choose the brand’s Flintridge Pro.

In the video above, Powless, Luebke, and Franco explain what gear they picked and why.

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Cranmer will have both checkpoint stations stocked with individualized replenishments for each rider. Photo: Ben Delaney