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Jalabert takes stage four — but oh what happened before that….

On Wednesday, the Tour de France made its way back into France, after racing through Belgium for three days in the opening week of the race. Along the route from Huy, Belgium, to Verdun, France, was the war memorial in Douaumont, commemorating the two-and-a-half-year battle in World War I, where more than 150,000 French and German soldiers lost their lives. But looking back on Stage 4 of the Tour, it’s the 150km of roads before that monument that will be remembered most after an epic chase and a surprising show of force by the teams of the top contenders for this year’s overall title. On

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By Bryan Jew, VeloNews senior writer

Photo: Graham Watson

On Wednesday, the Tour de France made its way back into France, after racing through Belgium for three days in the opening week of the race. Along the route from Huy, Belgium, to Verdun, France, was the war memorial in Douaumont, commemorating the two-and-a-half-year battle in World War I, where more than 150,000 French and German soldiers lost their lives. But looking back on Stage 4 of the Tour, it’s the 150km of roads before that monument that will be remembered most after an epic chase and a surprising show of force by the teams of the top contenders for this year’s overall title.

On Thursday morning, headlines celebrating the stage victory of CSC-World Online’s Laurent Jalabert will be splashed across the fronts of French newspapers, and Stuart O’Grady (Crédit Agricole) will wear the yellow jersey once again. However, it was the events far before the two-up sprint finish between Jalabert and Ludo Dierckxsens (Lampre-Daikin) that were the most intriguing to anyone watching the race.

The race began under a mix of clouds and blue skies along the river Meuse in Huy, the little town that hosts the annual one-day spring classic Flèche Wallonne. Traveling some of the same roads as that race, Wednesday’s stage headed southward through the hilly, forested Ardennes region of Belgium on its way to the French border. It was a tough beginning on a day that was sort of a mirror image of the previous day, with stage 4 featuring hills at the start, and flatter roads buffeted by cross winds in the second half.

The race was animated from the start, with numerous breakaway attempts, but the defining move of the day didn’t occur until the 50km mark, after the second of four categorized climbs on the day.

At that point, a routine break began to take shape, nine riders along for the ride, with varying objectives. Among them were Telekom’s Udo Bölts, marking the move for his team leader Jan Ullrich; Bobby Julich, who was tagging along to protect the interests of race leader O’Grady; Rabobank’s Michael Boogerd, like Julich a potential threat in the overall outcome; Frenchman Patrice Halgand (Jean Delatour), who was out seeking some early points in the king of the mountains competition; Ag2R’s Christophe Agnolutto, probably hoping to get lucky with a stage win in a long breakaway; and Festina’s Luis Perez, on the watch for team leader Christophe Moreau. Rounding things out were Kelme’s José Angel Vidal, Française des Jeux’s Christophe Mengin and Big Mat’s Loïc Lamouller.

It wasn’t the composition of the break that made it particularly interesting, though, but rather, what happened over the next 40km, as its lead shot up to more than 10 minutes.

With most of the important teams represented, the responsibility to chase landed with Lance Armstrong’s U.S. Postal team, and all eight of his teammates went to the front after the Côte de Redu, at the 72km mark, to begin to bring things back.

“The problem was when Julich and Boogerd had 10 minutes,” said Armstrong,” and the other teams wouldn’t work with us.”

Well, if the other teams were going to make things hard on Postal, then Postal was going to make things hard on everybody else. As the race rolled through heavy cross winds and a light rain, the eight men in blue-and-red set such a hard tempo that the main peloton began to splinter into echelons, those diagonal lines of riders stretching across the road and struggling in the wind.

Vande Velde: ‘If we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it right.”

Photo: Graham Watson

“We decided, screw it, if we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it right,” said Postal’s Christian Vande Velde. “And bam, that was it.”

Shortly after the feed zone in Neufchateau, 90km into the race, there were as many as five groups spread across the road, with Postal still driving the front chase group and the breakaway still far up the road. Eventually, a main chase group of 29 riders formed, and it was quite a group, including: every Postal rider except José Luis Rubiera; six Telekom riders; the entire ONCE team; and O’Grady, who was doing everything he could to try to stay in yellow.

With all that firepower, the lead came down quickly, and by the 133km mark, just before the French border and a huge crowd awaiting the Tour, the nine leaders were absorbed into the first chase group. Behind, a group of around 40 was desperately trying to close a gap of about one minute.

But Postal continued to drive, and by that time ONCE and Telekom were pulling equally hard. On the eve of the team time trial, it was an incredible show of force by three of the teams that have the most to gain or lose, but as the heavy cross winds continued, this effort was proving to be just as important.

“All the favorites were at the front,” said Armstrong, “Ullrich, Beloki, the whole ONCE team.

“All the teams are tired,” he continued. “It’s hard at the front. But it’s harder at the back.”

Eventually, only about 40 more chasers gained contact — with about 35km to go — with the lead group after the long chase. The effort by the big teams had done its damage, but not only to those who finished minutes behind.

“That was epic,” said an exhausted Vande Velde at the finish line. “That hurt everybody, including us. Nobody’s ever gonna forget who was involved in this.”

Soon after day-long chase was over, and with about 30km remaining, Jalabert, Francisco Mancebo ( and Dierckxsens would launch the winning move. The three built the lead up to 1:25, but with that gap coming down under the chase of the Bonjour team behind, Jalabert attacked with 3km to go, with Dierckxsens bridging up a few hundred meters later.

Heading to the line in Verdun, Jalabert began to formulate his finish. “I know I’m not a sprinter anymore, so I had to try to remember how to do it,” he said. “I knew that [the final right-hand bend] was where I had to start.”

Jalabert picked the spot perfectly, with 300 meters to go, and went in for the easy victory ahead of Diercksxens. Behind, Bonjour couldn’t quite close the gap, but its sprinter Damien Nazon took the field sprint for third ahead of Fred Rodriguez (Domo-Farm Frites), seven seconds behind the winner.

For much of the day, Rodriguez was caught in the split behind Postal, Telekom and ONCE, and his Domo team was one of the squads that worked all day long to try to close the gap.

“That was hard, that was really hard,” he said at the finish. “We had to chase as hard as we could until we caught them with 35km to go.

“I knew that I still had a good chance with a fast sprint,” he continued. “I got a little boxed in with 300 meters to go. I came out of the box, but it was a little to late.”

Just behind came the exhausted survivors of an epic day at the Tour de France, one in which the top teams took any concerns about the team time trial, and threw them out the window. Yes, it will be Jalabert on the front page tomorrow, but tonight, ONCE, Telekom and Postal know they were part of something bigger.

Photo Gallery


Stage 4: Huy-Vernun
(Click for overall standings after Stage 4)

1. JALABERT Laurent (F), CSC-Tiscali, 215km in 5:17:49;
2. DIERCKXSENS Ludo (B), Lampre- Daikin, s.t.;
3. NAZON Damien (F), Bonjour, at 00:07;
4. RODRIGUEZ Fred (USA), Domo-Farm Frites, at 00:07;
5. PETACCHI Alessandro (I), Fassa Bortolo;
6. TEUTENBERG Sven (G), Festina;
7. HUNTER Robert (RSA), Lampre-Daikin;
8. O’GRADY Stuart (Aus), Credit Agricole;
9. VAN HYFTE Paul (B), Lotto;
10. TALABARDON SÈbastien (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93;
11. SIMON FranÁois (F), Bonjour;
12. WESEMANN Steffen (G), Deutsche Telekom;
13. BAGUET Serge (B), Lotto;
14. ZANINI Stefano (I), Mapei;
15. LOTZ Marc (Nl), Rabobank;
16. ODRIOZOLA Jon (Sp),;
17. SORENSEN Nicki (Dk), CSC-Tiscali;
18. MOREAU Christophe (F), Festina;
19. TOSATTO Matteo (I), Fassa Bortolo;
20. BROCHARD Laurent (F), Jean Delatour;
21. POZZI Oscar (I), Fassa Bortolo;
22. BELOKI Joseba (Sp), ONCE;
23. GUESDON FrÈdÈric (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux;
24. BELLI Wladimir (I), Fassa Bortolo;
25. GUTIERREZ JosÈ Enrique (Sp), Kelme;
26. WADECKI Piotr (Pol), Domo-Farm Frites;
27. BOOGERD MichaÎl (Nl), Rabobank;
28. BRARD Florent (F), Festina;
29. BOTERO Santiago (Col), Kelme;
30. ARMSTRONG Lance (USA), U.S. Postal;
31. HEULOT StÈphane (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93;
32. VOIGT Jens (G), Credit Agricole;
33. ULLRICH Jan (G), Deutsche Telekom;
35. JULICH Bobby (USA), Credit Agricole;
36. AERTS Mario (B), Lotto;
37. SALMON Benoit (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
38. MANCEBO Francisco (Sp),;
39. ROUS Didier (F), Bonjour;
40. TAULER Antonio (Sp), Kelme;
41. GARCIA-ACOSTA Vicente (Sp),;
42. CASERO Angel (Sp), Festina;
43. SEVILLA Oscar (Sp), Kelme;
44. BARTOLI Michele (I), Mapei;
45. EKIMOV Vjatceslav (Rus), U.S. Postal;
46. HERAS Roberto (Sp), U.S. Postal;
47. HINCAPIE George (USA), U.S. Postal;
48. GARZELLI Stefano (I), Mapei;
49. HAMILTON Tyler (USA), U.S. Postal;
50. PENA Victor Hugo (Col), U.S. Postal;
51. VINOKOUROV Alexandre (Kaz), Deutsche Telekom;
52. MERCKX Axel (B), Domo-Farm Frites;
53. VAN DE WOUWER Kurt (B), Lotto;
54. BENETEAU Walter (F), Bonjour;
55. BLANCO Santiago (Sp),;
56. HALGAND Patrice (F), Jean Delatour;
57. MONTGOMERY Sven (Swi), La FranÁaise Des Jeux;
59. DE GROOT Bram (Nl), Rabobank;
60. BROZYNA Thomasz (Pol),;
61. KLODEN AndrÈas (G), Deutsche Telekom;
62. CHAURREAU Inigo (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
63. GUTIERREZ Ivan (Sp), ONCE;
64. GONZALEZ Santos (Sp), ONCE;
65. HEPPNER Jens (G), Deutsche Telekom;
66. VANDEVELDE Christian (USA), U.S. Postal;
67. LIVINGSTON Kevin (USA), Deutsche Telekom;
68. JAKSCHE Jorg (G), ONCE;
69. PEREZ Luis (Sp), Festina;
70. BASSO Ivan (I), Fassa Bortolo;
71. GUERINI Giuseppe (I), Deutsche Telekom;
72. SERRANO Marcos (Sp), ONCE;
73. SASTRE Carlos (Sp), ONCE;
74. BOLTS Udo (G), Deutsche Telekom;
75. VIDAL JosÈ Angel (Sp), Kelme;
76. PRADERA Mikel (Sp), ONCE;
77. ROBIN Jean-Cyril (F), Bonjour, all s.t.;
78. MENGIN Christophe (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux, at 00:20;
79. BOUYER Franck (F), Bonjour, at 01:01;
80. GONZALEZ GALDEANO Alvaro (Sp), ONCE, at 05:58;
81. CHAVANEL Sylvain (F), Bonjour;
82. LARSEN Nicolay Bo (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, both s.t.;
83. KJAERGAARD Steffen (Nor), U.S. Postal, at 07:26;
84. PERRAUDEAU Olivier (F), Bonjour, s.t.;
85. CEREZO Francisco (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, at 13:32;
86. TRENTIN Guido (I), Cofidis, s.t.;
87. LAMOULLER LoÔc (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93 at 14:21;
88. AGNOLUTTO Christophe (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
89. BOUVARD Gilles (F), Jean Delatour;
90. MONCOUTIE David (F), Cofidis;
91. DEL OLMO Txema (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
92. JAN Xavier (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93;
93. CASPER Jimmy (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux, at 18:01;
94. SORENSEN Rolf (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 18:08;
5. AUGER Guillaume (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93;
96. ATIENZA Daniel (Sp), Cofidis;
97. BLAUDZUN MichaÎl (Dk), CSC-Tiscali;
98. SIVAKOV Alexei (Rus), Big Mat-Auber ’93;
99. JALABERT Nicolas (F), CSC-Tiscali;
100. LELLI Massimiliano (I), Cofidis;
101. JENNER Christopher NZL Credit Agricole;
102. KNAVEN Servais (Nl), Domo-Farm Frites;
103. SCHNIDER Daniel (Swi), La FranÁaise Des Jeux;
104. PIIL Jakob (Dk), CSC-Tiscali;
105. BESSY FrÈdÈric (F), Credit Agricole;
106. CUESTA Inigo (Sp), Cofidis;
107. HUSHOVD Thor (Nor), Credit Agricole;
108. IVANOV Serguei (Rus), Fassa Bortolo;
109. VERMAUT Steve (B), Lotto;
110. MAGNIEN Emmanuel (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux;
111. ZUBELDIA Haimar (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
112. DEN BAKKER Maarten (Nl), Rabobank;
113. VERSTREPEN Johan (B), Lampre-Daikin;
114. NIERMANN Grischa (G), Rabobank;
115. SVORADA Jan (Slo), Lampre-Daikin;
116. ROUX Laurent (F), Jean Delatour;
117. BALDATO Fabio (I), Fassa Bortolo;
118. VOGONDY Nicolas (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux;
119. KIRSIPUU Jaan (Est), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
120. VERHEYEN Geert (B), Rabobank;
121. RINERO Christophe (F), Cofidis;
122. CHANTEUR Pascal (F), Festina;
123. PASCUAL LLORENTE Javier (Sp), Kelme;
124. CAPELLE Christophe (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93;
125. MAIGNAN Gilles (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
126. DE JONGH Steven (Nl), Rabobank;
127. MILESI Marco (I), Domo-Farm Frites;
128. ZABEL Erik (G), Deutsche Telekom;
129. LEYSEN Bart (B), Mapei;
130. FORNACIARI Paolo (I), Mapei;
131. ETXEBARRIA Unai VEN Euskaltel-Euskadi;
132. BRAMATI Davide (I), Mapei;
133. LODA Nicola (I), Fassa Bortolo;
134. GARCIA CASAS FÈlix (Sp), Festina;
135. VAN HEESWIJK Max (Nl), Domo-Farm Frites;
136. STEELS Tom (B), Mapei;
137. VERBRUGGHE Rik (B), Lotto;
138. MATTAN Nico (B), Cofidis;
139. GOUVENOU Thierry (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93;
140. BETTINI Paolo (I), Mapei;
141. MUSEEUW Johan (B), Domo-Farm Frites;
142. BLIJLEVENS Jeroen (Nl), Lotto;
143. GOUBERT Stephane (F), Jean Delatour;
144. ETXEBARRIA David (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
145. CASTRESANA Angel (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
146. BELOHVOSCIKS Raivis (Lat), Lampre-Daikin;
147. LOPEZ DE MUNAIN Alberto (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
148. PRETOT Arnaud (F), Festina;
149. LINO Pascal (F), Festina;
150. MORIN Anthony (F), Credit Agricole;
151. KIVILEV Andrei (Kaz), Cofidis;
152. HINAULT SÈbastien (F), Credit Agricole;
153. MENCHOV Denis (Rus),;
154. WAUTERS Marc (B), Rabobank;
155. TURPIN Ludovic (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
156. NARDELLO Daniele (I), Mapei;
157. SERPELLINI Marco (I), Lampre-Daikin;
158. DEKKER Erik (Nl), Rabobank;
159. PIEPOLI Leonardo (I),;
160. CARDENAS FÈlix (Col), Kelme;
161. VAUGHTERS Jonathan (USA), Credit Agricole;
162. RUBIERA JosÈ Luis (Sp), U.S. Postal;
163. VAINSTEINS Romans (Lat), Domo-Farm Frites;
164. LAISEKA Roberto (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
165. CASSANI Enrico (I), Domo-Farm Frites;
166. MC GEE Bradley (Aus), La FranÁaise Des Jeux;
167. BERNARD JÈrome (F), Jean Delatour;
168. CAPELLE Ludovic (B), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
169. GONZALEZ Aitor (Sp), Kelme;
170. JIMENEZ Eladio (Sp),;
171. BERGES StÈphane (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
172. MIKHAILOV Guennadi (Rus), Lotto;
173. DURAND Jacky (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux;
174. RENIER Franck (F), Bonjour;
175. BOTCHAROV Alexandre (Rus), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
176. MILLAR David (GB), Cofidis;
177. AUGER Ludovic (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93, all s.t.;
178. PINOTTI Marco (I), Lampre-Daikin, at 19:32;
179. TRASTOUR Olivier (F), Jean Delatour;
180. SEIGNEUR Eddy (F), Jean Delatour;
181. FRUTTI Matteo (I), Lampre-Daikin;
182. DEMARBAIX SÈbastien (B), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
183. ORIOL Christophe (F), Jean Delatour;
184. GARCIA Marcelino (Sp), CSC-Tiscali;
185. BERTOGLIATI Rubens (Swi), Lampre-Daikin,

Abandon: Casagrande, Francesco
(I), Fassa Bortolo

Overall after four stages

1. O’GRADY Stuart (Aus), Credit Agricole, in 19:32:49;
2. JALABERT Laurent (F), CSC-Tiscali, at 00:18;
3. MOREAU Christophe (F), Festina, at 00:23;
4. VOIGT Jens (G), Credit Agricole, at 00:26;
5. GONZALEZ GALDEANO Igor (Sp), ONCE, at 00:26;
6. JULICH Bobby (USA), Credit Agricole, at 00:27;
7. ARMSTRONG Lance (USA), U.S. Postal, at 00:27;
8. ULLRICH Jan (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 00:30;
9. BRARD Florent (F), Festina, at 00:30;
10. BOTERO Santiago (Col), Kelme, at 00:33;
11. BELOKI Joseba (Sp), ONCE, at 00:36;
12. SASTRE Carlos (Sp), ONCE, at 00:37;
13. GUTIERREZ JosÈ Enrique (Sp), Kelme, at 00:39;
14. ROUS Didier (F), Bonjour, at 00:39;
15. BROCHARD Laurent (F), Jean Delatour, at 00:39;
16. CASERO Angel (Sp), Festina, at 00:39;
17. GONZALEZ Santos (Sp), ONCE, at 00:40;
18. JAKSCHE Jorg (G), ONCE, at 00:41;
19. TOSATTO Matteo (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 00:42;
20. KLODEN AndrÈas (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 00:42;
21. PENA Victor Hugo (Col), U.S. Postal, at 00:44;
22. BARTOLI Michele (I), Mapei, at 00:45;
23. BROZYNA Thomasz (Pol),, at 00:45;
24. GARZELLI Stefano (I), Mapei, at 00:46;
25. HALGAND Patrice (F), Jean Delatour, at 00:46;
26. HEULOT StÈphane (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93 at 00:48;
27. GUTIERREZ Ivan (Sp), ONCE, at 00:49;
28. SERRANO Marcos (Sp), ONCE, at 00:52;
29. PASCUAL RODRIGUEZ Javier (Sp),, at 00:53;
30. BASSO Ivan (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 00:54;
31. MANCEBO Francisco (Sp),, at 00:55;
32. VINOKOUROV Alexandre (Kaz), Deutsche Telekom, at 00:55;
33. PEREZ Luis (Sp), Festina, at 00:56;
34. ODRIOZOLA Jon (Sp),, at 00:57;
35. BELLI Wladimir (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 00:59;
36. BOOGERD MichaÎl (Nl), Rabobank, at 01:00;
37. AERTS Mario (B), Lotto, at 01:01;
38. SEVILLA Oscar (Sp), Kelme, at 01:01;
39. PRADERA Mikel (Sp), ONCE, at 01:02;
40. VAN DE WOUWER Kurt (B), Lotto, at 01:03;
41. WADECKI Piotr (Pol), Domo-Farm Frites, at 01:03;
42. SALMON Benoit (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance, at 01:05;
43. BENETEAU Walter (F), Bonjour, at 01:06;
44. HERAS Roberto (Sp), U.S. Postal, at 01:08;
45. BLANCO Santiago (Sp),, at 01:09;
46. VIDAL JosÈ Angel (Sp), Kelme, at 01:11;
47. ROBIN Jean-Cyril (F), Bonjour, at 01:13;
48. LIVINGSTON Kevin (USA), Deutsche Telekom, at 01:13;
49. BAGUET Serge (B), Lotto, at 01:14;
50. MERCKX Axel (B), Domo-Farm Frites, at 01:14;
51. CHAURREAU Inigo (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 01:15;
52. SIMON FranÁois (F), Bonjour, at 01:15;
53. MONTGOMERY Sven (Swi), La FranÁaise Des Jeux, at 01:16;
54. HEPPNER Jens (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 01:52;
55. WESEMANN Steffen (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 02:42;
56. BOLTS Udo (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 03:04;
57. HINCAPIE George (USA), U.S. Postal, at 03:31;
58. PETACCHI Alessandro (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 05:48;
59. VANDEVELDE Christian (USA), U.S. Postal, at 05:48;
60. TEUTENBERG Sven (G), Festina, at 05:57;
61. GARCIA-ACOSTA Vicente (Sp),, at 06:01;
62. TALABARDON SÈbastien (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93 at 06:06;
63. MENGIN Christophe (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux, at 06:10;
64. HUNTER Robert (RSA), Lampre-Daikin, at 06:57;
65. HAMILTON Tyler (USA), U.S. Postal, at 07:12;
66. VAN HYFTE Paul (B), Lotto, at 07:21;
67. GUESDON FrÈdÈric (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux, at 07:40;
68. SORENSEN Nicki (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 07:45;
69. GUERINI Giuseppe (I), Deutsche Telekom, at 07:51;
70. POZZI Oscar (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 08:01;
71. BOUYER Franck (F), Bonjour, at 08:16;
72. KJAERGAARD Steffen (Nor), U.S. Postal, at 10:47;
73. CHAVANEL Sylvain (F), Bonjour, at 11:38;
74. EKIMOV Vjatceslav (Rus), U.S. Postal, at 11:50;
75. DE GROOT Bram (Nl), Rabobank, at 11:57;
76. ZANINI Stefano (I), Mapei, at 12:13;
77. LOTZ Marc (Nl), Rabobank, at 12:19;
78. TAULER Antonio (Sp), Kelme, at 12:45;
79. RODRIGUEZ Fred (USA), Domo-Farm Frites, at 13:26;
80. TRENTIN Guido (I), Cofidis, at 14:25;
81. CEREZO Francisco (Sp), CSC-Tiscali, at 14:51;
82. MONCOUTIE David (F), Cofidis, at 15:16;
83. BOUVARD Gilles (F), Jean Delatour, at 15:16;
84. DEL OLMO Txema (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 15:31;
85. PERRAUDEAU Olivier (F), Bonjour, at 15:35;
86. NAZON Damien (F), Bonjour, at 16:14;
87. LAMOULLER LoÔc (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93 at 16:23;
88. DIERCKXSENS Ludo (B), Lampre-Daikin, at 17:25;
89. GONZALEZ GALDEANO Alvaro (Sp), ONCE, at 17:50;
90. LARSEN Nicolay Bo (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 18:21;
91. VERBRUGGHE Rik (B), Lotto, at 18:25;
92. ZABEL Erik (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 18:30;
93. GONZALEZ Aitor (Sp), Kelme, at 18:47;
94. MAGNIEN Emmanuel (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux, at 18:49;
95. MATTAN Nico (B), Cofidis, at 18:49;
96. PASCUAL LLORENTE Javier (Sp), Kelme, at 18:50;
97. VOGONDY Nicolas (F), La FranÁaise Des Jeux, at 18:53;
98. CUESTA Inigo (Sp), Cofidis, at 18:54;
99. LELLI Massimiliano (I), Cofidis, at 18:55;
100. CAPELLE Christophe (F), Big Mat-Auber ’93 at 18:56;
101. KIVILEV Andrei (Kaz), Cofidis, at 19:00;
102. GARCIA CASAS FÈlix (Sp), Festina, at 19:01;
103. SCHNIDER Daniel (Swi), La FranÁaise Des Jeux, at 19:03;
104. PIIL Jakob (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 19:03;
105. ZUBELDIA Haimar (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 19:04;
106. MIKHAILOV Guennadi (Rus), Lotto, at 19:04;
107. BETTINI Paolo (I), Mapei, at 19:05;
108. BALDATO Fabio (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 19:05;
109. LINO Pascal (F), Festina, at 19:06;
110. LAISEKA Roberto (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 19:08;
111. JIMENEZ Eladio (Sp),, at 19:12;
112. ETXEBARRIA David (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 19:14;
113. RINERO Christophe (F), Cofidis, at 19:14;
114. BOTCHAROV Alexandre (Rus), Ag2R-Prevoyance, at 19:15;
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Abandon: Casagrande, Francesco (I), Fassa Bortolo