Ivanov holds off pursuers into Aix-les-Bains

Stage 9 of the 2001 Tour de France saw the 175 remaining riders leave Pontarlier on their way to Aix-Les-Bains on Monday, skirting along the Swiss border and ending up at the foot of the Alps. And weighing on the minds of the riders was the first Alpine stage of this year’s Tour, Tuesday’s brutal day from Aix-Les-Bains to Alpe d’Huez, which includes three of the most difficult climbs of this year’s race, the Col de la Madeleine, the Col du Glandon and Alpe d’Huez. With five consecutive mountain stages to follow, Monday represented the last hope of a stage win for the teams that had missed

Now all eyes turn to the mountains

By Bryan Jew , VeloNews senior writer

The two time Russian champion made a heroic charge from 7km

The two time Russian champion made a heroic charge from 7km

Photo: Graham Watson

Stage 9 of the 2001 Tour de France saw the 175 remaining riders leave Pontarlier on their way to Aix-Les-Bains on Monday, skirting along the Swiss border and ending up at the foot of the Alps. And weighing on the minds of the riders was the first Alpine stage of this year’s Tour, Tuesday’s brutal day from Aix-Les-Bains to Alpe d’Huez, which includes three of the most difficult climbs of this year’s race, the Col de la Madeleine, the Col du Glandon and Alpe d’Huez.

With five consecutive mountain stages to follow, Monday represented the last hope of a stage win for the teams that had missed out on the podium in the first week, and Russian Serguei Ivanov delivered for the Italian Fassa Bortolo squad, escaping from breakaway partners Bradley McGee (La Française des Jeux) and David Etxebarria (Euskaltel-Euskadi) in the closing kilometers of the race and soloing home for the stage win.

The attacks began as soon as the Tour’s as the course entered the beautiful wooded valley on the road out of Pontarlier, and it was virtually an hour of non-stop attacks and chasing to begin the race, with the rolling hills in the opening hour covered at a blistering speed of 50.5kph (31.3mph).

The three leaders stayed away for 150km

The three leaders stayed away for 150km

Photo: Graham Watson

One of those riders anxious to get into a breakaway was McGee, the young Australian in his first Tour. As the pack raced along in the opening minutes, he got a little bit of advice from fellow Australian — and race leader — Stuart O’Grady.

“I just said to him, wait and wait and wait,” said O’Grady. “The first half hour, everybody thinks they’re the world champion — the pace was so fast no one was going to get away. I told him to wait for a little false flat about an hour into the race.”

McGee took heed, waiting until the 35km mark, and then he was off, followed quickly by Etxebarria. Their lead would hover around 30 seconds for a long time, allowing Ivanov to bridge the gap just before the town of Morez at 59km, where a huge crowd awaited the Tour, with many of the spectators ringing giant Swiss cowbells by the side of the road.

Their lead would grow to nine minutes before they reached the little village of Confort at 119km, but after that, their margin became less and less comfortable as the Bonjour team took up the chase. Over the final two climbs, the lead began to shrink rapidly, but 25km from the thermal resort town of Aix-Les-Bains, the leaders clung to a lead of 2:15, and they would need it all.

With the peloton now less than a minute behind, Ivanov slipped off the front with 7km to go, opening up a gap of 10 seconds on McGee and Etxebarria. But with a kilometer to go, the Russian was good and clear, scoring the win for his Fassa Bortolo team, which had suffered a blow two days ago when Ivan Basso crashed and broke his collarbone on Stage 7, when he was part of the five-rider break when Laurent Jalabert took the stage win on Bastille Day.

“This victory was very important for the team,” said Ivanov. “Everybody feels a lot better now.”

Etxebarria took second and McGee third, 16 seconds behind Ivanov, and then just another seven seconds after them came the main pack, led in by Telekom’s Erik Zabel and Bonjour’s Damien Nazon.

In the overall, Crédit Agricole’s O’Grady held onto the yellow jersey for another day, but that run will likely come to an end on the stage to Alpe d’Huez.

“[Second place Francois] Simon is a much better climber than I am,” said O’Grady. “All I can do is stick on his wheel and try to keep the jersey.”

After a week of riding much stronger than expected in defense of the jersey, O’Grady will now turn the leadership reins of his team over to American Bobby Julich, who will know tomorrow if he truly has returned to the form that he had when he finished third overall in 1998.

Durand and Hushvod tangled up early in the race

Durand and Hushvod tangled up early in the race

Photo: Graham Watson

“It’s gonna be huge tomorrow,” said Julich. “It’s such a big confidence maker or breaker. I’ve got to be in front and do the best I can. I’m very confident I’ll be with them at the base of the climb [to Alpe d’Huez], but as far as half-way up or the top, we’ll have to see.”

Julich will be looking to teammate Jonathan Vaughters for support, who’s hoping to finally find his rhythm after a difficult first 10 days. “I’m still not maybe the greatest I’ve ever felt in my life, but I’ll be okay,” he said. “We’ll have to see. Hopefully I’ll be able to help Bobby, and maybe I’ll do a good uphill time trial. I hope to, I really hope to, but I’m just kind of there every day. I haven’t really felt that spark.”

The stage will be a test for everyone, as defending champion Lance Armstrong knows very well. “The first day in the mountains is very very difficult,” he said prior to the start of the Tour. “I’ve ridden basically the entire stage in training. To start with the Madeleine, from the back side, to the Glandon, which I’ve never done in my career before, both passes over 2000 meters, and then to finish on Alpe d’Huez, is a hard day. And then during that stage, you have to be thinking that the next day is the uphill time trial, which in my opinion is probably the most important day of the Tour de France. It will be difficult to determine how you ride Alpe d’Huez, when you know the next day is a demanding time trial.”

Teammate George Hincapie was confident that he and Postal would be ready, despite further troubles on Monday for key lieutenant Tyler Hamilton, who was still suffering from digestive problems and finished well off the front group on Stage 9.

“The legs feel good, and Lance is super strong,” said Hincapie.

Hincapie also said the team wasn’t worried about Armstrong’s 35-minute deficit, or the 13 minutes by which he trails Cofidis climber Andrei Kivilev. “We’re not too worried about that gap,” said Hincapie. “I’m sure I’ll be more than 30 minutes behind Lance tomorrow, and I’m sure most of the guys in the break yesterday will also be.”

So, with the prologue and nine stages in the books, the real race finally begins.

Photo Gallery


1. IVANOV Serguei (Rus), Fassa Bortolo, in 3:57:48;
2. ETXEBARRIA David (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 00:16;
3. MC GEE Bradley (Aus), La Française Des Jeux, at 00:17;
4. ZABEL Erik (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 00:24;
5. NAZON Damien (F), Bonjour, at 00:24;
6. O’GRADY Stuart (Aus), Crédit Agricole;
7. BETTINI Paolo (I), Mapei;
8. GUTIERREZ José Enrique (Sp), Kelme;
9. PETACCHI Alessandro (I), Fassa Bortolo;
10. TEUTENBERG Sven (G), Festina;
11. MENGIN Christophe (F), La Française Des Jeux;
12. BELOHVOSCIKS Raivis (Lat), Lampre-Daikin;
13. WADECKI Piotr (Pol), Domo-Farm Frites;
14. SIMON François (F), Bonjour;
15. BOUVARD Gilles (F), Jean Delatour;
16. BOOGERD Michaël (Nl), Rabobank;
17. SIVAKOV Alexei (Rus), Bigmat-Auber ’93;
18. PINOTTI Marco (I), Lampre-Daikin;
19. VERMAUT Steve (B), Lotto;
20. MOREAU Christophe (F), Festina;
21. BOTERO Santiago (Col), Kelme;
22. BALDATO Fabio (I), Fassa Bortolo;
23. BLAUDZUN Michaël (Dk), CSC-Tiscali;
24. ROUS Didier (F), Bonjour;
25. BOTCHAROV Alexandre (Rus), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
26. JULICH Bobby (USA), Crédit Agricole;
27. BROCHARD Laurent (F), Jean Delatour;
28. VAN DE WOUWER Kurt (B), Lotto;
29. VOIGT Jens (G), Crédit Agricole;
30. HEULOT Stéphane (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93;
31. KIVILEV Andrei (Kaz), Cofidis;
32. ARMSTRONG Lance (USA), U.S. Postal;
34. EKIMOV Vjatceslav (Rus), U.S. Postal;
35. GARZELLI Stefano (I), Mapei;
36. HINCAPIE George (USA), U.S. Postal;
37. MERCKX Axel (B), Domo-Farm Frites;
38. ULLRICH Jan (G), Deutsche Telekom;
39. SEVILLA Oscar (Sp), Kelme;
40. TOSATTO Matteo (I), Fassa Bortolo;
41. MANCEBO Francisco (Sp),;
42. TURPIN Ludovic (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
43. GONZALEZ Aitor (Sp), Kelme;
44. AERTS Mario (B), Lotto;
45. PRADERA Mikel (Sp), O.N.C.E.;
46. BLANCO Santiago (Sp),;
47. BELOKI Joseba (Sp), O.N.C.E.;
48. LELLI Massimiliano (I), Cofidis;
49. VERHEYEN Geert (B), Rabobank;
50. DIERCKXSENS Ludo (B), Lampre-Daikin;
51. BELLI Wladimir (I), Fassa Bortolo;
52. CASTRESANA Angel (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
53. BROZYNA Thomasz (Pol),;
54. CASERO Angel (Sp), Festina;
55. ROUX Laurent (F), Jean Delatour;
56. LIVINGSTON Kevin (USA), Deutsche Telekom;
57. HERAS Roberto (Sp), U.S. Postal;
58. JAKSCHE Jorg (G), O.N.C.E.;
59. TRENTIN Guido (I), Cofidis;
60. ODRIOZOLA Jon (Sp),;
61. DE GROOT Bram (Nl), Rabobank;
62. SCHNIDER Daniel (Swi), La Française Des Jeux;
63. SERRANO Marcos (Sp), O.N.C.E.;
64. GUTIERREZ Ivan (Sp), O.N.C.E.;
65. PEREZ Luis (Sp), Festina;
66. LOTZ Marc (Nl), Rabobank;
67. GARCIA CASAS Félix (Sp), Festina;
68. NIERMANN Grischa (G), Rabobank;
69. ROBIN Jean-Cyril (F), Bonjour;
71. CHAURREAU Inigo (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
72. KLODEN Andréas (G), Deutsche Telekom;
73. VINOKOUROV Alexandre (Kaz), Deutsche Telekom;
74. PENA Victor Hugo (Col), U.S. Postal;
75. VAUGHTERS Jonathan (USA), Crédit Agricole;
76. RUBIERA José Luis (Sp), U.S. Postal;
77. VAN HYFTE Paul (B), Lotto;
78. HALGAND Patrice (F), Jean Delatour;
79. BENETEAU Walter (F), Bonjour;
80. NARDELLO Daniele (I), Mapei;
81. BOUYER Franck (F), Bonjour;
82. BAGUET Serge (B), Lotto;
83. MIKHAILOV Guennadi (Rus), Lotto;
84. SEIGNEUR Eddy (F), Jean Delatour;
85. JALABERT Laurent (F), CSC-Tiscali;
86. SASTRE Carlos (Sp), O.N.C.E.;
87. SORENSEN Nicki (Dk), CSC-Tiscali;
88. SALMON Benoit (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
89. MONTGOMERY Sven (Swi), La Française Des Jeux;
90. ZUBELDIA Haimar (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
91. TAULER Antonio (Sp), Kelme;
92. WAUTERS Marc (B), Rabobank;
93. VOGONDY Nicolas (F), La Française Des Jeux;
94. KJAERGAARD Steffen (N), U.S. Postal;
95. JAN Xavier (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93;
96. VIDAL José Angel (Sp), Kelme;
97. DEN BAKKER Maarten (Nl), Rabobank;
98. PASCUAL LLORENTE Javier (Sp), Kelme;
99. MORIN Anthony (F), Crédit Agricole;
100. BARTOLI Michele (I), Mapei;
101. PIEPOLI Leonardo (I),;
102. CUESTA Inigo (Sp), Cofidis;
103. MENCHOV Denis (Rus),;
104. ORIOL Christophe (F), Jean Delatour;
105. LAISEKA Roberto (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
106. GOUBERT Stephane (F), Jean Delatour;
107. BERNARD Jérome (F), Jean Delatour;
108. WESEMANN Steffen (G), Deutsche Telekom;
109. ATIENZA Daniel (Sp), Cofidis;
110. MONCOUTIE David (F), Cofidis;
111. JIMENEZ Eladio (Sp),;
112. HEPPNER Jens (G), Deutsche Telekom;
113. ETXEBARRIA Unai (Vz), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
114. GARCIA-ACOSTA Vicente (Sp),, all s.t.;
115. GUERINI Giuseppe (I), Deutsche Telekom, at 00:52;
116. BOLTS Udo (G), Deutsche Telekom, s.t.;
117. BRARD Florent (F), Festina, at 06:29;
118. VAINSTEINS Romans (Lat), Domo-Farm Frites;
119. KNAVEN Servais (Nl), Domo-Farm Frites;
120. MILESI Marco (I), Domo-Farm Frites;
121. SERPELLINI Marco (I), Lampre-Daikin;
122. AUGER Guillaume (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93;
123. LODA Nicola (I), Fassa Bortolo;
124. PERRAUDEAU Olivier (F), Bonjour;
125. CARDENAS Félix (Col), Kelme;
126. GOUVENOU Thierry (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93;
127. VAN HEESWIJK Max (Nl), Domo-Farm Frites;
128. KIRSIPUU Jaan (Est), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
129. GARCIA Marcelino (Sp), CSC-Tiscali;
130. FRUTTI Matteo (I), Lampre-Daikin;
131. LOPEZ DE MUNAIN Alberto (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi;
132. BERTOGLIATI Rubens (Swi), Lampre-Daikin;
133. SORENSEN Rolf (Dk), CSC-Tiscali;
134. CAPELLE Christophe (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93;
135. DEKKER Erik (Nl), Rabobank;
136. LINO Pascal (F), Festina;
137. BERGES Stéphane (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
138. BESSY Frédéric (F), Crédit Agricole;
139. SVORADA Jan (Slv), Lampre-Daikin;
140. LARSEN Nicolay Bo (Dk), CSC-Tiscali;
141. HINAULT Sébastien (F), Crédit Agricole;
142. VERSTREPEN Johan (B), Lampre-Daikin;
143. GONZALEZ GALDEANO Alvaro (Sp), O.N.C.E.;
144. CEREZO Francisco (Sp), CSC-Tiscali;
145. AUGER Ludovic (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93;
146. MATTAN Nico (B), Cofidis;
147. POZZI Oscar (I), Fassa Bortolo;
148. CASSANI Enrico (I), Domo-Farm Frites;
149. HUNTER Robert (RSA), Lampre-Daikin;
150. MILLAR David (GB), Cofidis;
151. JENNER Christopher NZL Crédit Agricole;
152. AGNOLUTTO Christophe (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
153. MAGNIEN Emmanuel (F), La Française Des Jeux;
154. DURAND Jacky (F), La Française Des Jeux;
155. VERBRUGGHE Rik (B), Lotto;
156. DEMARBAIX Sébastien (B), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
157. RENIER Franck (F), Bonjour;
158. CHAVANEL Sylvain (F), Bonjour;
159. MAIGNAN Gilles (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance;
160. JALABERT Nicolas (F), CSC-Tiscali, all s.t.;
161. BRAMATI Davide (I), Mapei, at 10:56;
162. STEELS Tom (B), Mapei;
163. MUSEEUW Johan (B), Domo-Farm Frites;
164. LEYSEN Bart (B), Mapei;
165. GUESDON Frédéric (F), La Française Des Jeux;
166. CASPER Jimmy (F), La Française Des Jeux;
167. HUSHOVD Thor (N), Crédit Agricole;
168. RODRIGUEZ Fred (USA), Domo-Farm Frites;
169. TALABARDON Sébastien (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93;
170. CHANTEUR Pascal (F), Festina, all s.t.;
171. HAMILTON Tyler (USA), U.S. Postal, at 13:25;
172. PIIL Jakob (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, s.t.;
173. CAPELLE Ludovic (B), Ag2R-Prevoyance, at 18:39;
BLIJLEVENS Jeroen (Nl), Lotto, Abandon;
LAMOULLER Loïc (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93, Abandon.

Overall after 9 stages

1. O’GRADY Stuart (Aus), Crédit Agricole, in 38:55:30;
2. SIMON François (F), Bonjour, at 04:32;
3. DE GROOT Bram (Nl), Rabobank, at 21:16;
4. KIVILEV Andrei (Kaz), Cofidis, at 22:07;
5. TEUTENBERG Sven (G), Festina, at 27:15;
6. VOIGT Jens (G), Crédit Agricole, at 29:23;
7. DIERCKXSENS Ludo (B), Lampre-Daikin, at 29:49;
8. WAUTERS Marc (B), Rabobank, at 30:12;
9. TURPIN Ludovic (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance, at 30:35;
10. GONZALEZ Aitor (Sp), Kelme, at 31:56;
11. JALABERT Laurent (F), CSC-Tiscali, at 31:57;
12. JULICH Bobby (USA), Crédit Agricole, at 33:49;
13. GONZALEZ GALDEANO Igor (Sp), O.N.C.E., at 34:23;
14. BELOKI Joseba (Sp), O.N.C.E., at 34:33;
15. SASTRE Carlos (Sp), O.N.C.E., at 34:34;
16. JAKSCHE Jorg (G), O.N.C.E., at 34:38;
17. MOREAU Christophe (F), Festina, at 34:43;
18. GUTIERREZ Ivan (Sp), O.N.C.E., at 34:46;
19. SERRANO Marcos (Sp), O.N.C.E., at 34:49;
20. CASERO Angel (Sp), Festina, at 34:59;
21. PRADERA Mikel (Sp), O.N.C.E., at 35:08;
22. PEREZ Luis (Sp), Festina, at 35:16;
23. ARMSTRONG Lance (USA), U.S. Postal, at 35:19;
24. BOTERO Santiago (Col), Kelme, at 35:37;
25. GUTIERREZ José Enrique (Sp), Kelme, at 35:43;
26. ULLRICH Jan (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 35:46;
27. KLODEN Andréas (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 35:58;
28. HERAS Roberto (Sp), U.S. Postal, at 36:00;
29. SEVILLA Oscar (Sp), Kelme, at 36:05;
30. VINOKOUROV Alexandre (Kaz), Deutsche Telekom, at 36:11;
31. BOOGERD Michaël (Nl), Rabobank, at 36:13;
32. BARTOLI Michele (I), Mapei, at 36:59;
33. HEULOT Stéphane (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93, at 37:10;
34. GARZELLI Stefano (I), Mapei, at 37:10;
35. ROUS Didier (F), Bonjour, at 37:14;
36. BENETEAU Walter (F), Bonjour, at 37:41;
37. ROBIN Jean-Cyril (F), Bonjour, at 37:48;
38. BROZYNA Thomasz (Pol),, at 37:56;
39. PASCUAL RODRIGUEZ Javier (Sp),, at 38:04;
40. MANCEBO Francisco (Sp),, at 38:06;
41. ODRIOZOLA Jon (Sp),, at 38:08;
42. TOSATTO Matteo (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 38:09;
43. WADECKI Piotr (Pol), Domo-Farm Frites, at 38:17;
44. BROCHARD Laurent (F), Jean Delatour, at 38:19;
45. BLANCO Santiago (Sp),, at 38:20;
46. MERCKX Axel (B), Domo-Farm Frites, at 38:22;
47. HINCAPIE George (USA), U.S. Postal, at 38:23;
48. BELLI Wladimir (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 38:26;
49. HALGAND Patrice (F), Jean Delatour, at 38:34;
50. BOLTS Udo (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 38:48;
51. SALMON Benoit (F), Ag2R-Prevoyance, at 39:23;
52. CHAURREAU Inigo (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 39:26;
53. MONTGOMERY Sven (Swi), La Française Des Jeux, at 39:40;
54. AERTS Mario (B), Lotto, at 39:41;
55. VAN DE WOUWER Kurt (B), Lotto, at 39:43;
56. HEPPNER Jens (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 39:55;
57. PENA Victor Hugo (Col), U.S. Postal, at 41:58;
58. LODA Nicola (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 42:58;
59. VIDAL José Angel (Sp), Kelme, at 43:25;
60. GUERINI Giuseppe (I), Deutsche Telekom, at 43:35;
61. SORENSEN Nicki (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 44:12;
62. WESEMANN Steffen (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 44:32;
63. BOUYER Franck (F), Bonjour, at 44:51;
64. LIVINGSTON Kevin (USA), Deutsche Telekom, at 46:02;
65. BAGUET Serge (B), Lotto, at 46:10;
66. KNAVEN Servais (Nl), Domo-Farm Frites, at 46:13;
67. BRARD Florent (F), Festina, at 47:17;
68. PETACCHI Alessandro (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 49:37;
69. CHANTEUR Pascal (F), Festina, at 50:09;
70. GARCIA-ACOSTA Vicente (Sp),, at 50:27;
71. TRENTIN Guido (I), Cofidis, at 50:46;
72. MENGIN Christophe (F), La Française Des Jeux, at 50:58;
73. CUESTA Inigo (Sp), Cofidis, at 50:58;
74. VAN HYFTE Paul (B), Lotto, at 52:23;
75. BOUVARD Gilles (F), Jean Delatour, at 53:04;
76. GARCIA CASAS Félix (Sp), Festina, at 53:22;
77. PASCUAL LLORENTE Javier (Sp), Kelme, at 53:54;
78. LOTZ Marc (Nl), Rabobank, at 54:10;
79. TAULER Antonio (Sp), Kelme, at 54:11;
80. EKIMOV Vjatceslav (Rus), U.S. Postal, at 54:24;
81. BETTINI Paolo (I), Mapei, at 55:29;
82. BALDATO Fabio (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 56:32;
83. PIEPOLI Leonardo (I),, at 56:59;
84. ETXEBARRIA David (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 57:01;
85. GOUBERT Stephane (F), Jean Delatour, at 57:09;
86. LAISEKA Roberto (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 57:19;
87. BOTCHAROV Alexandre (Rus), Ag2R-Prevoyance, at 57:33;
88. MIKHAILOV Guennadi (Rus), Lotto, at 57:44;
89. MONCOUTIE David (F), Cofidis, at 57:59;
90. VAUGHTERS Jonathan (USA), Crédit Agricole, at 57:59;
91. KJAERGAARD Steffen (N), U.S. Postal, at 58:16;
92. JAN Xavier (F), Bigmat-Auber ’93, at 58:24;
93. LELLI Massimiliano (I), Cofidis, at 59:51;
94. ROUX Laurent (F), Jean Delatour, at 1:00:00;
95. DEKKER Erik (Nl), Rabobank, at 1:00:24;
96. VERHEYEN Geert (B), Rabobank, at 1:00:53;
97. HUNTER Robert (RSA), Lampre-Daikin, at 1:00:54;
98. POZZI Oscar (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 1:01:38;
99. ATIENZA Daniel (Sp), Cofidis, at 1:02:06;
100. ZABEL Erik (G), Deutsche Telekom, at 1:02:55;
101. ZUBELDIA Haimar (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 1:03:37;
102. VOGONDY Nicolas (F), La Française Des Jeux, at 1:03:43;
103. SCHNIDER Daniel (Swi), La Française Des Jeux, at 1:03:49;
104. SIVAKOV Alexei (Rus), Bigmat-Auber ’93, at 1:05:56;
105. NIERMANN Grischa (G), Rabobank, at 1:06:03;
106. HAMILTON Tyler (USA), U.S. Postal, at 1:06:12;
107. RUBIERA José Luis (Sp), U.S. Postal, at 1:06:34;
108. BLAUDZUN Michaël (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 1:06:46;
109. DEN BAKKER Maarten (Nl), Rabobank, at 1:07:15;
110. NARDELLO Daniele (I), Mapei, at 1:07:24;
111. RODRIGUEZ Fred (USA), Domo-Farm Frites, at 1:07:34;
112. NAZON Damien (F), Bonjour, at 1:07:45;
113. JIMENEZ Eladio (Sp),, at 1:08:15;
114. IVANOV Serguei (Rus), Fassa Bortolo, at 1:08:30;
115. LINO Pascal (F), Festina, at 1:08:35;
116. DURAND Jacky (F), La Française Des Jeux, at 1:08:38;
117. MORIN Anthony (F), Crédit Agricole, at 1:10:10;
118. VERMAUT Steve (B), Lotto, at 1:10:10;
119. MATTAN Nico (B), Cofidis, at 1:10:18;
120. LARSEN Nicolay Bo (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 1:10:34;
121. CHAVANEL Sylvain (F), Bonjour, at 1:10:35;
122. ETXEBARRIA Unai (Vz), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 1:10:52;
123. GONZALEZ GALDEANO Alvaro (Sp), O.N.C.E., at 1:11:37;
124. LOPEZ DE MUNAIN Alberto (Sp), Euskaltel-Euskadi, at 1:11:53;
125. PINOTTI Marco (I), Lampre-Daikin, at 1:11:57;
126. MAGNIEN Emmanuel (F), La Française Des Jeux, at 1:13:58;
127. MENCHOV Denis (Rus),, at 1:14:25;
128. PIIL Jakob (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 1:14:49;
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