Huff claims American national criterium championship

Brad Huff delivers a men's national criterium championship victory for Rally Cycling

Brad Huff capped off a big weekend for Rally Cycling in Sunday’s U.S. national criterium championship race. Having nabbed titles in both the men’s and women’s team time trial Saturday, Rally now owns the men’s pro criterium champ’s jersey as well.

After two hours of racing, Huff weaved his way through a train of UnitedHealthcare riders in the finale before opening up a powerful sprint, taking the victory ahead of UHC’s John Murphy.

Murphy’s teammate Luke Keough finished third, one second back.

“Going into the last lap UnitedHealthcare had control, and with two corners to go they still had four or five guys up front,” said Huff. “One of them let a gap open and I was able to jump around him and get on the wheel of their two fastest sprinters – Luke Keough and John Murphy. I was on Murphy’s wheel and then it was just a matter of who carried their speed the best through the last corner. I took the corner well, had some snap in my legs and was able to seal the deal.”

For Rally Cycling’s team director Pat McCarty, everything went according to plan Sunday.

“Our strategy today was to attack, animate the race and create as much pressure on the other teams as we could,” he told VeloNews via email. “We wanted to derail the ‘ole blue train, and keep UHC on their back foot for the duration. We were successful throughout, our guys executed perfectly and in the end Brad rode beautifully on the last lap. I can say I don’t think anyone in this organization could be happier with the result, and seeing such a deserving rider as Brad win this championships.”