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Gonzalez takes Giro stage

Kelme's Aitor Gonzalez, whose teammate was injured earlier in the day, won the eighth stage of the Giro d'Italia asit finished in Orvieto on Wednesday. Gonzalez, of the financially troubled Kelme team, attacked in the final kilometer and held of a charging peloton to take the longest stage of this year's Giro, a 237-kilometer race that started in Capannori. Fassa Bortolo's Francesco Casagrande took second, as the tightly bunchedpack cruised in four seconds behind the winner. Saeco's Gilberto Simoni,winner of last year's Giro, took third. The stage was highlighted by a nearly 170-kilometer

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By VeloNews Interactive wire services , Copyright AFP2002

Photo: Graham Watson

Kelme’s Aitor Gonzalez, whose teammate was injured earlier in the day, won the eighth stage of the Giro d’Italia asit finished in Orvieto on Wednesday.

Gonzalez, of the financially troubled Kelme team, attacked in the final kilometer and held of a charging peloton to take the longest stage of this year’s Giro, a 237-kilometer race that started in Capannori.

Fassa Bortolo’s Francesco Casagrande took second, as the tightly bunchedpack cruised in four seconds behind the winner. Saeco’s Gilberto Simoni,winner of last year’s Giro, took third.

Heartbreaker: Guidi was caught with just 2.5km to go.

Heartbreaker: Guidi was caught with just 2.5km to go.

Photo: Graham Watson

The stage was highlighted by a nearly 170-kilometer breakaway effort, triggered at the 67-kilometer mark by three men who have reputations as sprinters rather than men who can hold on to a heroic breakaway effort. But Fabrizio Guidi (Coast), Masimo Strazzer (Phonak) and Alessandro Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo) managed to work together as they maintained a lead that peaked at nearly six minutes. As his two partners began to fade, Guidi tried his luck at taking the stage on his own, but was finally absorbed by a hard-charging field less than three kilometers from the line.

Telekom’s Jens  Heppner ended the day in 16th place to retain a3:33 lead over one-time race Stefano Garzelli (Mapei), who tested positivefor the banned diuretic Probenicid while leading the race last week. Garzelli and his Mapei team are awaiting the outcome of a UCI test of the B-sample, which will be conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland. The results are expected to be announced tomorrow.In the event of a positive result Garzelli will be ejected from therace. The winner of the 2000 Giro has already been criticized by severalin the cycling community, including Tour de France director Jean-MarieLeblanc, for not pulling out upon learning of the positive result. Garzelli, however, continues to maintain his innocence. His team formally requested that all members of the Mapei squad be tested for traces of Probenicid, in an attempt to demonstrate that the presence of the out-dated masking agent might be the result of sabotage.Meanwhile two other riders who have failed doping tests during the race,Italian Roberto Sgambelluri, of the Mercatone Uno team, and Russian FaatZakirov, of Panaria, who returned positive tests for the new endurance-boosting drug Darbepoetin should learn the results of their B-sample tests on Wednesday.Ukrainian rider Yaroslav Popovych is lying third overall, 3:50 behindthe leader, Eddy Mazzoleni of Italy is fourth and Casagrande’s performanceon Monday moved him up to fifth overall.Gonzalez’s Kelme team-mate Santiago Perez suffered a horrific fall andwas undergoing scans in hospital, a race doctor said.Copyright AFP 2002

Stage 8 – LiveUpdates

Photo Gallery


1. Aitor GONZALEZ JIMENEZ (Sp), KEL 5h47:54

2. Francesco CASAGRANDE (I), FAS, at 0:04

3. Gilberto SIMONI (I), SAE

4. Juan Manuel GARATE (Sp), LAM

5. Cristian MORENI (I), ALS

6. Ruggero MARZOLI (I), FOT


8. Davide REBELLIN (I), GST

9. Michael BOOGERD (Nl), RAB


11. Andrea NOE: (I), MAP

12. Cadel EVANS (Aus), MAP

13. Georg TOTSCHNIG (A), GST

14. Franco PELLIZOTTI (I), ALS

15. Michele SCARPONI (I), ACQ

16. Jens HEPPNER (G), TEL

17. Pavel TONKOV (Rus), LAM



20. Stefano GARZELLI (I), MAP

21. Wladimir BELLI (I), FAS

22. Daniele DE PAOLI (I), ALS

23. Fernando ESCARTIN (Sp), COA

24. Serhiy HONCHAR (Ukr), FAS



27. Manuel BELTRAN (Sp), COA

28. Ivan GOTTI (I), ALS


30. Dario FRIGO (I), TAC

31. Gianni FARESIN (I), GST

32. Addy ENGELS (Nl), RAB

33. Denis LUNGHI (I), CPK

34. Lorenzo BERNUCCI (I), LAN

35. J. Carlos DOMINGUEZ (Sp), PHO

36. Oscar PEREIRO SIO (Sp), PHO


38. Joaquim CASTELBLANCO (Col), CLM

39. Matthias KESSLER (G), TEL

40. Grischa NIERMANN (G), RAB

41. Marco PANTANI (I), MER, all s.t.

42. Yaroslav POPOVYCH (Ukr), LAN, at 0:11

43. Vladimir DUMA (Ukr), PAN, at 0:23

44. Ruben Alverio MARIN (Col), CLM, s.t.

45. Marius SABALIAUSKAS (Lit), SAE, at 0:35

46. Francisco J. LARA RUIZ (Sp), COA, at 0:44

47. Massimo CODOL (I), LAM, at 0:54

48. Bo HAMBURGER (Dk), INA, at 0:56

49. Pietro CAUCCHIOLI (I), ALS, at 1:00

50. Roberto SGAMBELLURI (I), MER, at 1:02

51. Aart VIERHOUTEN (Nl), LOT, s.t.

52. Igor ASTARLOA (Sp), SAE, at 1:04

53. Vladimir MIHOLIEVIC (Cro), ALS, s.t.

54. Mathew HAYMAN (Aus), RAB, at 1:09

55. Hector MESA MESA (Col), FOT

56. Igor PUGACI (Mda), SAE, both s.t.

57. Juan D. RAMIREZ (Col), CLM, at 1:16

58. Gustavo OTERO GOMEZ (Sp), KEL

59. Fabio SACCHI (I), SAE

60. Luca MAZZANTI (I), MER

61. Andrei MIZOUROV (Kz), MER

62. Alexandre MOOS (Swi), PHO

63. Hernan Dario MUNOZ (Col), CLM, all .st.

64. Gabriele MISSAGLIA (I), LAM, at 1:32

65. Andrea PERON (I), CST

66. Francisco CEREZO PERALES Francisco (Sp), CST

67. Davide BRAMATI (I), MAP

68. Matteo TOSATTO (I), FAS, all s.t.

69. Torsten HIEKMANN (G), TEL, at 1:52

70. Sven TEUTENBERG (G), PHO, at 1:58

71. Massimo APOLLONIO (I), TAC, at 2:07

72. Milan KADLEC (Cz), LAM, at 2:26

73. Fabrizio GUIDI (I), COA, at 2:45

74. Denis ZANETTE (I), FAS

75. Robbie MCEWEN (Aus), LOT

76. Angelo FURLAN (I), ALS

77. Marc STREEL (B), LAN

78. Thorwald VENEBERG (Nl), RAB

79. Christophe DETILLOUX (B), LOT

80. Julio PEREZ CUAPIO (Mex), PAN

81. Volodymyr BILEKA (Ukr), LAN


83. Danny JONASSON (Dk), CST

84. Rolf SORENSEN (Dk), LAN

85. Alessandro BERTOLINI (I), ALS

86. Mauro GEROSA (I), TAC

87. Jimmi MADSEN (Dk), CST

88. Miguel Angel MEZA (Mex), CPK


90. Marc LOTZ (Nl), RAB

91. Frank HOJ (Dk), COA

92. Jan BOVEN (Nl), RAB


94. Daniele NARDELLO (I), MAP

95. Geert VERHEYEN (B), RAB

96. Matteo CARRARA (I), CPK

97. Michele COLLEONI (I), CPK

98. Steven DE JONGH (Nl), RAB

99. Denis BONDARENKO (Rus), FOT

100. Mauro RADAELLI (I), TAC

101. Bert GRABSCH (G), PHO


103. Peter WROLICH (A), GST

104. Matthias BUXHOFER (A), PHO

105. Uros MURN (Slo), FOT

106. Mario MANZONI (I), INA

107. Daniele CONTRINI (I), GST

108. Mykhaylo KHALILOV (Ukr), CLM

109. Oscar MASON (I), SAE

110. Dmitri KONYSHEV (Rus), FAS

111. Maximilian SCIANDRI (GB), LAM

112. Mario CIPOLLINI (I), ACQ

113. Stefan VAN DIJCK (Nl), LOT, all s.t.

114. Sergio BARBERO (I), LAM, at 3:38

115. Mariano PICCOLI (I), LAM

116. Fredy GONZALEZ (Col), CLM


118. Lars MICHAELSEN (Dk), COA

119. Biagio CONTE (I), SAE

120. Andre: KORFF (G), COA

121. John Freddy GARCIA (Col), CLM

122. Sergiy ADYEYEV (Ukr), LAN, all s.t.

123. Carlos SASTRE CANDIL (Sp), CST, at 3:40

124. Gian Mario ORTENZI (I), MER, at 4:11

125. Fabiano FONTANELLI (I), MER, s.t.

126. Simone BERTOLETTI (I), LAM, at 4:31

127. Zoran KLEMENCIC (Slo), TAC

128. Ivan QUARANTA (I), INA

129. Riccardo FORCONI (I), MER

130. Dario David CIONI (I), MAP

131. Stephan SCHRECK (G), TEL

132. Ralf GRABSCH (G), TEL

133. Cayetano JULIA CEGARRA (Sp), KEL

134. Steve ZAMPIERI (Swi), TAC

135. Fabrice GOUGOT (F), PHO

136. Domenico GUALDI (I), FOT


138. Renzo MAZZOLENI (I), CPK

139. Malte URBAN (G), COA

140. Enrico DEGANO (I), PAN

141. Yauheni SENIUSHKINE (Blr), PAN

142. Sylvester SZMYD (Pol), TAC

143. Thierry MARICHAL (B), LOT

144. Francisco LEON MANE (Sp), KEL

145. Isaac GALVEZ LOPEZ (Sp), KEL, all .s.t.

146. Alessandro PETACCHI (I), FAS, at 4:37

147. Matteo GIGLI (I), CPK

148. Marcelino GARCIA ALONSO (Sp), CST

149. Manuel CALVENTE (Sp), CST

150. Hidenori NODERA (Jp), CPK

151. Serguei YAKOVLEV (Kz), TEL

152. Martin DERGANC (Slo), ACQ


154. Giovanni LOMBARDI (I), ACQ

155. Raphael SCHWEDA (G), COA

156. Alessio GALLETTI (I), SAE

157. Mauro ZANETTI (I), ALS

158. Mario SCIREA (I), ACQ

159. Alessandro SPEZIALETTI (I), SAE

160. Daniele RIGHI (I), INA

161. Massimo STRAZZER (I), PHO

162. Antonio RIZZI (I), FOT

163. Ellis RASTELLI (I), GST

164. Oscar CAVAGNIS (I), LAN

165. Guido TRENTI (I), ACQ

166. Michael RASMUSSEN (Dk), CST

167. Gabriele COLOMBO (I), ACQ

168. Dario ANDRIOTTO (I), INA

169. Cristian GASPERONI (I), ACQ

170. Saja GAJICIC (Yu), FOT

171. Roberto CONTI (I), ACQ, all s.t.

172. Mauro ZINETTI (I), INA, at 4:50

173. Eddy SERRI (I), INA, at 4:50

174. Moreno DI BIASE (I), FOT, at 11:27



Overall after 8 stages

1. Jens HEPPNER (G), TEL 41:13:28

2. Stefano GARZELLI (I), MAP, at 3:33

3. Yaroslav POPOVYCH (Ukr), LAN, at 3:50

4. Eddy MAZZOLENI (I), TAC, at 3:57

5. Francesco CASAGRANDE (I), FAS, at 4:08

6. Angel VICIOSO ARCOS (Sp), KEL, at 4:09

7. Paolo SAVOLDELLI (I), INA, at 4:27

8. Gilberto SIMONI (I), SAE, at 4:29

9. Wladimir BELLI (I), FAS, at 4:39

10. Pietro CAUCCHIOLI (I), ALS, at 4:41

11. J. Carlos DOMINGUEZ (Sp), PHO, at 4:43

12. Fernando ESCARTIN (Sp), COA, at 4:44

13. Tyler HAMILTON (USA), CST, at 4:46

14. Cadel EVANS (Aus), MAP, at 4:47

15. Aitor GONZALEZ JIMENEZ (Sp), KEL, at 4:49

16. Davide REBELLIN (I), GST, at 4:52

17. Dario FRIGO (I), TAC, at 5:02

18. Gianni FARESIN (I), GST, at 5:05

19. Michael BOOGERD (Nl), RAB, at 5:08

20. Rik VERBRUGGHE (B), LOT, at 5:10

21. Kurt VAN DE WOUWER (B), LOT, at 5:17

22. Franco PELLIZOTTI (I), ALS, at 5:19

23. Andrea NOE: (I), MAP, at 5:20

24. Michele SCARPONI (I), ACQ, at 5:24

25. Oscar PEREIRO SIO (Sp), PHO, at 5:25

26. Georg TOTSCHNIG (A), GST, at 5:30

27. Juan Manuel GARATE (Sp), LAM, at 5:32

28. Cristian MORENI (I), ALS, at 5:35

29. Pavel TONKOV (Rus), LAM, at 5:38

30. Juan D. RAMIREZ (Col), CLM, at 6:02

31. Juan DE LOS ANGELES (Sp), KEL, at 6:04

32. Matthias KESSLER (G), TEL, at 7:16

33. Daniele DE PAOLI (I), ALS, at 7:34

34. Serhiy HONCHAR (Ukr), FAS, at 7:36

35. Torsten HIEKMANN (G), TEL, at 8:05

36. Manuel BELTRAN (Sp), COA, at 8:07

37. Grischa NIERMANN (G), RAB, at 8:29

38. Ivan GOTTI (I), ALS, at 8:47

39. Vladimir DUMA (Ukr), PAN, at 9:00

40. Joaquim CASTELBLANCO (Col), CLM, at 9:22

41. Igor PUGACI (Mda), SAE, at 9:51

42. Hernan Dario MUNOZ (Col), CLM, at 10:10

43. Fabrizio GUIDI (I), COA, at 10:29

44. Igor ASTARLOA (Sp), SAE, at 11:26

45. Matthias BUXHOFER (A), PHO, at 11:49

46. Gustavo OTERO GOMEZ (Sp), KEL, at 11:51

47. Paolo LANFRANCHI (I), INA, at 12:03

48. Denis LUNGHI (I), CPK, at 12:05

49. Marco PANTANI (I), MER, at 12:31

50. Addy ENGELS (Nl), RAB, at 12:57

51. Francisco J. LARA RUIZ (Sp), COA, at 13:15

52. Massimo CODOL (I), LAM, at 13:39

53. Geert VERHEYEN (B), RAB, at 13:39

54. Luca MAZZANTI (I), MER, at 13:56

55. Vladimir MIHOLIEVIC (Cro), ALS, at 14:02

56. Julio PEREZ CUAPIO (Mex), PAN, at 14:57

57. Dario David CIONI (I), MAP, at 14:59

58. Carlos SASTRE CANDIL (Sp), CST, at 15:13

59. Andrei MIZOUROV (Kz), MER, at 15:14

60. Daniele NARDELLO (I), MAP, at 15:50

61. Francisco CEREZO PERALES Francisco (Sp), CST, at 16:46

62. Luis LAVERDE JIMENEZ (Col), FOT, at 17:26

63. Maximilian SCIANDRI (GB), LAM, at 17:46

64. Mariano PICCOLI (I), LAM, at 17:46

65. Alexandre MOOS (Swi), PHO, at 17:51

66. Sergio BARBERO (I), LAM, at 19:26

67. Sylvester SZMYD (Pol), TAC, at 20:00

68. Giovanni LOMBARDI (I), ACQ, at 20:08

69. Manuel CALVENTE (Sp), CST, at 20:42

70. Marius SABALIAUSKAS (Lit), SAE, at 21:20

71. Matteo CARRARA (I), CPK, at 23:11

72. Ruggero MARZOLI (I), FOT, at 23:42

73. Daniele RIGHI (I), INA, at 23:44

74. Matteo TOSATTO (I), FAS, at 24:40

75. Gabriele MISSAGLIA (I), LAM, at 25:35

76. Fabio SACCHI (I), SAE, at 25:35

77. Roberto SGAMBELLURI (I), MER, at 25:53

78. Davide BRAMATI (I), MAP, at 25:58

79. Alessandro SPEZIALETTI (I), SAE, at 26:18

80. Michael RASMUSSEN (Dk), CST, at 26:30

81. Gian Mario ORTENZI (I), MER, at 26:51

82. Lorenzo BERNUCCI (I), LAN, at 27:08

83. Jan BOVEN (Nl), RAB, at 27:14

84. Alessandro PETACCHI (I), FAS, at 28:54

85. Sergiy ADYEYEV (Ukr), LAN, at 29:19

86. Bert GRABSCH (G), PHO, at 29:24

87. Milan KADLEC (Cz), LAM, at 29:25

88. Uros MURN (Slo), FOT, at 29:55

89. Marcelino GARCIA ALONSO (Sp), CST, at 30:37

90. Steven DE JONGH (Nl), RAB, at 31:29

91. Andrea PERON (I), CST, at 31:43

92. Thorwald VENEBERG (Nl), RAB, at 31:52

93. Francisco LEON MANE (Sp), KEL, at 31:59

94. Mykhaylo KHALILOV (Ukr), CLM, at 33:09

95. Paolo FORNACIARI (I), MAP, at 33:35

96. Oscar MASON (I), SAE, at 33:36

97. Mario CIPOLLINI (I), ACQ, at 33:41

98. John Freddy GARCIA (Col), CLM, at 33:46

99. Mauro GEROSA (I), TAC, at 33:52

100. Peter WROLICH (A), GST, at 35:08

101. Ruben Alverio MARIN (Col), CLM, at 35:16

102. Raphael SCHWEDA (G), COA, at 36:09

103. Marc LOTZ (Nl), RAB, at 36:38

104. Mathew HAYMAN (Aus), RAB, at 36:46

105. Serguei YAKOVLEV (Kz), TEL, at 37:12

106. Bo HAMBURGER (Dk), INA, at 37:42

107. Robbie MCEWEN (Aus), LOT, at 38:22

108. Michele COLLEONI (I), CPK, at 38:42

109. Rene: HASELBACHER (A), GST, at 38:43

110. Stephan SCHRECK (G), TEL, at 38:48

111. Cayetano JULIA CEGARRA (Sp), KEL, at 39:02

112. Aart VIERHOUTEN (Nl), LOT, at 39:13

113. Kai HUNDERTMARK (G), TEL, at 39:28

114. Martin DERGANC (Slo), ACQ, at 39:28

115. Denis BONDARENKO (Rus), FOT, at 40:02

116. Mario SCIREA (I), ACQ, at 40:25

117. Ralf GRABSCH (G), TEL, at 40:45

118. Renzo MAZZOLENI (I), CPK, at 42:02

119. Andre: KORFF (G), COA, at 42:05

120. Lars MICHAELSEN (Dk), COA, at 42:06

121. Roberto CONTI (I), ACQ, at 42:28

122. Thierry MARICHAL (B), LOT, at 44:00

123 Fredy GONZALEZ (Col), CLM, at 44:08

124. Biagio CONTE (I), SAE, at 44:28

125. Isaac GALVEZ LOPEZ (Sp), KEL, at 46:10

126. Jan SCHAFFRATH (G), TEL, at 46:25

127. Oscar CAVAGNIS (I), LAN, at 46:28

128. Stefan VAN DIJCK (Nl), LOT, at 47:26

129. Massimo APOLLONIO (I), TAC, at 47:48

130. Volodymyr BILEKA (Ukr), LAN, at 48:10

131. Mauro RADAELLI (I), TAC, at 48:21

132. Alessio GALLETTI (I), SAE, at 48:36

133. Frank HOJ (Dk), COA, at 48:45

134. Guido TRENTI (I), ACQ, at 49:24

135. Hector MESA MESA (Col), FOT, at 49:38

136. Massimo STRAZZER (I), PHO, at 50:01

137. Alessandro BERTOLINI (I), ALS, at 50:16

138. Steve ZAMPIERI (Swi), TAC, at 51:13

139. Sven TEUTENBERG (G), PHO, at 51:48

140. Mauro ZANETTI (I), ALS, at 52:03

141. Dmitri KONYSHEV (Rus), FAS, at 52:12

142. Jimmi MADSEN (Dk), CST, at 52:42

143. Rolf SORENSEN (Dk), LAN, at 53:12

144. Gabriele COLOMBO (I), ACQ, at 53:44

145. Fabrice GOUGOT (F), PHO, at 53:58

146. Miguel Angel MEZA (Mex), CPK, at 54:34

147. Simone BERTOLETTI (I), LAM, at 54:52

148. Danny JONASSON (Dk), CST, at 55:14

149. Denis ZANETTE (I), FAS, at 56:01

150. Fabiano FONTANELLI (I), MER, at 56:18

151. Angelo FURLAN (I), ALS, at 57:19

152. Christophe DETILLOUX (B), LOT, at 57:37

153. Yauheni SENIUSHKINE (Blr), PAN, at 58:08

154. Daniele CONTRINI (I), GST, at 58:28

155. Ellis RASTELLI (I), GST, at 58:44

156. Yuri MITLUSHENKO (Ukr), LAN, at 1:00:57

157. Cristian GASPERONI (I), ACQ, at 1:01:43

158. Malte URBAN (G), COA, at 1:01:59

159. Riccardo FORCONI (I), MER, at 1:02:11

160. Ief VERBRUGGHE (B), LOT, at 1:02:38

161. Marc STREEL (B), LAN, at 1:03:45

162. Mario MANZONI (I), INA, at 1:05:06

163. Enrico DEGANO (I), PAN, at 1:05:10

164. Matteo GIGLI (I), CPK, at 1:06:33

165. Hidenori NODERA (Jp), CPK, at 1:06:40

166. Moreno DI BIASE (I), FOT, at 1:08:11

167. Zoran KLEMENCIC (Slo), TAC, at 1:10:41

168. Domenico GUALDI (I), FOT, at 1:12:38

169. Mauro ZINETTI (I), INA, at 1:13:50

170. Ivan QUARANTA (I), INA, at 1:14:36

171. Antonio RIZZI (I), FOT, at 1:17:58

172. Saja GAJICIC (Yu), FOT, at 1:18:43

173. Eddy SERRI (I), INA, at 1:19:09

174. Dario ANDRIOTTO (I), INA, at 1:19:14