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Giro: Savoldelli heads to Milan in Pink: Hamilton in second

Tyler Hamilton needed a super time trial Saturday to win the 2002 Girod’Italia. Instead, the CSC-Tiscali captain was “OK” in the race againstthe clock – 4th place at 1:31 slower than stage-winner Aitor Gonzalez -- but he still bounced to second-place overall going into the Giro’s finaleSunday in Milan. That was more than OK for Hamilton, however, who endured three crashesto win a stage and will become only the third American to finish on thefinal podium when the 85th Giro concludes Sunday. “I knew ahead of time it was going to be difficult. I knew I would haveto have a super, super day,”

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By Andrew Hood

Savoldelli gets a boost from the maglia rosa

Savoldelli gets a boost from the maglia rosa

Photo: Graham Watson

Hamilton: Third American on Giro podium

Hamilton: Third American on Giro podium

Photo: Graham Watson

Tyler Hamilton needed a super time trial Saturday to win the 2002 Girod’Italia. Instead, the CSC-Tiscali captain was “OK” in the race againstthe clock – 4th place at 1:31 slower than stage-winner Aitor Gonzalez — but he still bounced to second-place overall going into the Giro’s finaleSunday in Milan.

That was more than OK for Hamilton, however, who endured three crashesto win a stage and will become only the third American to finish on thefinal podium when the 85th Giro concludes Sunday.

“I knew ahead of time it was going to be difficult. I knew I would haveto have a super, super day,” said Hamilton, referring to the 1:28 difference to race leader Paolo Savoldelli going into Saturday’s 44.3-km time trial.

“Yesterday I was pretty tired. I had dug real deep Thursday. When yougo over the limit like that, because I bonked there on Passo Coe, it cantake its toll. I was OK today, but not spectacular.”

By the first time split at 8.9 km, when Hamilton was 12 seconds slowerthan Savoldelli, it was obvious that a miracle finish, a la Greg LeMondat the 1989 Tour, was not in the cards. But the 31-year-old Bostonian was strong enough to make up 33 seconds on Pietro Caucchioli to move one step higher on the final podium.

Fourteen years after Hampsten’s historical win in 1988; Hamilton finishes 1:41 short of victory. Savoldelli will be crowned as the champion of the 85th Giro tomorrow in Milan, but for Hamilton, second-place is still a very satisfying result.

“It’s special. It hasn’t hit home yet. Right now it’s a bit of a relief.It’s been a long three weeks. With the crashes, it’s made it even tougher,”Hamilton said. “I never gave up. I kept fighting, fighting, fighting. Idid the best I could.”

Speedy Gonzalez
With all eyes on the Savoldelli-Hamilton showdown, Spain’s Aitor Gonzalez chugged away with his second stage victory in this Giro. Sergei Gonchar (Fassa Bortolo) put down the fastest time early and it stood until Gonzalez, a winner in stage 8, roared across the line in 55:56 with an average speed of 47.521 km/h.

Gonzalez, who fell out of contention when he cracked in Thursday’s stage in the Dolomites, said his victory makes up for the disappointment.

“This makes up for the suffering in the mountains,” said Gonzalez, whomoved into 6th overall at 6:54. “This is my personal revenge.”

With Gonzalez off the front, Savoldelli obviously had wings in his sails. At the first split at 8.9 km, he was just 4 seconds slower than the Kelme rider. At 32.1 km, Savoldelli was 10 seconds faster than Hamilton and he knew he had the maglia rosa in his grasp.

“I rode the first 10 km like it was a prologue. I wanted to have thatadvantage to help my morale. Once I saw the course, it was OK for me. Itwas a difficult course, but not one where you could lose everything,” saidSavoldelli, who finished third at 1:18 back.

“The crowds were yelling to me and helping me ride,” Savoldelli said. “When I heard the splits I rode the final section a little more conservative. I knew I would have the maglia rosa. This has been a dream of mine allmy life.”

An upstart American had almost stolen away their Giro. When Savoldellicame across the line, thousands of Italians poured onto the finish line,singing songs, yelling, dancing, clapping their hands and generally carrying on only the way Italians can muster. The Giro was in safe for another year.

 Hamilton satisfiedTo overcome Savoldelli, Hamilton needed to get back 2 seconds everykilometer. With Savoldelli closing in on the overall, Hamilton still hada fight on his hands for the podium. Caucchioli was riding strong and lookedto have a chance to retain second-place. At 20 km, Hamilton had only gotten back 16 of the 33 seconds he needed to pass the Italian. At the Intergiro split at 32.1 km, Hamilton was just 1 second faster than Caucchioli.

“You can’t overlook him. In a third week of a tour, anything can happen.There are no guarantees,” Hamilton said. “I heard his split at the Intergiro, so I knew it was close. I had some strength left. I rode steady the whole time. I was never over my limit, so I had a little extra at the end.”

Hamilton came across the line 1:05 faster than Caucchioli and secondplace was secure. There was quiet jubilation at the CSC-Tiscali team bus.No final victory, but it was still very, very good. Team manager BjarneRiis said there was only reason to celebrate.

“Everybody knew that Tyler had to be very good to catch him and thatSavoldelli had to be not so good. But we also knew that Tyler is tired.It’s been a tough three weeks. There’s been a lot of pressure,” the 1996Tour de France champion said. “You’re not allowed to be disappointed. Noway.”

All nine CSC-Tiscali riders start Sunday’s final stage, only one ofthree teams with all nine riders intact. The team won a stage and finishes on the final podium. Riis couldn’t ask for more.

Time splits
Here are the time splits for Saturday’s time trial:
8.9 km: 1. Gonzalez, 10:42; 2. Savoldelli at 0:04; 3. Goncharat 0:09; 4. Hamilton at 0:16; 5. Frigo at 0:20; 9. Caucchioli at 0:25
20 km: Gonzalez, 23:39; 2. Gonchar at 0:21; 3. Savoldelli at0:27; 4. Hamilton at 0:36; 5. Mazzoleni at 0:51, 6. Caucchioli at 0:52
32.1 km: Gonzalez, 39:20; 2. Gonchar at 0:17; 3. Savoldelliat 0:43; 4. Hamilton at 0:53; 5. Caucchioli at 1:27
Finish: Gonzalez, 55:56; 2. Gonchar at 0:45; 3. Savoldelli at1:18; 4. Hamilton at 1:31; 5. Grabsch at 2:23; 6. Caucchioli at 2:35

Smallest Giro margins
The margin between Savoldelli and Hamilton is close at 1:41, but nowherenear the record. The tightest margin ever was in 1948 between FiorenzoMagni and Ezio Cecchi , just 11 seconds. In 1974, Eddy Merckx beat GB Baronchelli by 12 seconds and in 1955 Magni beat Fausto Coppi by 13. Andy Hampsten won the 1988 Giro over Erik Breukink by 1:43. Fourteen Giros have finished with a winning margin of less than 1 minute.

Hamilton in time trials
Hamilton has won six time trials in his career. His victories includethe prologue at the Longsjo Classic in 1994; the prologue at the Ruta deAmerica and a time trial at the Teleflex Tour in Holland; the time trial at the 1999 Tour of Denmark (where he won the overall title); a time trial at the 2000 Tour of Holland, and his victory Sunday in Numana.Here are the other Hamilton time trial highlights:
1997: Tour de France: 132nd at Rouen prologue (7.3 km at 44seconds); 27th at Saint-Etienne (55 km, at 6:54); 22nd at EuroDisney (63km, at 5:03)
1998: Tour: 75th at Dublin prologue (5.8 km at 0:25); 2nd atCorreze (58 km at 1:10); 15th at Le Creusot (53 km at 4:58)
1999: Tour: 18th at Puy de Fou (8 km at 0:27); 5th at Metz (56km at 3:30); 3rd at Futuroscope (54.5 km at 1:34); Vuelta a Espana: 62ndat Murcia prologue (6 km at 0:21); 8th at Salamanca (51 km at 3:11)
2000: Tour: 9th at Futuroscope (16.5 km at 0:33); 4th at Mulhouse(58.5 km at 3:01)
2001: Tour: 45th at Dunkirk prologue (8.2 km at 0:26); 128that Chamrousse (32 km at 11:22); 46th at Montrond (61 km at 7:53)
2002: Giro d’Italia: 100th at Groningen prologue (6.5 km at0:33); 1st at Numana (30.3 km); 4th at Monticello Brianza (44.3 km at 1:31)

No Tour for Evans
Despite his strong performance at the Giro, Cadel Evans confirmed hewill not race at the 2002 Tour de France.

“I’m taking a nice vacation after this,” Evans said. “I’ve been racinghard since January, so I’ll be taking a break.”

The 25-year-old former mountain biker had a phenomenal Giro, ridingwith the strongest in the peloton and became the first Australian to wearthe maglia rosa after Wednesday’s tough climbing stage in the mountains.He fell out of the lead Thursday when he suffered up the final climb toPasso Coe.

“I don’t know what races I’ll be doing later this year and I don’t knowwhat my race schedule will look like next year. I’ll probably start racingin about five weeks,” Evans said. “It’s been a great Giro for me. I would have liked to have done better, but I cannot be unsatisfied.”

He rode Saturday’s time trial easy but still finished 11th at 3:23 slowerand stands 14th overall at 16:25 back.

Photo Gallery



1. Aitor GONZALEZ JIMENEZ (Sp) Kelme, 55:56

2. Serhiy HONCHAR (Ukr) Fassa Bortolo, 56:41

3. Paolo SAVOLDELLI (I) Index Alexia, 57:14

4. Tyler HAMILTON (USA) CSC-Tiscalli, 57:27

5. Bert GRABSCH (G) Phonak, 58:19

6. Pietro CAUCCHIOLI (I) Alessio, 58:31

7. Georg TOTSCHNIG (A) Gerolsteiner, 58:44

8. Rik VERBRUGGHE (B) Lotto, 58:44

9. Juan Manuel GARATE (Sp) Lampre, 58:49

10. Daniele NARDELLO (I) Mapei, 59:10

11. Cadel EVANS (Aus) Mapei, 59:19

12. Oscar PEREIRO SIO (Sp) Phonak, 59:22

13. Dario FRIGO (I) Taconi Sport, 59:23

14. Torsten HIEKMANN (G) Telekom, 59:26

15. Eddy MAZZOLENI (I) Taconi Sport, 59:32

16. Pavel TONKOV (Rus) Lampre, 59:40

17. Dario David CIONI (I) Mapei, 59:49

18. Cristian MORENI (I) Alessio, 59:49

19. Mariano PICCOLI (I) Lampre, 59:54

20. Sergiy ADYEYEV (Ukr) Landbouwkrediet, 59:56

21. Vladimir DUMA (Ukr) Panaria, 59:56

22. Kurt VAN DE WOUWER (B) Lotto, 1:00:04

23. Grischa NIERMANN (G) Rabobank, 1:00:14

24. Maximilian SCIANDRI (GB) Lampre, 1:00:19

25. Ivan GOTTI (I) Alessio, 1:00:26

26. Jan BOVEN (Nl) Rabobank, 1:00:27

27. Yaroslav POPOVYCH (Ukr) Landbouwkrediet, 1:00:30

28. Franco PELLIZOTTI (I) Alessio, 1:00:33

29. Michele SCARPONI (I) Acqua e Sapone, 1:00:33

30. Mauro RADAELLI (I) Taconi Sport, 1:00:35

31. Denis LUNGHI (I) Colpack, 1:00:39

32. Gianni FARESIN (I) Gerolsteiner, 1:00:41

33. Hernan Dario MUNOZ (Col) Colombia-Selle Italia, 1:00:46

34. Ralf GRABSCH (G) Telekom, 1:00:47

35. Fabio SACCHI (I) Saeco, 1:00:47

36. Denis ZANETTE (I) Fassa Bortolo, 1:00:51

37. Michael BOOGERD (Nl) Rabobank, 1:00:52

38. Davide BRAMATI (I) Mapei, 1:00:52

39. Thierry MARICHAL (B) Lotto, 1:00:53

40. Carlos SASTRE CANDIL (Sp) CSC-Tiscalli, 1:00:56

41. Fernando ESCARTIN (Sp) Coast, 1:01:02

42. Andrei MIZOUROV (Kz) Mercatone Uno, 1:01:07

43. Matthias KESSLER (G) Telekom, 1:01:11

44. Roberto CONTI (I) Acqua e Sapone, 1:01:16

45. Sylvester SZMYD (Pol) Taconi Sport, 1:01:19

46. Rene: HASELBACHER (A) Gerolsteiner, 1:01:24

47. Alessandro PETACCHI (I) Fassa Bortolo, 1:01:28

48. Thorwald VENEBERG (Nl) Rabobank, 1:01:36

49. Milan KADLEC (Cz) Lampre, 1:01:38

50. Gabriele MISSAGLIA (I) Lampre, 1:01:42

51. Angelo FURLAN (I) Alessio, 1:01:44

52. Andrea NOE: (I) Mapei, 1:01:44

53. Luis LAVERDE JIMENEZ (Col) Formaggi Trentini, 1:01:45

54. Raphael SCHWEDA (G) Coast, 1:01:47

55. Vladimir MIHOLIEVIC (Cro) Alessio, 1:01:47

56. Julio PEREZ CUAPIO (Mex) Panaria, 1:01:48

57. Steve ZAMPIERI SUI Taconi Sport, 1:01:48

58. Massimo APOLLONIO (I) Taconi Sport, 1:01:52

59. Frank HOJ (Dk) Coast, 1:01:53

60. Michael RASMUSSEN (Dk) CSC-Tiscalli, 1:01:54

61. Andrea PERON (I) CSC-Tiscalli, 1:01:55

62. Martin DERGANC (Slo) Acqua e Sapone, 1:02:06

63. Bo HAMBURGER (Dk) Index Alexia, 1:02:11

64. Isaac GALVEZ LOPEZ (Sp) Kelme, 1:02:11

65. Denis BONDARENKO (Rus) Formaggi Trentini, 1:02:13

66. Lorenzo BERNUCCI (I) Landbouwkrediet, 1:02:15

67. Marc LOTZ (Nl) Rabobank, 1:02:20

68. Yauheni SENIUSHKINE (Blr) Panaria, 1:02:22

69. Francisco LEON MANE (Sp) Kelme, 1:02:23

70. Marcelino GARCIA ALONSO (Sp) CSC-Tiscalli, 1:02:24

71. Alessio GALLETTI (I) Saeco, 1:02:24

72. Kai HUNDERTMARK (G) Telekom, 1:02:27

73. J. Carlos DOMINGUEZ (Sp) Phonak, 1:02:28

74. Jimmi MADSEN (Dk) CSC-Tiscalli, 1:02:29

75. Christophe DETILLOUX (B) Lotto, 1:02:29

76. Massimo STRAZZER (I) Phonak, 1:02:31

77. Joaquim CASTELBLANCO (Col) Colombia-Selle Italia, 1:02:31

78. Matteo TOSATTO (I) Fassa Bortolo, 1:02:33

79. Addy ENGELS (Nl) Rabobank, 1:02:35

80. Fabrice GOUGOT FRA Phonak, 1:02:40

81. Mykhaylo KHALILOV (Ukr) Colombia-Selle Italia, 1:02:40

82. Matthias BUXHOFER (A) Phonak, 1:02:40

83. Rolf SORENSEN (Dk) Landbouwkrediet, 1:02:41

84. Jan SCHAFFRATH (G) Telekom, 1:02:41

85. Mauro GEROSA (I) Taconi Sport, 1:02:46

86. Mathew HAYMAN (Aus) Rabobank, 1:02:49

87. Francisco J. LARA RUIZ (Sp) Coast, 1:02:51

88. Steven DE JONGH (Nl) Rabobank, 1:02:52

89. Oscar CAVAGNIS (I) Landbouwkrediet, 1:02:53

90. Aart VIERHOUTEN (Nl) Lotto, 1:02:54

91. Lars MICHAELSEN (Dk) Coast, 1:02:54

92. Alessandro SPEZIALETTI (I) Saeco, 1:02:57

93. Geert VERHEYEN (B) Rabobank, 1:02:59

94. Sergio BARBERO (I) Lampre, 1:03:00

95. Cristian GASPERONI (I) Acqua e Sapone, 1:03:01

96. Stephan SCHRECK (G) Telekom, 1:03:02

97. Biagio CONTE (I) Saeco, 1:03:04

98. Dmitri KONYSHEV (Rus) Fassa Bortolo, 1:03:06

99. Paolo FORNACIARI (I) Mapei, 1:03:16

100. Ellis RASTELLI (I) Gerolsteiner, 1:03:20

101. Mario SCIREA (I) Acqua e Sapone, 1:03:22

102. Paolo LANFRANCHI (I) Index Alexia, 1:03:26

103. Peter WROLICH (A) Gerolsteiner, 1:03:28

104. Cayetano JULIA CEGARRA (Sp) Kelme, 1:03:28

105. Serguei YAKOVLEV (Kz) Telekom, 1:03:29

106. Mario CIPOLLINI (I) Acqua e Sapone, 1:03:30

107. Daniele RIGHI (I) Index Alexia, 1:03:32

108. Alexandre MOOS SUI Phonak, 1:03:33

109. Angel VICIOSO ARCOS (Sp) Kelme, 1:03:33

110. Ruben Alverio MARIN (Col) Colombia-Selle Italia, 1:03:39

111. Andre: KORFF (G) Coast, 1:03:40

112. Giovanni LOMBARDI (I) Acqua e Sapone, 1:03:49

113. Eddy SERRI (I) Index Alexia, 1:03:49

114. Daniele DE PAOLI (I) Alessio, 1:03:49

115. Uros MURN (Slo) Formaggi Trentini, 1:03:59

116. Renzo MAZZOLENI (I) Colpack, 1:04:04

117. Gian Mario ORTENZI (I) Mercatone Uno, 1:04:08

118. Matteo GIGLI (I) Colpack, 1:04:11

119. Matteo CARRARA (I) Colpack, 1:04:12

120. Gustavo OTERO GOMEZ (Sp) Kelme, 1:04:12

121. Igor ASTARLOA (Sp) Saeco, 1:04:13

122. Alessandro BERTOLINI (I) Alessio, 1:04:14

123. Mario MANZONI (I) Index Alexia, 1:04:26

124. Malte URBAN (G) Coast, 1:04:37

125. Oscar MASON (I) Saeco, 1:04:39

126. Manuel CALVENTE (Sp) CSC-Tiscalli, 1:04:40

127. Luca MAZZANTI (I) Mercatone Uno, 1:04:43

128. Enrico DEGANO (I) Panaria, 1:04:46

129. Guido TRENTI (I) Acqua e Sapone, 1:04:51

130. Manuel BELTRAN (Sp) Coast, 1:04:59

131. Miguel Angel MEZA (Mex) Colpack, 1:05:03

132. Igor PUGACI (Mda) Saeco, 1:05:06

133. Juan DE LOS ANGELES (Sp) Kelme, 1:05:09

134. Gabriele COLOMBO (I) Acqua e Sapone, 1:05:15

135. Francisco CEREZO PERALES Francisco (Sp) CSC-Tiscalli, 1:05:48

136. Fabiano FONTANELLI (I) Mercatone Uno, 1:05:53

137. Hector MESA MESA (Col) Formaggi Trentini, 1:06:06

138. Hidenori NODERA (Jpn) Colpack, 1:06:30

139. Moreno DI BIASE (I) Formaggi Trentini, 1:06:52

140. Danny JONASSON (Dk) CSC-Tiscalli, 1:07:24


1. Paolo SAVOLDELLI (I), Index Alexia, at 85:47:09

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3. Pietro CAUCCHIOLI (I), Alessio, at 2:12

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101. Biagio CONTE (I), Saeco, at 2:30:03

102. Mauro GEROSA (I), Taconi Sport, at 2:30:54

103. Dmitri KONYSHEV (Rus), Fassa Bortolo, at 2:31:01

104. Aart VIERHOUTEN (Nl), Lotto, at 2:32:38

105. Denis BONDARENKO (Rus), Formaggi Trentini, at 2:33:09

106. Rene’ HASELBACHER (A), Gerolsteiner, at 2:34:54

107. Frank HOJ (Dk), Coast, at 2:35:17

108. Jimmi MADSEN (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 2:35:45

109. Mario SCIREA (I), Acqua e Sapone, at 2:37:03

110. Stephan SCHRECK (G), Telekom, at 2:37:13

111. Ralf GRABSCH (G), Telekom, at 2:37:37

112. Lars MICHAELSEN (Dk), Coast, at 2:39:03

113. Mauro RADAELLI (I), Taconi Sport, at 2:39:10

114. Massimo APOLLONIO (I), Taconi Sport, at 2:39:43

115. Andre’ KORFF (G), Coast, at 2:40:37

116. Alessio GALLETTI (I), Saeco, at 2:40:37

117. Massimo STRAZZER (I), Phonak, at 2:40:49

118. Denis ZANETTE (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 2:40:50

119. Christophe DETILLOUX (B), Lotto, at 2:42:17

120. Oscar CAVAGNIS (I), Landbouwkrediet, at 2:43:13

121. Jan SCHAFFRATH (G), Telekom, at 2:43:28

122. Isaac GALVEZ LOPEZ (Sp), Kelme, at 2:43:44

123. Ellis RASTELLI (I), Gerolsteiner, at 2:44:22

124. Rolf SORENSEN (Dk), Landbouwkrediet, at 2:48:55

125. Guido TRENTI (I), Acqua e Sapone, at 2:50:19

126. Yauheni SENIUSHKINE (Blr), Panaria, at 2:51:31

127. Fabrice GOUGOT (F), Phonak, at 2:53:52

128. Cristian GASPERONI (I), Acqua e Sapone, at 2:54:37

129. Angelo FURLAN (I), Alessio, at 2:54:59

130. Miguel Angel MEZA (Mex), Colpack, at 2:55:34

131. Gabriele COLOMBO (I), Acqua e Sapone, at 2:55:36

132. Danny JONASSON (Dk), CSC-Tiscali, at 2:58:26

133. Matteo GIGLI (I), Colpack, at 3:00:48

134. Malte URBAN (G), Coast, at 3:04:22

135. Fabiano FONTANELLI (I), Mercatone Uno, at 3:08:34

136. Mario MANZONI (I), Index Alexia, at 3:13:45

137. Moreno DI BIASE (I), Formaggi Trentini, at 3:17:02

138. Enrico DEGANO (I), Panaria, at 3:21:50

139. Hidenori NODERA (Jp), Colpack, at 3:23:13

140. Eddy SERRI (I), Index Alexia, at 3:33:08