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Giro gets downright weird: Casagrande sent packing

Just when things seemed to be getting back to normal after the expulsionsof Stefano Garzelli and Gilberto Simoni, Francesco Casagrande pulls a Mike Tyson and gets kicked out of the race. No, he didn’t bite anybody’s ear off, but he’s out of the Giro afterallegedly running Colombian John Freddy Garcia (Colombia-Selle Italia)into the fences and sending him to the hospital with 20 stitches to thechin. Casagrande started the day wearing the green best-climber’s jersey infourth-place at 1:07 back. His “aggressive riding,” as the UCI called it, ended his Giro early. The incident happened early

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Cipollini takes win #38, but KOM ‘fight’ is the big news

By Andrew Hood

Casagrande makes his case to the press

Casagrande makes his case to the press

Photo: Graham Watson

Just when things seemed to be getting back to normal after the expulsionsof Stefano Garzelli and Gilberto Simoni, Francesco Casagrande pulls a Mike Tyson and gets kicked out of the race.

No, he didn’t bite anybody’s ear off, but he’s out of the Giro afterallegedly running Colombian John Freddy Garcia (Colombia-Selle Italia)into the fences and sending him to the hospital with 20 stitches to thechin.

Casagrande started the day wearing the green best-climber’s jersey infourth-place at 1:07 back. His “aggressive riding,” as the UCI called it, ended his Giro early.

The incident happened early in Tuesday’s otherwise dead-flat and boring145-km stage from Terme Euganee to Conegliano. It was supposed to be aneasy day before the fireworks start in the Dolomites on Wednesday and Thursday.It was supposed to be a day when the big news was Mario Cipollini’s 38thstage win at the Giro d’Italia. But as Super Mario closed in on the all-timerecord of Alfredo Binda, all the attention was directed elsewhere.

Instead, it’s the end of Casagrande and the Giro loses its third superstar.

How did that happen?
The peloton approached the category-three climb up a hump called Castelnuovoat 21-km into the stage. Garcia’s Colombia-Selle Italia teammate, JoaquimCastelblanco, started the day three points behind Casagrande in the mountainjersey points. Colombia-Selle Italia riders were jostling for positionagainst Casagrande as Castelblanco shot ahead to take the 3 points forthe climb.

The incident was not captured on television, but according to reportsfrom several riders and team managers who saw it, Casagrande allegedlyforced the young Colombian into the race fence after he was trying to passon the Italian’s left.

“It’s impossible that I would something like this,” Casagrande saidon Italian TV after the race. “It’s a simple category-three climb. Youthink I would do that? I am here to win the Giro d’Italia. I would notdo something that stupid.”Evidently, UCI officials believed, however, that he did “do something that stupid.”

One UCI juror ahead of the peloton on a motorcycle reportedly saw theincident. The gravity of Garcia’s injuries, plus a formal complaint filedby Colombia-Selle Italia, prompted the harsh action.

Now, Castelblanco takes over the best climber’s jersey and the Giroloses one of its top contenders.

“That’s just stupid,” CSC-Tiscali team manager Bjarne Riis told VeloNewsafter hearing the news. “I feel sorry for the Colombian rider and I feelsorry for Casagrande, too. It’s a pity. I cannot believe that a rider woulddo that on purpose. If he did, he doesn’t deserve to be in the race.”

Riis said none of his CSC-Tiscali riders saw the incident. The 1996Tour de France champion says it’s bad for the race and bad for Tyler Hamiltonas the American challenges for the overall title.

“It’s not good for the Giro. We’d like to beat him on the bike,” Riissaid. “We really didn’t think he was strong enough to attack us in thebig mountains, but it’s better to have him in the race. It’s just crazy.”

At least there was no drug scandal
Rain and UCI vampires welcomed the peloton back after Monday’s restday. Everyone in the peloton was subjected to early morning blood tests.The results revealed no riders “unfit” to race.

Number 38 was not the big story of the day

Number 38 was not the big story of the day

Photo: Graham Watson

Rain and slick roads prompted officials to neutralize the finish asthe riders came into Conegliano for three passes on a 4-km circuit. Theentire peloton came across together and were awarded the same time as thesprinters fought it out for the stage-win.

Acqua & Sapone’s Mario Cipollini took career Giro stage-win No.38. Just as Cipo’ turned on the after-burners, his Acqua & Sapone set-upman Giovanni Lombardi pulled up and eased into Alessandro Petacchi (I,Fassa Bortolo). It didn’t really seem to matter. Cipo’ easily won his fourthstage the 85th Giro.

To have a chance at Alfredo Binda’s record of 41, Cipo’ will have towin one of the mountain stages or the final time trial, so it looks likeBinda’s record is safe for another year.

Ah, the Giro d’Italia, never a dull moment.

Hamilton quietly confident
There was no panic early in the Giro when Tyler Hamilton lost timefollowing a string of three crashes. Now that he’s won a stage and is strongposition for the overall victory, there’s no over-confidence. Hamiltonstresses the key for the final week is staying steady.“Some people are up and down. They have a really great day, then theyhave a really bad day. I’m more even-keeled,” Hamilton said. “It’s importantto stay that way.”Hamilton finished safely in the bunch Tuesday to remain third-placeoverall at 1:06 behind Jens Heppner (G, Telekom), whose 10-day run in pinkis expected to melt away in Wednesday’s epic climbing stage.Pundits believe Hamilton will lose time Wednesday and Thursday, butthe Bostonian says he might have more surprises up his sleeve.“Maybe I won’t lose time. I think I’m recovering from my injuries. Everyday I feel better. I feel like I still haven’t climbed as well as I canyet,” he said. “I can guarantee you they are going to try to put time onus. They don’t want to go into Saturday’s time trial with the standingslooking like they do now.”Hamilton said he expects to ride stronger in the longer, steeper Dolomitesthan he did in the early mountain stages, which were shorter and faster.Hamilton had problems staying with the accelerations unleashed by Casagrande,Cadel Evans and Dario Frigo in Saturday’s climb to San Giacomo. The Dolomitesare bigger, much like the Alps, where Hamilton can find a steady rhythm.“These stages before were like medium mountains. I feel like I can dobetter in the bigger mountains,” he said. “The way I ride, these longerclimbs suit my talents better. I’m tired, but everyone’s tired. But goinginto this last week, I feel pretty fresh. Hopefully the other guys aremore tired than I am.”Hamilton brushed off notions there might be a warm, fuzzy post-victoryafterglow. Not yet, at least.“It still hasn’t hit home yet,” Hamilton said of Sunday’s big win inthe Numana time trial. “Partly because there’s still a lot of racing left,I don’t want to sit back because I want more. I don’t just want to settlefor a stage-win.”Riis confident for podium
Riis is confident Hamilton will finish on the final podium.“None of these guys are mountain specialists. Sure, they’re good inthe mountains, but now we have three or four big climbs in one stage, notjust one climb at the finish like we’ve seen so far. It’s more comfortablefor us,” Riis told VeloNews. “Now these guys can’t wait for thefinal climb, but they don’t have the legs to ride two or three mountainsalone. We are in a good position. They have to take the big risks.”Even if Hamilton loses time in the Dolomites, Riis said he believesin Hamilton’s chances.“If Tyler has a bad day, he can lose some minutes, sure. If a coupleof guys drop him, OK, then we take second or third place, no problem,”he said.And what do they have to do to snatch the overall title?“Be clever and cool,” Riis said, tapping his forehead with his finger.“We’ll do just like we did until now. We’ll watch the race and take ouropportunities. We don’t want to make any mistakes.”Armstrong: kind words for Hamilton
Lance Armstrong had some kind words for his former U.S. Postal Serviceteammate Hamilton. Speaking to a reporter from La Gazzetta dello Sport,Armstrong said he believes Hamilton has a good chance of winning the overall.“I’m really happy for my friend. I’m proud of him. I knew how hard hewas working, so he deserves this,” Armstrong told the Italian sports daily.“I don’t want to make a prediction, but I’m sure he can be in the top-3.He can get the maglia rosa, but he has to be aggressive.”Armstrong, just off his victory at Midi Libre, said he’s been followingthe action, but will be camped in front of his TV to watch the climbingstages in the Dolomites.”I don’t want to miss these climbs. There are 10 guys who can stillwin the race,” he said. “Tyler is one of the best guys I’ve met in thecycling world. He doesn’t speak a lot, but when he does speak, it’s alwayssomething important.”Riders agree to new rules
Racers on Monday agreed that next year anyone who fails a drug testwould immediately withdraw from the race. This year’s Giro was mired incontroversy when Simoni, Garzelli and Mercatone Uno’s Roberto Sgambelluristayed in the race despite failing “A” tests.About 50 riders met Monday to discuss a variety of issues facing thepro peloton. They also discussed changing the rules for young riders toturn pro, in part to provide more security for existing pros and lessenthe pressure to turn to doping products.Where it stands: 85th Giro d’Italia
Stage 15: Terme Euganee to Conegliano, 145 km, light to heavyrain throughout the stage with a finishing circuit in Conegliano.
Stage winner: Mario Cipollini (I, Acqua & Sapone), scoredhis 38th career Giro stage.
Overall leader: Jens Heppner (G), Telekom, finished safely inthe main bunch to retain the overall lead.
Points jersey: Massimo Strazzer (I), Phonak
Intergiro jersey: Massimo Strazzer (I), Phonak
Climber’s jersey: Joaquim Castelblanco (Col, Colombia-SelleItalia) takes over the jersey after Casagrande’s expulsion.
Best team: Alessio
Peloton: Marc Streel (Bel, Landbouwkrediet) did not start; JohnFreddy Garcia (Col, Colombia-Selle Italia), crashed at 21 km and abandonedwith injuries. Ruggero Marzoli (I, Formaggi Trenteni) also abandoned. FrancescoCasagrande (I, Fassa Bortolo) was kicked out, leaving 154 riders in therace.UCI jury decisions
Giovanni Lombardi (I, Acqua & Sapone), fined 200 Swiss francs anda 10-second penalty after barging Alessandro Petacchi (I, Fassa Bortolo)in the final sprint. Three riders – Denis Bondarenko (Rus, Formaggi Trentini),Sylvester Szmyd (Pol, Tacconi) and Manual Beltran (Sp, Coast) – fined 50Swiss francs for “comportement incorrect.” Francesco Casagrande (I, FassaBortolo), kicked out of the race because of aggressive riding.  Also,due to heavy rains and slick roads, the jury neutralized the finish andawarded the entire peloton with the same time. Racers then fought it outfor the stage-win over three laps on a 4.3-km finishing circuit.Injury report
Alessandro Petacchi (I, Fassa Bortolo) scraped his knees, ChristopheDetilloux (B, Lotto) cut his left knee, and Isaac Galvez Lopez (Sp, Kelme)cut his right hand and elbow suffered in crashes early in the race. Allthree stayed in the race. John Freddy Garcia (Col, Colombia-Selle Italia)crashed into the fences, allegedly by Casagrande, and was taken to thehospital, but x-rays revealed no fractures. He was treated for superficialcuts and abrasions, given more than 20 stitches to the face and chin andreleased. Also, all 158 riders were tested before the start of Tuesday’sstage and none revealed high hematocrit levels.Up next
The Giro enters the steep, difficult Dolomites in Wednesday’s 163-km,four-climb 16th stage to Corvara-in-Badia for what’s sure to be an epicstage. Riders hit the Category I 1773-meter Forcella Staulanza at 82-km.From there, it’s down a steep descent with another short unrated climbbefore hitting the base of the Cat. I Passo di Fedaia at 2057 meters at117 km. This is perhaps the hardest climb in this year’s Giro, climbingmore than 1000 meters in 13.7 km, with ramps as steep as 18 percent withan average grade of 7.7 percent. It’s straight down to 1465 meters andstraight back up the 2239-meter Passo Pordoi, the “Cima Coppi,” markingthe highest point of the Giro this year, at 142 km. Another dangerous descentis followed up with the Cat. II climb to the 1875-meter Passo di Campolongoat 156 km. It’s a fast 7 km downhill to the finish. Forecasters are callingfor rain and snow above 2000 meters.

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1. Mario CIPOLLINI (I), Acqua & Sapone, 3:42:49

2. Isaac GALVEZ LOPEZ (Sp), Kelme

3. Alessandro PETACCHI (I), Fassa Bortolo

4. Steven DE JONGH (Nl), Rabobank

5. Zoran KLEMENCIC (Slo), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi

6. Rene’ HASELBACHER (A), Gerolsteiner

7. Massimo STRAZZER (I), Phonak

8. Christophe DETILLOUX (B), Lotto

9. Igor ASTARLOA (Sp), Saeco

10. Mathew HAYMAN (Aus), Rabobank

11. Angelo FURLAN (I), Alessio

12. Angel VICIOSO ARCOS (Sp), Kelme

13. Moreno DI BIASE (I), Formaggi-Trentini

14. Oscar CAVAGNIS (I), Landbouwkrediet

15. Mariano PICCOLI (I), Lampre-Daikin

16. Enrico DEGANO (I), Panaria

17. Volodymyr BILEKA (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet

18. Giovanni LOMBARDI (I), Acqua & Sapone

19. Matthias BUXHOFER (A), Phonak

20. Matteo TOSATTO (I), Fassa Bortolo

21. Mario MANZONI (I), Index Alexia

22. Massimo APOLLONIO (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi

23. Biagio CONTE (I), Saeco

24. Cayetano JULIA CEGARRA (Sp), Kelme

25. Dario FRIGO (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi

26. Oscar PEREIRO SIO (Sp), Phonak

27. Guido TRENTI (I), Acqua & Sapone

28. Mykhaylo KHALILOV (Ukr), Colombia-Selle Italia

29. Michael BOOGERD (Nl), Rabobank

30. Denis BONDARENKO (Rus), Formaggi-Trentini

31. Maximilian SCIANDRI GBR Lampre-Daikin

32. Yaroslav POPOVYCH (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet

33. Uros MURN (Slo), Formaggi-Trentini

34. Bert GRABSCH (G), Phonak

35. Eddy MAZZOLENI (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi

36. Paolo SAVOLDELLI (I), Index Alexia

37. Miguel Angel Meza (Mex), Colpack

38. Milan KADLEC CZE Lampre-Daikin

39. Rolf SORENSEN (Dk), Landbouwkrediet

40. Peter WROLICH (A), Gerolsteiner

41. Jens HEPPNER (G), Telekom

42. Frank HOJ (Dk), Coast

43. Franco PELLIZOTTI (I), Alessio

44. Cadel EVANS (Aus), Mapei-Quick Step

45. Daniele NARDELLO (I), Mapei-Quick Step

46. Pietro CAUCCHIOLI (I), Alessio

47. Georg TOTSCHNIG (A), Gerolsteiner

48. Mario SCIREA (I), Acqua & Sapone

49. Denis ZANETTE (I), Fassa Bortolo

50. Francesco CASAGRANDE (I), Fassa Bortolo –DISQUALIFIED

51. Kurt VAN DE WOUWER (B), Lotto

52. Andrea NOE’ (I), Mapei-Quick Step

53. Sergiy ADYEYEV (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet

54. Michele SCARPONI (I), Acqua & Sapone

55. Luis LAVERDE JIMENEZ (Col), Formaggi-Trentini

56. Yuri MITLUSHENKO (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet

57. Juan Manuel Garate (Sp), Lampre-Daikin

58. Manuel BELTRAN (Sp), Coast

59. Ralf GRABSCH (G), Telekom

60. Mauro GEROSA (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi

61. Fernando ESCARTIN (Sp), Coast

62. Matthias KESSLER (G), Telekom

63. Vladimir MIHOLIEVIC CRO Alessio

64. Ivan GOTTI (I), Alessio

65. Aitor GONZALEZ JIMENEZ (Sp), Kelme

66. Francisco J. LARA RUIZ (Sp), Coast

67. Aart VIERHOUTEN (Nl), Lotto

68. Marc LOTZ (Nl), Rabobank

69. Daniele DE PAOLI (I), Alessio

70. Grischa NIERMANN (G), Rabobank

71. Dario David Cioni (I), Mapei-Quick Step

72. Lars MICHAELSEN (Dk), Coast

73. Fabiano FONTANELLI (I), Mercatone Uno

74. Malte URBAN (G), Coast

75. Gabriele COLOMBO (I), Acqua & Sapone

76. Geert VERHEYEN (B), Rabobank

77. Dmitri KONYSHEV (Rus), Fassa Bortolo

78. Danny JONASSON (Dk), CSC Tiscali

79. Francisco Cerezo Perales Francisco (Sp), CSC Tiscali

80. Tyler HAMILTON (USA), CSC Tiscali

81. Jan SCHAFFRATH (G), Telekom

82. Paolo FORNACIARI (I), Mapei-Quick Step

83. Davide BRAMATI (I), Mapei-Quick Step

84. Bo HAMBURGER (Dk), Index Alexia

85. Gianni FARESIN (I), Gerolsteiner

86. Denis LUNGHI (I), Colpack

87. Serhiy HONCHAR (Ukr), Fassa Bortolo

88. Matteo CARRARA (I), Colpack

89. Pavel TONKOV (Rus), Lampre-Daikin

90. Ellis RASTELLI (I), Gerolsteiner

91. Juan DE LOS ANGELES (Sp), Kelme

92. Andre’ KORFF (G), Coast

93. Thorwald VENEBERG (Nl), Rabobank

94. Jan BOVEN (Nl), Rabobank

95. Marco PANTANI (I), Mercatone Uno

96. Domenico GUALDI (I), Formaggi-Trentini

97. Luca MAZZANTI (I), Mercatone Uno

98. Renzo MAZZOLENI (I), Colpack

99. Daniele RIGHI (I), Index Alexia

100. Stephan SCHRECK (G), Telekom

101. Steve ZAMPIERI (Swi), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi

102. Mauro RADAELLI (I), Tacconi Sport-Emmegi

103. Yauheni SENIUSHKINE (Blr), Panaria

104. Roberto CONTI (I), Acqua & Sapone

105. Rik VERBRUGGHE (B), Lotto

106. Wladimir BELLI (I), Fassa Bortolo

107. Hernan Dario Munoz (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia

108. Carlos SASTRE CANDIL (Sp), CSC Tiscali

109. Lorenzo BERNUCCI (I), Landbouwkrediet

110. Vladimir DUMA (Ukr), Panaria

111. Manuel CALVENTE (Sp), CSC Tiscali

112. Martin DERGANC (Slo), Acqua & Sapone

113. Raphael SCHWEDA (G), Coast

114. Hidenori NODERA JPN Colpack

115. Alexandre MOOS (Swi), Phonak

116. Simone BERTOLETTI (I), Lampre-Daikin

117. Marcelino GARCIA ALONSO (Sp), CSC Tiscali

118. Michael RASMUSSEN (Dk), CSC Tiscali

119. Paolo LANFRANCHI (I), Index Alexia

120. Fabio SACCHI (I), Saeco

121. Torsten HIEKMANN (G), Telekom

122. Mauro ZINETTI (I), Index Alexia

123. Andrei MIZOUROV (Kz), Mercatone Uno

124. Gustavo OTERO GOMEZ (Sp), Kelme

125. Michele COLLEONI (I), Colpack

126. Ruben Alverio Marin (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia

127. Hector MESA MESA (Col), Formaggi-Trentini

128. Fabrizio GUIDI (I), Coast

129. Gabriele MISSAGLIA (I), Lampre-Daikin

130. Alessio, at GALLETTI (I), Saeco

131. Sergio BARBERO (I), Lampre-Daikin

132. Alessandro BERTOLINI (I), Alessio

133. Juan D. RAMIREZ (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia

134. Fabrice GOUGOT (F), Phonak

135. Kai HUNDERTMARK (G), Telekom

136. Sylvester SZMYD POL Tacconi Sport-Emmegi

137. Oscar MASON (I), Saeco

138. Addy ENGELS (Nl), Rabobank

139. Julio PEREZ CUAPIO (Mex), Panaria

140. Jimmi MADSEN (Dk), CSC Tiscali

141. Joaquim CASTELBLANCO (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia

142. Daniele CONTRINI (I), Gerolsteiner

143. Cristian MORENI (I), Alessio

144. Francisco LEON MANE (Sp), Kelme

145. J. Carlos Dominguez (Sp), Phonak

146. Serguei YAKOVLEV (Kz), Telekom

147. Cristian GASPERONI (I), Acqua & Sapone

148. Igor PUGACI MDA Saeco

149. Thierry MARICHAL (B), Lotto

150. Gian Mario Ortenzi (I), Mercatone Uno

151. Alessandro SPEZIALETTI (I), Saeco

152. Andrea PERON (I), CSC Tiscali

153. Matteo GIGLI (I), Colpack

154. Eddy SERRI (I), Index Alexia

155. Dario ANDRIOTTO (I), Index Alexia, all s.t.

DNF John Freddy Garcia (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia

DNF Ruggero MARZOLI (I), Formaggi-Trentini

DNS Marc STREEL (B), Landbouwkrediet


1. Jens HEPPNER (G), Telekom, 68:12:43

2. Cadel EVANS (Aus), Mapei-Quick Step, at 0:48

3. Tyler HAMILTON (USA), CSC Tiscali, at 1:06

4. Dario FRIGO (I), Tacconi Sport, at 1:11

5. Aitor GONZALEZ JIMENEZ (Sp), Kelme, at 1:15

6. Pietro CAUCCHIOLI (I), Alessio, at 1:20

7. Fernando ESCARTIN (Sp), Coast, at 1:40

8. Paolo SAVOLDELLI (I), Index Alexia, at 1:49

9. Rik VERBRUGGHE (B), Lotto, at 2:13

10. Juan Manuel GARATE (Sp), Lampre-Daikin, at 2:17

11. Franco PELLIZOTTI (I), Alessio, at 2:28

12. Wladimir BELLI (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 2:40

13. Georg TOTSCHNIG (A), Gerolsteiner, at 3:00

14. Andrea NOE’ (I), Mapei-Quick Step, at 3:25

15. Eddy MAZZOLENI (I), Tacconi Sport, at 4:03

16. Michael BOOGERD (Nl), Rabobank, at 4:15

17. Cristian MORENI (I), Alessio, at 4:16

18. Michele SCARPONI (I), Acqua & Sapone, at 4:17

19. Pavel TONKOV (Rus), Lampre-Daikin, at 4:32

20. Kurt VAN DE WOUWER (B), Lotto, at 4:33

21. Yaroslav POPOVYCH (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet, at 4:46

22. Oscar PEREIRO SIO (Sp), Phonak, at 4:46

23. Ivan GOTTI (I), Alessio, at 6:41

24. Serhiy HONCHAR (Ukr), Fassa Bortolo, at 6:52

25. Juan D. RAMIREZ (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, at 8:39

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28. Juan DE LOS ANGELES (Sp), Kelme, at 9:35

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31. Hernan Dario MUNOZ (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, at 11:59

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33. Daniele DE PAOLI (I), Alessio, at 12:24

34. Dario David CIONI (I), Mapei-Quick Step, at 13:24

35. Julio PEREZ CUAPIO (Mex), Panaria, at 14:29

36. Igor PUGACI MDA Saeco, at15:31

37. Addy ENGELS (Nl), Rabobank, at 15:39

38. Francisco J. LARA RUIZ (Sp), Coast, at 16:59

39. Luis LAVERDE JIMENEZ (Col), Formaggi-Trentini, at 20:03

40. Manuel BELTRAN (Sp), Coast, at 23:46

41. Paolo LANFRANCHI (I), Index Alexia, at 24:57

42. Daniele NARDELLO (I), Mapei-Quick Step, at 25:53

43. Sylvester SZMYD POL Tacconi Sport, at 27:00

44. Mariano PICCOLI (I), Lampre-Daikin, at 27:11

45. Vladimir DUMA (Ukr), Panaria, at 27:41

46. Vladimir MIHOLIEVIC CRO Alessio, at 28:51

47. Denis LUNGHI (I), Colpack, at 30:41

48. Matthias BUXHOFER (A), Phonak, at 33:38

49. Gustavo OTERO GOMEZ (Sp), Kelme, at 34:03

50. Andrei MIZOUROV (Kz), Mercatone Uno, at 35:49

51. Carlos SASTRE CANDIL (Sp), CSC Tiscali, at 37:34

52. Igor ASTARLOA (Sp), Saeco, at38:29

53. Alexandre MOOS (Swi), Phonak, at 39:10

54. Marcelino GARCIA ALONSO (Sp), CSC Tiscali, at 40:34

55. Geert VERHEYEN (B), Rabobank, at 42:16

56. Michael RASMUSSEN (Dk), CSC Tiscali, at 44:19

57. Jan BOVEN (Nl), Rabobank, at 44:31

58. Francisco CEREZO PERALES Francisco (Sp), CSC Tiscali, at 46:56

59. Torsten HIEKMANN (G), Telekom, at 47:39

60. Fabrizio GUIDI (I), Coast, at 48:11

61. Maximilian SCIANDRI GBR Lampre-Daikin, at 49:18

62. Alessandro SPEZIALETTI (I), Saeco, at 50:48

63. J. Carlos DOMINGUEZ (Sp), Phonak, at 51:02

64. Manuel CALVENTE (Sp), CSC Tiscali, at 51:07

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71. Thorwald VENEBERG (Nl), Rabobank, at 56:54

72. Fabio SACCHI (I), Saeco, at56:57

73. Davide BRAMATI (I), Mapei-Quick Step, at 57:02

74. Lorenzo BERNUCCI (I), Landbouwkrediet, at 58:40

75. Marco PANTANI (I), Mercatone Uno, at 58:43

76. Matteo TOSATTO (I), Fassa Bortolo, at 59:04

77. Luca MAZZANTI (I), Mercatone Uno, at 1:00:03

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84. Peter WROLICH (A), Gerolsteiner, at 1:11:51

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116. Alessio, at GALLETTI (I), Saeco, at1:36:50

117. Dmitri KONYSHEV (Rus), Fassa Bortolo, at 1:36:56

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154. Eddy SERRI (I), Index Alexia, at 2:22:54