Giro d'Italia

How to watch the Giro d’Italia in the U.S.

Fubo.TV will broadcast every stage of the Giro live and offer on-demand video. Here's how you can subscribe and watch the Giro d'Italia.

Every year we American cycling fans face a familiar conundrum: How on Earth do we watch the Giro d’Italia? American TV broadcasters rarely carry the Italian tour and the online streaming service Cycling.TV does not either. So we either follow along via Twitter, or we click on a live stream that fills our computer screens with pop-up ads for online gambling. Such is life for the American cycling fan.

We’ve already received multiple inquiries from readers asking how they can watch this year’s Giro, which runs May 5-8.

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The good news is that online streaming site Fubo.TV will broadcast every stage of the Giro live and offer on-demand video as well. You can stream the race on your computer, mobile device, Roku, or Apple TV, and you won’t have to worry about those pesky pop-up ads. It is a subscription service, however, so you will need to sing up.

Fubo is offering a free seven-day trial to through an affiliate link, and after that you’ll have to pay for the subscription service. The total cost of the Fubo.TV subscription (plus the Cycling Plus subscription) is $43.98 for the entire month. Read more in the FAQ page >>

Why are we telling you about this? Well, for starters, you asked. But also, for complete transparency, if you sign up using this link, a portion of your subscription will go back to VeloNews to support our in-depth coverage of the Giro.

Sign up for the Fubo.TV Giro d’Italia package >>