Giro d'Italia

Lampre: Ulissi suspended after failed anti-doping control during Giro

The Italian won two stages at the 2014 Giro d'Italia before abandoning with a sore throat and a fever

Lampre-Merida announced Wednesday that Diego Ulissi failed an anti-doping test during the 2014 Giro d’Italia.

The test, which occurred after stage 11, showed Ulissi had nearly double the allowed amount of salbutamol in his urine sample. The limit is 1000 ng/ml, but he had 1900 ng/ml.

Ulissi, who won stages 5 and 8 before abandoning after stage 17, had been suffering from bronchospasm and used an inhaler loaded with salbutamol to use. He and Lampre’s team doctor declared the inhaler usage before his anti-doping control. The pair said Ulissi took two puffs, which each contained 100 ng of salbutamol, and that he was also given paracetamol by the race doctor after a stage 11 crash.

Ulissi has been provisionally suspended and he will not attend Italy’s national team training camp, the team said.

“Ulissi strongly rejects the presence of such a large amount of salbutamol and decided to make use of the possibility provided for by the WADA and UCI regulations to undergo a controlled excretion study in relation to the substance salbutamol,” Lampre said in the statement.

Ulissi abandoned the Giro with a sore throat and a temperature.