Giro d'Italia

The 2018 Giro d’Italia’s 17 biggest climbs

A closer look at the key mountain stages of the 2018 Giro d'Italia.

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A race always known for its brutal mountain stages, this year’s Giro holds six summit finishes. The race will finish atop Mount Etna, Montevergine, Gran Sasso, Zoncolan, Jafferau, and Cervinia. The highest peak will be the Colle delle Finestre at 2,178m. In keeping with tradition, the highest climb of each year’s Giro is dedicated to Fausto Coppi, the Italian cycling legend who died in 1960, as the Cima Coppi.

Here’s a look at the 17 most notable climbs of this year’s edition, by the numbers.

Stage 6 (Etna):

Etna (1,736m): 15km at 6.5%. Cat. 1.

Stage 8 (Montevergine di Mercogliano):

Montevergine (1,260m): 17.1km at 5%. Cat 2.

Stage 9 (Gran Sasso):

Roccaraso (1,252m): 6.9km at 6.5%. Cat 2.
Calascio (1,190m): 13.5km at 6%. Cat 2.
Gran Sasso d’Italia (Campo Imperatore, 2,135m): 26.5km at 3.9%. Cat 1.

Stage 10 (Gualdo Tadino):

Fonte della Creta (1,254m): 15.7km at 5.8%. Cat 2.

Stage 14 (Zoncolan):

Passo Duron (1,069m): 4.4km at 9.6%. Cat 2.
Mount Zoncolan (1,730m): 10.1km at 11.9%. Cat 1.

Stage 15 (Sappada):

Passo Tre Croci (1,805m): 7.9km at 7.3%. Cat 2.
Passo di Sant’Antonio (1,470m): 8.3km at 7.5%. Cat 2.

Stage 18 (Pratonevoso):

Pratonevoso (1,607m): 13.9km at 6.9%. Cat 1.

Stage 19 (Bardonecchia):

Colle del Lys (1,311m): 13.8km at 4.3%. Cat 2.
Colle delle Finestre (2,178m): 18.5km at 9.2%. Cima Coppi.
Bardonecchia (Jafferau, 1,908m): 7.2km at 9.1%. Cat 1.

Stage 20 (Cervinia):

Col Tsecore (1,623m): 16km at 7.7%. Cat 1.
Col Saint-Pantaléon (1,664m): 16.5km at 7.2 %. Cat 1.
Cervinia (2,001m): 18.2km at 5.3%. Cat 1.