Freddy more than fast enough for Petacchi

“Fast” Freddy Rodriguez was fast enough Monday to score the biggest win of the 30-year-old Californian’s career after snatching victory in the ninth stage of the 87th Giro d’Italia. Rodriguez surprised sprint master Alessandro Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo) by jumping with 300 meters to go. The two-time U.S. champion buried his pedals to open up a two-bike gap and had enough in the tank to hold Petacchi by a wheel. “It’s the best day of my career,” Rodriguez beamed in Italian to TV interviewers. “I tried to take Petacchi by surprise, rushing from behind, and it paid off.” Petacchi, a winner of

By Andrew Hood

Photo: AFP

Photo: Reuters

“Fast” Freddy Rodriguez was fast enough Monday to score the biggest win of the 30-year-old Californian’s career after snatching victory in the ninth stage of the 87th Giro d’Italia.

Rodriguez surprised sprint master Alessandro Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo) by jumping with 300 meters to go. The two-time U.S. champion buried his pedals to open up a two-bike gap and had enough in the tank to hold Petacchi by a wheel.

“It’s the best day of my career,” Rodriguez beamed in Italian to TV interviewers. “I tried to take Petacchi by surprise, rushing from behind, and it paid off.”

Petacchi, a winner of four stages already in the 2004 Giro, proved he was human after all. Despite excellent work from his Fassa Bortolo “Silver Team,” Petacchi was caught unaware by as Rodriguez shot by on his left.

“Rodriguez was very clever to jump first and I should have taken a risk and gone early as well,” Petacchi said. “Instead, I hesitated a second and blew it. I’ve learned something today.”

Petacchi countered but ran out of asphalt as Rodriguez shot his fist triumphantly into the air.

“In the last few days I felt good but always struggled to do a good sprint for one reason or another,” Rodriguez explained to Reuters. “Today I was very determined to win and in the pre-race team meeting we talked a lot about how to beat Petacchi.”

But Rodriguez said Sunday’s finishing charge into Policoro was especially frustrating – and motivating.

“Yesterday was a very disappointing day for me,” Rodriguez told VeloNews. “I was really very upset. Coming into the finale yesterday I felt really good – better even than I felt today – and as we hit the last corner, McEwen hooked me really hard and I had to shut down my sprint.”

Rodriguez is the lone American at the Giro as the other top U.S. stars have stayed away from the demanding Italian race to prepare for the Tour de France. Racing on the Division 2 Acqua & Sapone team, for Rodriguez, this is his Tour and he made the most it Monday.

So far in the Giro sprints, Rodriguez has had to largely fend for himself while Fassa Bortolo and Domina Vacanze trains have fought to control the lead-outs. On Monday, Rodriguez grabbed the wheel of Aussie Robbie McEwen (Lotto-Domo), who was hot on Petacchi’s wheel.

“My sporting director Franco Gini told me to jump first so that I could get ahead of him and then perhaps hold him off. I think that’s what made the difference,” he added. “I went at 300 meters, managed to keep going all the way to the line and Petacchi could not get past me.”

Freddy more than fast enough for Petacchi

Freddy more than fast enough for Petacchi


Rodriguez’ victory is the first by an American since Tyler Hamilton won an individual time trial in 2002 and makes him the fifth American to win at the Giro. Other American stage-winners include Andy Hampsten, Greg Lemond and Ron Keifel.

Born in Colombia, Rodriguez has been racing in Europe since joining Mapei in 1999-2000. Coming into Monday’s stage, he’s scored 29 career wins, including stage victories at the Tour de Suisse, Tour of Langkawi and Tour of Luxembourg as well as back-to-back U.S. titles in 2000-2001.

Until Monday, he’d never won a stage in a major three-week tour. He came close to beating Petacchi in last year’s Vuelta a España and was runner-up to Mario Cipollini in the 2002 Milan-San Remo classic.

Dogged by sickness and injuries last season, Rodriguez’ last win came at the 2003 Tour de Georgia. Monday’s win made it even 30 for his career, and Rodriguez couldn’t be happier.

Stroll in the sun
Monday’s 142km ninth stage from Policoro to Carovigno sliced across the “heel” of Italy’s boot. The flat course featured no King of the Mountains points and finished with three laps on a 4.3km finishing circuit in the white-washed city of Carovigno, just down the road from the site of the 2003 world championships in Monopoli.

It was sunny and warm, with a brisk breeze to keep everyone properly cooled in the final stage before the long transfer north heading into Tuesday’s first of two rest days. The pace was leisurely at best as the average speed over the first two hours was a rather pedestrian 27.7 kph.

The day started out slowly

The day started out slowly

Photo: AFP

The day’s main action came when Raffaele Illiano (Colombia-Selle Italia) and Alessandro Vanotti (De-Nardi) peeled away just after the day’s InterGiro sprint. Fassa Bortolo took control of the peloton and left the duo dangling off the front by about 2 minutes before they were gobbled up coming into Carovigno.

There was a crash at the back of the the main bunch when more than a dozen riders hit the deck with about 35km to go. Sprinter Massimo Strazzer (Saunier Duval) and Fredy Gonzalez (Colombia-Selle Italia) were among the main victims and the group broke into three chase groups across the wind-swept flats. Last year’s KOM winner Gonzalez was packed away in an ambulance while InterGiro leader Strazzer was pushed along by a teammate and limped in more than 9 minutes back.

Fassa Bortolo had things firmly in control on the tight final circuits, with five silver jerseys leading the way for Petacchi. Just as it used to be a fight to get on Cipollini’s wheel during the Lion King’s hey day, now it’s Petacchi’s wheel that everyone wants.

The tenacious McEwen won the battle Monday, positioning himself nicely for the sprint on the Italian’s wheel. But hot on the Aussie’s wheel was Rodriguez, who was still steaming over McEwen’s dangerous move earlier in the week.

Rodriguez jumped with 300 meters to go just as Marco Velo, Petacchi’s final set-up man, was pulling off. He shot past McEwen and Petacchi on the left and held clean first across the tape.

Petacchi admitted he waited too long to counter Rodriguez’ early sprint.

Cunego goes into the rest day with the jersey

Cunego goes into the rest day with the jersey

Photo: AFP

“He played a winning card by anticipating me,” said Petacchi, who stays at four stage wins so far. “I felt good but coming from behind is always very difficult and today the finish was slightly uphill and there was a head wind, which made things even harder.”

Defending champion Gilberto Simoni and race leader Damiano Cunego (Saeco) safely negotiated the day, finishing 15th and 16th respectively. Cunego takes his 10-second lead over team captain Simoni into Tuesday’s rest day.

The peloton transfers north to Porto Sant’Elpido on Tuesday’s rest day before pushing north along Italy’s Adriatic Coast with a string of flatter stages tailored for the sprinters. The next major test is the Giro’s lone time trial in the 52km test against the clock on Saturday.

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Stage 9 Results

1. Fred Rodriguez (USA), Acqua & Sapone, 4:04:38 at 34,827kmh

2. Alessandro Petacchi (I), Fassa Bortolo, 0:00

3. Angelo Furlan (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 0:00

4. Robbie Mc Ewen (Aus), Lotto-Domo, 0:00

5. Jan Svorada (Cz), Lampre, 0:00

6. Andris Nauduzs (Lat), Domina Vacanze, 0:00

7. Marco Zanotti (I), Vini Caldirola, 0:00

8. Robert Forster (G), Gerolsteiner, 0:00

9. Simone Cadamuro (I), De-Nardi, 0:00

10. Alexandre Usov (Blr), Phonak, 0:00

11. Maxim Rudenko (Ukr), Chocolade Jacques, 0:00

12. Aart Vierhouten (Nl), Lotto-Domo, 0:00

13. Nicola Loda (I), Tenax, 0:00

14. Magnus Backstedt (SWE), Alessio-Bianchi, 0:00

15. Gilberto Simoni (I), Saeco, 0:00

16. Damiano Cunego (I), Saeco, 0:00

17. Stefano Garzelli (I), Vini Caldirola, 0:00

18. Giuliano Figueras (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 0:00

19. Franco Pellizotti (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 0:00

20. Andrea Noe’ (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 0:00

21. Gerhard Trampusch (A), Acqua & Sapone, 0:00

22. Andrej Hauptman (SLO), Lampre, 0:00

23. Eddy Mazzoleni (I), Saeco, 0:00

24. Tomas Vaitkus (Lit), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 0:00

25. Bo Hamburger (Dk), Acqua & Sapone, 0:00

26. Marco Velo (I), Fassa Bortolo, 0:00

27. Crescenzo D’Amore (I), Acqua & Sapone, 0:00

28. Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 0:00

29. Serhiy Honchar (Ukr), De-Nardi, 0:00

30. Leonardo Bertagnolli (I), Saeco, 0:00

31. Radoslav Rogina (CRO), Tenax, 0:00

32. Daniel Schnider (Swi), Phonak, 0:00

33. Manuele Mori (I), Saunier Duval, 0:00

34. Tadej Valjavec (SLO), Phonak, 0:00

35. Mariano Piccoli (I), Lampre, 0:00

36. Wladimir Belli (I), Lampre, 0:00

37. Dario David Cioni (I), Fassa Bortolo, 0:00

38. Philippe Gilbert (B),, 0:00

39. David Derepas (F),, 0:00

40. Cristian Moreni (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 0:00

41. Garate Cepa Juan Manuel (Sp), Lampre, 0:00

42. David Canada Gracia (Sp), Saunier Duval, 0:00

43. Franc Vila Errandonea (Sp), Lampre, 0:00

44. Perez Arango Marlon Al (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, 0:00

45. Christophe Brandt (B), Lotto-Domo, 0:00

46. Giuseppe Di Grande (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 0:00

47. Denys Kostuk (Ukr), Chocolade Jacques, 0:00

48. Igor Astarloa (Sp), Lampre, 0:00

49. Alejandro Albert Borrajo (ARG), Ceramiche Panaria, 0:00

50. Pavel Tonkov (Rus), Vini Caldirola, 0:00

51. Emanuele Sella (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 0:00

52. Daniele Righi (I), Lampre, 0:00

53. Sven Montgomery (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 0:00

54. Vladimir Miholyevic (CRO), Alessio-Bianchi, 0:00

55. Bradley Mc Gee (Aus),, 0:00

56. Andrea Tonti (I), Saeco, 0:00

57. Paolo Lanfranchi (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 0:00

58. Ruben Lobato Elvira (Sp), Saunier Duval, 0:00

59. Gianluca Sironi (I), Vini Caldirola, 0:00

60. Laverde Jimenez Luis Fil (Col), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 0:00

61. Bostjan Mervar (SLO), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 0:00

62. Oscar Mason (I), Vini Caldirola, 0:00

63. Fortunato Baliani (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 0:00

64. Leonardo Giordani (I), De-Nardi, 0:00

65. Daniele Pietropolli (I), Tenax, 0:00

66. Ruber Alverio Marin (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, 0:00

67. Ruggero Borghi (I), De-Nardi, 0:00

68. Graziano Gasparre (I), De-Nardi, 0:00

69. Steve Zampieri (Swi), Vini Caldirola, 0:00

70. Gorik Gardeyn (B), Lotto-Domo, 0:00

71. Alberto Loddo (I), Saunier Duval, 0:00

72. Gianni Faresin (I), Gerolsteiner, 0:00

73. Ardila Cano Mauricio Al (Col), Chocolade Jacques, 0:00

74. Mauro Gerosa (I), Vini Caldirola, 0:00

75. Massimo Iannetti (I), Domina Vacanze, 0:00

76. Massimo Codol (I), Fassa Bortolo, 0:00

77. Alessandro Vanotti (I), De-Nardi, 0:00

78. Giuseppe Muraglia (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 0:00

79. Sylvester Szmyd (Pol), Saeco, 0:00

80. Niki Aebersold (Swi), Phonak, 0:00

81. Johan Verstrepen (B), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 0:00

82. Nicolas Fritsch (F),, 0:00

83. Fabian Wegmann (G), Gerolsteiner, 0:00

84. Christophe Detilloux (B), Lotto-Domo, 0:00

85. Marzio Bruseghin (I), Fassa Bortolo, 0:00

86. Ruggero Marzoli (I), Acqua & Sapone, 0:00

87. Rubens Bertogliati (Swi), Saunier Duval, 0:00

88. Alessandro Bertolini (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 0:30

89. Alessio Galletti (I), Domina Vacanze, 0:30

90. Raffaele Illiano (I), Colombia-Selle Italia, 0:30

91. Luciano Pagliarini Mendonca (BRA), Lampre, 0:34

92. Ivan Quaranta (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 0:36

93. Simone Masciarelli (I), Vini Caldirola, 0:39

94. Andrea Ferrigato (I), Acqua & Sapone, 0:39

95. Giovanni Lombardi (I), Domina Vacanze, 0:39

96. Giancarlo Ginestri (I), Tenax, 0:45

97. Matthew Wilson (Aus),, 0:45

98. Scott Davis (Aus), Ceramiche Panaria, 0:45

99. Volodymir Gustov (Ukr), Fassa Bortolo, 0:45

100. Dario Andriotto (I), Vini Caldirola, 0:45

101. Gorazd Stangelj (SLO), Saeco, 0:50

102. Paolo Fornaciari (I), Saeco, 0:50

103. Fabio Sacchi (I), Fassa Bortolo, 0:50

104. Francis Mourey (F),, 0:50

105. Michael Albasini (Swi), Phonak, 0:50

106. Brett Lancaster (Aus), Ceramiche Panaria, 0:50

107. Jacky Durand (F), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 0:50

108. Nick Gates (Aus), Lotto-Domo, 0:50

109. Matteo Tosatto (I), Fassa Bortolo, 0:58

110. Michele Gobbi (I), De-Nardi, 0:58

111. Mario Manzoni (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 1:06

112. Alberto Ongarato (I), Fassa Bortolo, 1:09

113. Geert Verheyen (B), Chocolade Jacques, 1:23

114. Oscar Pozzi (I), Tenax, 1:23

115. Gabriele Colombo (I), Domina Vacanze, 1:23

116. Gabriele Bosisio (I), Tenax, 1:23

117. Alessandro Spezialetti (I), Saeco, 1:33

118. Gert Steegmans (B), Lotto-Domo, 3:45

119. Marco Serpellini (I), Gerolsteiner, 4:19

120. Florent Brard (F), Chocolade Jacques, 4:19

121. Leonardo Scarselli (I), Colombia-Selle Italia, 4:19

122. Marcel Strauss (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 4:19

123. Corrado Serina (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 5:54

124. Philippe Schnyder (Swi), Colombia-Selle Italia, 5:54

125. Martin Derganc (SLO), Domina Vacanze, 5:54

126. Thomas Ziegler (G), Gerolsteiner, 5:54

127. Ief Verbrugghe (B), Lotto-Domo, 5:54

128. Luca Mazzanti (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 5:54

129. Charly Wegelius (GB), De-Nardi, 5:54

130. Igor Pugaci (MDA), De-Nardi, 5:54

131. Marco Fertonani (I), Phonak, 5:54

132. Domenico Gualdi (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 6:56

133. Mario Scirea (I), Domina Vacanze, 6:56

134. Trent Wilson (Aus), Colombia-Selle Italia, 6:56

135. Russell Van Hout (Aus), Colombia-Selle Italia, 6:56

136. Benoit Vaugrenard (F),, 6:56

137. Nicolas Vogondy (F),, 6:56

138. Sergey Avdyeyev (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 6:56

139. Volodymyr Bileka (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 6:56

140. Piotr Wadecki (Pol), Lotto-Domo, 6:56

141. Marcus Ljungqvist (SWE), Alessio-Bianchi, 6:56

142. Olaf Pollack (G), Gerolsteiner, 6:56

143. Freddy Bichot (F),, 6:56

144. Nico Siymens (B), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 6:56

145. Ellis Rastelli (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 6:56

146. Jan Van Velzen (Nl), Chocolade Jacques, 6:56

147. Zoran Klemencic (SLO), Tenax, 6:56

148. Dean Podgornik (SLO), Tenax, 6:56

149. Rinaldo Nocentini (I), Acqua & Sapone, 6:56

150. Kyrylo Pospyeyev (Ukr), Acqua & Sapone, 6:56

151. Uros Murn (SLO), Phonak, 6:56

152. Oliver Zaugg (Swi), Saunier Duval, 6:56

153. Alexandre Moos (Swi), Phonak, 6:56

154. Renzo Mazzoleni (I), Tenax, 6:56

155. Volodimyr Duma (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 6:56

156. Perez Cuapio Julio A. (MEX), Ceramiche Panaria, 6:56

157. Massimo Strazzer (I), Saunier Duval, 9:29

158. Juan Gomis Lopez (Sp), Saunier Duval, 9:29

Overall Results after Stage 9

1. Damiano Cunego (I), Saeco, 41:59:15

2. Gilberto Simoni (I), Saeco, 0:10

3. Franco Pellizotti (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 0:28

4. Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 0:31

5. Giuliano Figueras (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 0:52

6. Serhiy Honchar (Ukr), De-Nardi, 1:08

7. Dario David Cioni (I), Fassa Bortolo, 1:10

8. Stefano Garzelli (I), Vini Caldirola, 1:15

9. Andrea Noe’ (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 1:17

10. Eddy Mazzoleni (I), Saeco, 1:29

11. Wladimir Belli (I), Lampre, 1:43

12. Sven Montgomery (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 1:47

13. Bradley Mc Gee (Aus),, 1:49

14. Tadej Valjavec (SLO), Phonak, 2:18

15. Cristian Moreni (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 2:23

16. Emanuele Sella (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 2:25

17. Gerhard Trampusch (A), Acqua & Sapone, 2:42

18. Christophe Brandt (B), Lotto-Domo, 3:02

19. David Canada Gracia (Sp), Saunier Duval, 3:06

20. Garate Cepa Juan Manuel (Sp), Lampre, 3:08

21. Franc Vila Errandonea (Sp), Lampre, 3:38

22. Pavel Tonkov (Rus), Vini Caldirola, 3:54

23. Leonardo Bertagnolli (I), Saeco, 4:04

24. Vladimir Miholyevic (CRO), Alessio-Bianchi, 4:18

25. Ruggero Borghi (I), De-Nardi, 4:19

26. Andrea Tonti (I), Saeco, 4:56

27. Perez Arango Marlon Al (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, 5:06

28. Giuseppe Di Grande (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 5:15

29. Philippe Gilbert (B),, 5:20

30. Laverde Jimenez Luis Fil (Col), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 6:12

31. Ardila Cano Mauricio Al (Col), Chocolade Jacques, 6:27

32. Fabian Wegmann (G), Gerolsteiner, 6:43

33. Massimo Iannetti (I), Domina Vacanze, 7:05

34. Nicolas Fritsch (F),, 8:09

35. Bo Hamburger (Dk), Acqua & Sapone, 8:11

36. Paolo Lanfranchi (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 8:52

37. Steve Zampieri (Swi), Vini Caldirola, 8:59

38. Denys Kostuk (Ukr), Chocolade Jacques, 9:22

39. Giuseppe Muraglia (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 9:29

40. Geert Verheyen (B), Chocolade Jacques, 11:21

41. Ruggero Marzoli (I), Acqua & Sapone, 11:49

42. Oscar Mason (I), Vini Caldirola, 12:02

43. Igor Astarloa (Sp), Lampre, 12:14

44. Gianni Faresin (I), Gerolsteiner, 12:35

45. Daniel Schnider (Swi), Phonak, 13:40

46. Graziano Gasparre (I), De-Nardi, 14:31

47. Alessandro Vanotti (I), De-Nardi, 15:32

48. Sylvester Szmyd (Pol), Saeco, 17:11

49. Raffaele Illiano (I), Colombia-Selle Italia, 19:15

50. Marco Fertonani (I), Phonak, 19:33

51. Leonardo Giordani (I), De-Nardi, 19:39

52. Luca Mazzanti (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 19:50

53. Alejandro Albert Borrajo (ARG), Ceramiche Panaria, 20:31

54. Massimo Codol (I), Fassa Bortolo, 21:56

55. Marzio Bruseghin (I), Fassa Bortolo, 23:39

56. Simone Masciarelli (I), Vini Caldirola, 24:32

57. Nicola Loda (I), Tenax, 24:48

58. Fortunato Baliani (I), Ceramiche Panaria, 24:49

59. Charly Wegelius (GB), De-Nardi, 24:54

60. Leonardo Scarselli (I), Colombia-Selle Italia, 26:47

61. Radoslav Rogina (CRO), Tenax, 27:12

62. Manuele Mori (I), Saunier Duval, 27:35

63. Thomas Ziegler (G), Gerolsteiner, 27:58

64. Mariano Piccoli (I), Lampre, 28:09

65. Igor Pugaci (MDA), De-Nardi, 30:16

66. Niki Aebersold (Swi), Phonak, 31:47

67. Mauro Gerosa (I), Vini Caldirola, 31:59

68. Rubens Bertogliati (Swi), Saunier Duval, 32:52

69. Crescenzo D’Amore (I), Acqua & Sapone, 33:13

70. Alessandro Petacchi (I), Fassa Bortolo, 33:27

71. Alessandro Spezialetti (I), Saeco, 33:54

72. Robbie Mc Ewen (Aus), Lotto-Domo, 35:07

73. Alexandre Usov (Blr), Phonak, 35:18

74. Marco Velo (I), Fassa Bortolo, 35:22

75. Fred Rodriguez (USA), Acqua & Sapone, 35:27

76. Volodymir Gustov (Ukr), Fassa Bortolo, 35:42

77. Daniele Pietropolli (I), Tenax, 35:57

78. Gorazd Stangelj (SLO), Saeco, 37:10

79. Tomas Vaitkus (Lit), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 37:16

80. Fabio Sacchi (I), Fassa Bortolo, 38:24

81. Scott Davis (Aus), Ceramiche Panaria, 38:25

82. Matteo Tosatto (I), Fassa Bortolo, 38:39

83. Andrej Hauptman (SLO), Lampre, 39:25

84. Gianluca Sironi (I), Vini Caldirola, 39:46

85. Andrea Ferrigato (I), Acqua & Sapone, 40:13

86. Dario Andriotto (I), Vini Caldirola, 41:18

87. Alessandro Bertolini (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 41:27

88. Alberto Ongarato (I), Fassa Bortolo, 41:30

89. Marco Zanotti (I), Vini Caldirola, 41:58

90. David Derepas (F),, 42:18

91. Simone Cadamuro (I), De-Nardi, 42:42

92. Aart Vierhouten (Nl), Lotto-Domo, 42:48

93. Marco Serpellini (I), Gerolsteiner, 44:00

94. Paolo Fornaciari (I), Saeco, 45:00

95. Florent Brard (F), Chocolade Jacques, 45:28

96. Andris Nauduzs (Lat), Domina Vacanze, 45:37

97. Ruber Alverio Marin (Col), Colombia-Selle Italia, 46:42

98. Johan Verstrepen (B), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 47:11

99. Michele Gobbi (I), De-Nardi, 48:00

100. Angelo Furlan (I), Alessio-Bianchi, 52:00

101. Robert Forster (G), Gerolsteiner, 52:09

102. Michael Albasini (Swi), Phonak, 52:09

103. Bostjan Mervar (SLO), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 52:30

104. Brett Lancaster (Aus), Ceramiche Panaria, 52:33

105. Marcel Strauss (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 52:50

106. Christophe Detilloux (B), Lotto-Domo, 53:10

107. Ief Verbrugghe (B), Lotto-Domo, 53:12

108. Gorik Gardeyn (B), Lotto-Domo, 54:03

109. Nick Gates (Aus), Lotto-Domo, 54:05

110. Daniele Righi (I), Lampre, 54:42

111. Oscar Pozzi (I), Tenax, 55:21

112. Magnus Backstedt (SWE), Alessio-Bianchi, 55:25

113. Alessio Galletti (I), Domina Vacanze, 55:35

114. Jan Svorada (Cz), Lampre, 56:40

115. Gabriele Colombo (I), Domina Vacanze, 57:49

116. Philippe Schnyder (Swi), Colombia-Selle Italia, 59:34

117. Giovanni Lombardi (I), Domina Vacanze, 1:00:28

118. Luciano Pagliarini Mendonca (BRA), Lampre, 1:01:09

119. Francis Mourey (F),, 1:01:15

120. Martin Derganc (SLO), Domina Vacanze, 1:01:28

121. Giancarlo Ginestri (I), Tenax, 1:04:48

122. Matthew Wilson (Aus),, 1:05:53

123. Gert Steegmans (B), Lotto-Domo, 1:06:20

124. Maxim Rudenko (Ukr), Chocolade Jacques, 1:07:49

125. Mario Manzoni (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 1:08:45

126. Gabriele Bosisio (I), Tenax, 1:11:35

127. Ivan Quaranta (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 1:13:19

128. Alberto Loddo (I), Saunier Duval, 1:15:14

129. Jacky Durand (F), Landbouwkrediet – Colnago, 1:22:29

130. Corrado Serina (I), Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave, 1:29:45