Driscoll, Van Gilder take Day 2 at Cycle-Smart International

Jamey Driscoll ( scored double wins at the Cycle-Smart International race in Northampton, Massachusetts, this weekend, while Laura Van Gilder took the win in Sunday's race. Driscoll, in his first year aged out of the U23 category, has developed a formula for success in New England: a steady start on lap 1 and then turning on the pressure for each lap after that until he finds himself alone

By Alan Atwood

Jamey Driscoll ( scored double wins at the Cycle-Smart International race in Northampton, Massachusetts, this weekend, while Laura Van Gilder took the win in Sunday’s race.

Driscoll, in his first year aged out of the U23 category, has developed a formula for success in New England: a steady start on lap 1 and then turning on the pressure for each lap after that until he finds himself alone

After winning Saturday Driscoll adopted the same strategy on Day 2 on a different course at the same venue. Dan Timmerman (Reynolds/Swan Cycles) took a quick advantage but the chase group would have none of it and caught up to Timmerman on lap 4. The group included Andy Jacques-Maynes, Justin Lindine (Targetraining), Matt White (’s Garage), Driscoll, and Chris Jones (Jittery Joe’s/Sonic).

Once together, Driscoll turned on the gas again and within two laps the lead group was whittled for a familiar foursome, Driscoll, White, Jacques-Maynes, and Timmerman. As can happen, pressure by one can cause mistakes by another; and first to bobble was Timmerman, as a crash in the sand pit took him out of the group and held back White and Jacques-Maynes, giving Driscoll the margin he needed to walk away from the rest of the group and a ticket to win #2 on the weekend. A game Timmerman made it back to the chase group, but was out of gas as White managed to outsprint Jacques-Maynes for second on the day.

Wide open women’s race

With women’s leader Amy Dombroski in Boulder to defend her North American Cyclocross Trophy series lead, it was a wide open women’s race on the weekend with the stage ready for another rider to shine. And the talent that came to Northampton this weekend mixed New England regulars Rebecca Wellons (Ridley), Maureen Bruno-Roy (MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles), and Sally Annis (NEBC/CycleLoft/Devonshire Dental) with mid-Atlantic veteran Diedre Winfield (Velo Bela/Kona), cross rookie Laura Van Gilder (C3-Sollay), and Ontario veteran Natasha Elliott (EMD Serono/Stevens). This combination of talents was sure to produce a couple of excellent races on the weekend, and they did not disappoint.

Winfield started out well on lap 1 on Saturday with all the regulars sans Wellons in tow chasing. Once together, Elliott showed she had the good form on the day regularly taking turns out front with Winfield, who prefers to take control of a field during the race. The 5 riders were eventually brought back to 3 as Bruno-Roy and Annis succumbed to stumbles, but meanwhile Elliott turned up the volume in the engine room leaving Winfield and Van Gilder in an unfamiliar position of chasing. The two eventually caught up, but simultaneous bobbles at the barriers by them was enough to send Elliot away for good and she took the win. Van Gilder sprinted away from Winfield to secure 2nd on the day.

Day 2 started out with Annis taking the hole shot and the lead going to the lower section, but after lap 2 it was the same group of 5 seeking the win on the day. Once again Elliott charged on the front to break up the group, but unlike yesterday only Annis was spit off the back; Bruno-Roy was able to hang on and the lead group of 4 kept it together until the end of the race. While Elliott appeared to be the dominant racer on the weekend, Van Gilder was able to run mistake free on day 2 and showed the group why she is the best sprinter in the women’s game, easily taking the win on the final 200 meters of the course. Elliott was able to hang on to second with Winfield rounding out the podium.


Men’s results:

1. Jamey Driscoll in 1:01:29 Jericho VT
2. Matt White / Joe’s Garage in 1:01:37 Hadley MA
3. Andy Jacques-Maynes Specialized/kmc Pb Cal Giant in 1:01:38 Watsonville CA
4. Dan Timmerman Reynolds/swan Cycles in 1:01:39 Ithaca NY
5. Davide Frattini Colavita Sutter Home P/b Cooking Light in 1:02:34 Linden NJ
6. Josh Dillon Fiordifrutta / Cannondale in 1:02:34 Essex Junction VT
7. Nicholas Keough Sonic/ Louis Garneau in 1:02:46 Sandwich MA
8. Justin Lindine Targetraining in 1:02:47 Maplecrest NY
9. Derrick St. John Steven’s Cross in 1:03:19 Ottawa ON
10. Adam Myerson Cycle-Smart/van Dessel in 1:03:19 Boston MA
11. Alec Donahue / Joe’s Garage in 1:03:20 Hadley MA
12. Matthew O’keefe Ccb/volkswagen in 1:03:45 Ipswich MA
13. William Dugan Rgm Watches – Richard Sachs – Boathouse Inc in 1:04:08 Burlington VT
14. Ethan Gilmour U23 National Team in 1:04:09 Ludlow VT
15. Matt Kraus Rgm Watches – Richard Sachs – Boathouse Inc in 1:04:10 Pleasantville NY
16. Kevin Wolfson Independent Fabrication in 1:04:45 Belmont MA
17. Rickey Visinski Exodus Road Racing in 1:05:08 Bridgeport CT
18. Nathaniel Ward / Joe’s Garage in 1:05:08 Albany NY
19. Simon Lambert Lemay Hottubes Cycling in 1:05:46 Longueuil QC
20. Bill Elliston Fuji in 1:05:56 Easton PA
21. Robbie King Rite Aid P/b Shebell & Shebell in 1:06:25 Brentwood NH
22. Brendan Cornett Mechanical Services/cyclemania in 1:06:47 Lewiston ME
23. Pete Smith Embrocation/cambridge P/b Mad in 1:07:02 Merrimac MA
24. John Burns in 1:07:03 Yarmouth ME
25. Peter Rubijono Embrocation/cambridge/igleheart/madalchemy in 1:07:24 Somerville MA
26. Adam Sullivan Nbx/narragansett Beer Cyclocross Team in 1:07:32 North Kingstown RI
27. John Peterson in 1:07:33 Easton MA
28. Todd Wheelden Portland Velo Club/kona/661 in 1:07:35 Kents Hill ME
29. J Gabriel Lloyd Targetraining in 1:07:54 New York City NY
30. Jonathan Bruno Ft / If Powered By Lionette’s in 1:07:55 Boston MA
31. Peter Bradshaw Embrocation/igleheart/cambridge/mad Alchemy in 1Lp Boston MA
32. Benjamin Coleman Cycling in 1Lp Burlington VT
33. Christian Favata Favata’s Tablerock Tours And Bikes in 1Lp Kerhonkson NY
34. Brad Sheehan Metlife in 1Lp Newton Center MA
35. Michael Norton Verge Sport/test Pilot in 1Lp Goshen NY
36. Michael Patrick in 2Lps Milford CT
37. Jonathan Awerbuch Noreast in 2Lps Hanover NH
38. Scott Dolmat-Connell Metlife P/b in 3Lps Princeton MA
39. Ryan Kelly Noreast Cycling in 3Lps Dover NH
40. Michael Rea Noreast in 4Lps Norwich VT
41. Adam Snyder 3-D Racing in 5Lps Westminster MA
Women’s Results:

1. Laura Van Gilder C3 Sollay in 37:48 Cresco PA
2. Natasha Elliott Emd Serono/stevens in 37:49 Ottawa ON
3. Deidre Winfield Velo Bella – Kona in 37:50 Charlottesville VA
4. Maureen Bruno Roy Mm Racing P/b Seven Cycles in 37:50 Arlington MA
5. Josie Jacques-Maynes Specialized/kmc Pb Cal Giant in 38:21 Watsonville CA
6. Rebecca Wellons Ridley Factory Team in 38:23 Woburn MA
7. Sally Annis Nebc/cycle Loft/devonshire Dental in 38:54 Nashua NH
8. Anna Milkowski Velo Bella-Kona in 39:33 New Haven CT
9. Amy Wallace Rgm Watches – Richard Sachs – Boathouse Inc in 39:51 Andover MA
10. Cris Rothfuss Nebc/cycle Loft/devonshire Dental in 40:02 Medford MA
11. Linnea Koons International Bicycle/global in 40:02 Somerville MA
12. Vicki Thomas Ottawa Cross in 40:15 Ottawa ON
13. Crystal Anthony in 40:24 Beverly MA
14. Andrea Smith Minuteman Road Club in 40:25 Medford MA
15. Perri Mertens Embrocation Racing/cambridge Bicycle in 40:34 Norfolk MA
16. Kate Northcott Beam Team/bensonwood in 41:08 Walpole NH
17. Mackenzie Dickey Colavita/sutter Home/ Pb Cooking Light in 41:54 S. Chatham MA
18. Lauri Webber Secret Henry’s Team in 41:59 Newark DE
19. Rebecca Blatt Team Kenda Tire in 42:08 West Hartford CT
20. Marci Titus Hall Desalvo Custom Cycles in 42:10 Groton MA
21. Michelle Kersbergen Joe’s Garage in 42:25 Florence MA
22. Kathryne Carr Joe’s Garage in 42:25 Easthampton MA
23. Meg Bilodeau Hup United in 42:47 Easthampton MA
24. Callie Mcdowell Boston University / Scantily Plaid in 42:47 Salem MA
25. Kathleen Billington Connecticut Coast Cycling in 43:09 Norwalk CT
26. Susan Maclean Gear Works/spin Arts Cycling Team in 43:20 Plaistow NH
27. Melissa Doherty Unattached in 43:25 Norwood MA
28. Beth Mason in 43:38 West Point NY