DCCX: Werner, Kemmerer triumph solo on day one

Kerry Werner and Arley Kemmerer rode to solo victories on day one of the UCI C2 DCCX on Saturday in the nation's capital Washington D.C.

Kerry Werner (Kona) bided his time on day one of the UCI C2 DCCX in Washington D.C. on Saturday and put in a lethal attack late in the race to solo in for the victory. The win is his second UCI win of the season.

“I was staying conservative and trying to be as efficient as I could,” Werner said. “On the small pedal sections, in between the straights, I was just sitting on and not really feeling taxed at all. I poured it onto the last effort and it worked out.”

DCCX is the only professionally sanctioned race that occurs in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. The UCI C2 weekend takes place on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. The races were met with a fast and loose course that saw the large fields kicking up clouds of dust in every corner.

Werner took the holeshot and pushed a hard pace for two laps, before easing up to establish a lead group that included Anthony Clark (Squid Bikes), Tristan Cowie (Triple Oaks Racing), Justin Lindine (Apex/NBX/Trek), Bjorn Selander (Borah Teamwear/Bingham Built) and Dan Chabanov (House Ind-Nokia Health–simplehuman). Within a lap, Selander and Chabanov had dropped off the group.

“I really wanted to get the holeshot and string it out at the beginning, really make the front group select, whittle it down to maybe five guys or so and that happened so I was stoked with that,” Werner said. “I kind of led it out the first two laps and then settled in.”

Midway through the race, Clark hit the front of the group and set a hard tempo that he held for almost three laps. Werner, Cowie, and Lindine were able to sit on, until Clark finally eased up. The group traded attacks at the front, until Werner launched his winning attack with one to go.

“Lindine came out of the pit onto the pavement on the finish straight and he attacked and I got on his wheel,” explained Werner. “Anthony came around me again right as we came through the finish line but then he came around me and sat up. I was like I have to go.”

Clark and Cowie chased Werner hard and dropped Lindine, who finished just off the podium in fourth. Clark out-sprinted Cowie for second.

Local WorldTour racer Joe Dombrowski (Cannondale Drapac), back from Europe and in the mist of his offseason before preparing for the 2018 season enjoyed a warm welcome and an opportunity to race at home. “If you think about it, I’ve ridden only a handful of times since the Vuelta [a España],” Dombrowski said. “I arrived from Europe Thursday night. I don’t really have any good reasons to be here but I had a great time. I always have a lot of fun at these cross races, the turnout is always really good.”

Dombrowski, who won DCCX in 2010 before it was a UCI-sanctioned race, continued, “When I first started racing cross here, the scene wasn’t really as big as it is now. I also feel a lot of support here when I come back home and race even at the back of the pack in a cross race. I haven’t seen a lot of people throughout the year but you come back and it was just yesterday.”

Men’s top-10

  • 1. Kerry Werner (Kona Factory Team), in 1:05:13
  • 2. Anthony Clark (Squid Bikes), 1:05:17
  • 3. Tristan Cowie (Triple Oaks Racing), 1:05:18
  • 4. Justin Lindine (Apex/NBX/Trek), 1:05:26
  • 5. Bjorn Selander (Borah Teamwear/Bingham Built), 1:06:31
  • 6. Travis Livermon (Maxxis Shimano), 1:07:12
  • 7. Merwin Davis (Cycle-Smart Inc), 1:07:16
  • 8. Daniel Chabanov (House Ind-Nokia Health-simplehuman), 1:07:17
  • 9. Jules Goguely (Apex/NBX/Hyperthreads), 1:07:40
  • 10. Byron Rice (Storm Racing Team), 1:07:55

Kemmerer powers to first UCI win of the season

Photo: Bruce Buckley

Arley Kemmerer (Fearless Femme Racing) attacked out of the leading group through the start/finish with two laps to go, quickly opening a gap she would never relinquish. She crossed the line alone to capture her first UCI win of the season and third DCCX title after winning in 2009 and 2010.

“It just ended up that the line I took was faster, I put myself at the front and had to go,” said Kemmerer. “It’s always a good course. It has a lot of different stuff on it and it usually ends being technical which I appreciate because there are less and less of those in the world nowadays it seems. I’ve always liked this course. This is a great place to have a race because it has more features that you would think, there are a lot of ways to utilize the area.”

Kemmerer got off to a fast start to ensure she didn’t want to get caught up in the usual first lap melee that happens in cyclocross. However, after two laps off the front, Kemmerer eased up and Jen Malik (American Classic Pro CX) and Allison Arensman (J. A. King p/b BRC) were able to bridge the gap to her.

“I wanted to get to the technical part, to the W, before anyone else did because I didn’t want to have even one person screw it up and then have to get off,” Kemmerer said.

“I had trouble getting my legs to come around, I did a pretty big training block last week,” Kemmerer added. “I figured that it might take a minute for my legs to open up and they just didn’t come around the way that they normally would have. I figured well they’re not too far back behind me, they’re only 15 seconds or something and rather than kill myself to hold a 15-second gap for the whole race. Let it come back together and see what the other two were riding like and [hang] out in the back.”

The three traded turns at the front with Arensman taking several hard pulls. “They were hammering the pace and I was like ‘oh my gosh I don’t know if I can hold this,” Malik said of the pace in the lead group.

With two laps to go, Kemmerer made her move just past the start/finish line taking the first sweeping corner off the pavement much faster than the other two. Malik tried to go with the attack, but was unable to close the gap. She continued to put the power down though, as she had shed Arensman and was solely in second place.

Kemmerer rode in for the victory with Malik able to hold-off Arensman for the second spot. Lily Williams (Pony Shop CX Team) finished fourth with Carla Williams (Joe’s Bike Shop Racing) rounding out the top-five.

DCCX continues on Sunday with another UCI C2 event. Most of the course being run in the opposite direction, but with no rain in the forecast, it’s sure to be another dusty day of racing.

Women’s full results

  • 1. Arley Kemmerer (Fearless Femme Racing), in 40:44
  • 2. Jennifer Malik (American Classic Pro CX), 40:49
  • 3. Allison Arensman (J.A. King p/b BRC), 41:09
  • 4. Lily Williams (Pony Shop CX Team), 41:15
  • 5. Carla Williams (Joe’s Bike Shop Racing), 41:15
  • 6. Cassandra Maximenko (Van Dessel/Atom Composite), 41:41
  • 7. Rebecca Gross (Zero D Racing), 41:50
  • 8. Rachel Rubino (Fearless Femme Racing), 41:57
  • 9. Alexandra Burton (Point S Racing), 42:15
  • 10. Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom/Van Dessel), 42:34
  • 11. Avanell Scales (XXCX p/b Starlight Apparel), 42:49
  • 12. Brittlee Bowman (House Ind – Nokia Health – simplehuman), 43:12
  • 13. Julie Kuliecza (All-City/Black Hand), 43:30
  • 14. Nicole Dorinzi (Pro Moutain Outfitters), 43:33
  • 15. Elisabeth Sheldon (Crosshairs Cycling), 43:34
  • 16. Gabriella Sterne (Vanderkitten Entourage Racing), 43:34
  • 17. Victoria Barclay (Stan’s Kenda Women), 43:44
  • 18. Erica Zaveta (Easton Garneau), 44:24
  • 19. Philicia Marion (American Classic Pro Cyclocross Team), 44:40
  • 20. Chelsea Weidinger, 44:56
  • 21. Taryn Mudge (Fearless Femme Racing), 45:07
  • 22. Tess Cunningham (Paradise Garage Racing), 45:15
  • 23. Alexandra Campbellforte (Vanderkitten Entourage Racing), 45:18
  • 24. Karen Talleymead (SEAVS/Haymarket), 45:31
  • 25. Barb Blakley (CRCA/KruisCX), 45:34
  • 26. Elisabeth Reinkordt (Team Laser Cats/Laser Cats Feline All-Stars), 45:34
  • 27. Lindsey Crifasi (Team Sticky Fingers), 45:48
  • 28. Alex Carlson (Cycle-Smart), 45:55
  • 29. Julie Hunter SEAVS/Haymarket), 46:08
  • 30. Shane Ferro (Two Seconds Ahead Racing), 48:11
  • 31. Hannah Bauer (J.A. King p/b BRC)

Men’s full results

  • 1. Kerry Werner (Kona Factory Team), in 1:05:13
  • 2. Anthony Clark (Squid Bikes), 1:05:17
  • 3. Tristan Cowie (Triple Oaks Racing), 1:05:18
  • 4. Justin Lindine (Apex/NBX/Trek), 1:05:26
  • 5. Bjorn Selander (Borah Teamwear/Bingham Built), 1:06:31
  • 6. Travis Livermon (Maxxis Shimano), 1:07:12
  • 7. Merwin Davis (Cycle-Smart Inc), 1:07:16
  • 8. Daniel Chabanov (House Ind-Nokia Health-simplehuman), 1:07:17
  • 9. Jules Goguely (Apex/NBX/Hyperthreads), 1:07:40
  • 10. Byron Rice (Storm Racing Team), 1:07:55
  • 11. Andrew Giniat (Pony Shop CX Team), 1:08:47
  • 12. Tyler Cloutier (Transitions LifeCare p/b Garneau-Easton), 1:08:56
  • 13. Jordan Snyder (@Bicyclerealtor/ERO Verge Sport), 1:08:57
  • 14. Samuel Kieffer (Red Kite Coaching), 1:09:06
  • 15. Kevin Bouchard-Hall (Wrenegade Sports/Team Placid Planet), 1:09:13
  • 16. Christopher Rabadi, 1:09:14
  • 17. Thomas Borner (Novacar), 1:09:21
  • 18. Jordan Villella (Cycle-Smart), 1:10:15
  • 19. George Schulz (Van Dessel Factory Team), 1:10:28
  • 20. Trevor Raab, 1:10:30
  • 21. Matthew Clements (Rotor Bike Componenents), 1:10:34
  • 22. Andrew Loaiza (Cyclepath PDX), 1:10:58
  • 23. Scott Myers, 1:11:04
  • 24. Andrew Wulfkuhle (717cycling p/b RSI Panels), 1:12:08
  • 25. Joseph Lloyd Dombrowski (Cannondale-Drapac)
  • 26. Patrick Collins (Minuteman Road Club)
  • 27. Matthew Tyler (Laughing Dog Bicycles)
  • 28. Justin Mauch (Herbalife Natures Bakery)
  • 29. Andrew Bailey (Cycleworks)
  • 30. Clayton Travis (WASLABS)
  • 31. Colin Eustis (Sons United Racing Team)