Break stays away, Kirsipuu wins stage

A long flat stage in the Tour de France can seem incredibly boring, but then something happens. It always does in the Tour.For the overall race favorites, Thursday’s 195km (121-mile) fifth stageacross the lush farm country of northern France was a relatively easy day in the saddle. But for the rest of the peloton, there was the usual mix of drama, glory and disappointment. Lance Armstrong said his U.S. Postal Service team worked wellto keep him out of heavy crosswinds, while the Spanish ONCE-Eroski teamsuccessfully defended the race leader’s yellow jersey for Igor Gonzalezde Galdeano. Up in

Gonzalez de Galdeano still in yellow

By Andrew Hood

Kirsipuu makes it to Rouen.

Kirsipuu makes it to Rouen.

Photo: AFP

A long flat stage in the Tour de France can seem incredibly boring, but then something happens. It always does in the Tour.For the overall race favorites, Thursday’s 195km (121-mile) fifth stageacross the lush farm country of northern France was a relatively easy day in the saddle. But for the rest of the peloton, there was the usual mix of drama, glory and disappointment.

Lance Armstrong said his U.S. Postal Service team worked wellto keep him out of heavy crosswinds, while the Spanish ONCE-Eroski teamsuccessfully defended the race leader’s yellow jersey for Igor Gonzalezde Galdeano.

Another day in yellow

Another day in yellow

Photo: Graham Watson

Up in front, a five-man breakaway held on to be the first one to breakthe lock held by the sprinters’ teams at the 2002 Tour. One of those fiveriders, CSC-Tiscali’s Michael Sandstod was trying to erase the badkarma that dogged him when he flatted in Wednesday’s team time trial. TheDanish national road and time trial champion got into the break but cameup just short of winning the stage.

Veteran sprinter Jaan Kirsipuu – the quiet Estonian who heldthe yellow jersey during the first week of Armstrong’s 1999 Tour victory– just beat the Dane to take his third career Tour stage win. The mainbunch came across 33 seconds later, but many riders suffered, especiallythe Belgians.

Kirsipuu takes the stage
Following Wednesday’s exciting team time trial, some thought Thursday’sstage might begin slowly. They were wrong. The first hour clipped alongat an average speed of 48.7 kph, despite the crosswinds

Five men on a mission

Five men on a mission

Photo: AFP

Several riders tried in vain to escape the clutches of the fast-chargingbunch when seven riders pulled away at 30km. U.S. Postal’s ViatcheslavEkimov was covering the move and at 44 km, the group had 30 secondson the main bunch, but ONCE didn’t want to risk forfeiting the jersey toPostal and the move was checked at 53 km.

At 73 km, another break with 17 riders went away, among them Postal’sFloyd Landis and Telekom’s Bobby Julich. The group stayedaway until the 100km mark when, once again, ONCE powered to the front asthe leaders couldn’t risk letting Julich, third overall at the 1998 Tour,get too far down the road.

The Tour’s first successful break went away with 85km to go. JoiningSandstod and Kirsipuu were Italian Stefano Casagranda (Alessio),Belgian Ludo Dierckxsens (Lampre-Daikin) and Frenchman ChristopheEdaleine (Jean Delatour). With 45km to go, the five riders held a 4:50lead that pushed Edaleine, the best placed rider, into the “virtual” racelead. Lotto-Adecco then began to drive the peloton, hungry to set up itsRobbie McEwen for another stage win.

The gap didn’t come down fast enough for the chasers, so coming intothe finish at Rouen the five leaders started attacking each other. Edaleineand Casagranda fell back while Dierckxsens and Sandstod each took theirshot at attacking Kirsipuu, the strongest finisher in the group. Kirsipuucountered each move and came around Sandstod with 200 meters to go to win.

“The final two kilometers were really tough for me,” said Kirsipuu,who crashed hard this spring during a training ride when a car pulled infront of him. He broke his shoulder and missed nearly two months of racing.“I had to go as hard as I could. In the end I was just knackered.”

Sandstod said he went on the attack to forget his troubles from theprevious day, when his flat front tire cost the Danish team a chance ofwinning the stage and earning the yellow jersey for leader Laurent Jalabert.

“I know Jaan is one of the fastest sprinters. I knew I had to try toattack or see how tired he was, but he was strong in the end,” said Sandstod,who crossed the line second. “Of course, we were all very unlucky yesterday.We proved we were strong and then I had a puncture. When I flatted, I feltsad for the whole team. I feel a little bit it’s my fault, but what canI do. A puncture is a puncture.”

Black day for Belgians
Dozens of flags from the Flanders region of Belgium were flying proudlythroughout Thursday’s stage marking the 700th anniversary of a major battle,but it turned out to be a black day for Belgians in the Tour.

July 11 for the Flanders region is what July 4 is to Americans. In 1302,the Flanders army kicked out the occupying French and every summer thecycling-crazy Flanders region celebrates with parties, fireworks and barbecues.

Thursday was no reason to celebrate, at least for Belgian riders inthe Tour de France. Tom Steels became the Tour’s first rider toabandon (he pulled out at the 74km mark) and later Rik Verbrugghe (Lotto)crashed and broke his left collarbone. To add insult to injury, workhorseDierckxsens labored hard in the breakaway only to finish third.

Steels came to this Tour hoping to recapture his winning ways afternearly two seasons of poor health. A winner of nine career Tour stagesfrom 1998-2000, Steels rebounded to take a stage at the Tour of Cataloniaand win the Belgian national championships in late June.

The road to Rouen.

The road to Rouen.

Photo: Graham Watson

At the Tour, however, he was not at the top of his game. He rode poorlyat the opening prologue (174th 1:08 back), lost 11:26 in the first stageand 8:16 in the second stage, both of which came down to field sprints.

“It’s just not worth carrying on,” Steels said. “I am feeling bad andit wasn’t getting any better. I felt okay but since the Tour started, it’sthe same problems all over again.”

Verbrugghe’s chances Tour glory ended when he went down with a dozenriders who crashed at 179km. Several Spanish riders were involved, includingRoberto Laiseka and David Etxebarria from Euskaltel and others fromKelme and

Verbrugghe, who had just gone back to the medical car complaining ofstomach pains, got caught up behind Italian  Marco Pinotti (Lampre),who went down the hardest. Pinotti broke his nose and was laying motionlessface down on the pavement (see medical report).

“I was right behind Pinotti when he crashed and there was nothing Icould do. I went right over my handlebars,” Verbrugghe said. Initially,he thought he just dislocated his shoulder. He quickly popped his shoulderback into place and rode to the finish. “I still felt pain but I wantedto finish the stage. Now it’s over for me.” Verbrugghe was taken to a localhospital and X-rays confirmed a broken collarbone.

Other riders were injured as well in the crash (see medical report below).CSC-Tiscali’s Tyler Hamilton didn’t crash, but he went back to themedical car during the stage complaining of pain to his left shoulder,the same shoulder he broke in a spill during the Giro d’Italia.

“The shoulder was bothering me because I was in the time trial positionWednesday,” Hamilton said. “The tendon has not 100-percent healed.”

Easy day for favorites
Three-time defending champion Lance Armstrong safely finishedwith the main group to remain in third-place overall seven seconds back.“It was very fast the first two hours and the roads were quite narrow insome places, but once the breakaway went away, things quieted down nicely,”Armstrong said. “The team did well today. Pavel (Padrnos) did a good jobof keeping me out of the wind.”

Armstrong remains relaxed and confident as he goes for a fourth consecutiveTour de France victory. Armstrong was near the front throughout the stage,surrounded by the blue and red jerseys of his Postal teammates.

“It was another good day for the team,” confirmed directeur sportifJohan Bruyneel. “So far for the team everything has gone absolutely great.Other than Benoît (Joachim), who still has a few scrapes, we’ve hadno problems at all. All the boys were there in the early breakaways wherethey needed to be.”

ONCE was enjoying its day in the yellow jersey. The team reacted earlyto check dangerous moves and once the break was clear, worked just enoughto keep the jersey for Galdeano another day.

The team’s big victory in the team time trial was a huge boost for ONCEand its growing confidence against Armstrong.  “I know that Armstrongis unbeatable, but if he has a problem, I will be there,” said race leaderGaldeano. “After Monday’s time trial, everything will be sorted. It’s goingto be everyone versus Armstrong.”

Levi not worried
The Rabobank team didn’t have the result in the team time trial itwas hoping for in Wednesday’s stage, finishing eighth, 2:16 behind ONCE.Team leader Levi Leipheimer admitted the team rode inconsistentlyover the course, with Erik Dekker still riding into form since comingback from breaking his leg at Milan-San Remo in March.

“I think we could have done better. Unfortunately we had two guys –De Groot and Engels — for whatever reason didn’t ride very hard. It’s hardto operate on six strong guys. That’s a big disadvantage,” Leipheimer saidbefore Thursday’s start. “Considering we finished with the same amountof time as a lot of other teams, it could have been worse.”

Leipheimer said he’s satisfied with how his first Tour de France hasgone. He’s been near the front during the opening stages and has avoidedtrouble. He said he’s not terribly worried about the time he lost to thetop favorites – not now, at least.

“We lost a lot of time on three teams, and maybe six GC riders,” hesaid. “I’m fine. So far the racing hasn’t been too difficult. It’s beena lot of nervous riding — stay in the front and stay out of trouble. (Wednesday)was the hardest day so far. For sure, I lost time to Beloki, Galdeano,Lance, Heras and Tyler and that’s it really. We’ll see how things are afterthe first (individual) time trial.”

Stage 5, July 11, Thursday, Soissons to Rouen, 199.5km (121 miles)
Weather: Partly sunny, skies clearing in the afternoon, crosswindsand head winds throughout the stage.
Stage winner: Jaan Kirsipuu (Estonia, AG2R) scored his thirdTour de France career victory (previous wins in 1999 in Challans; 2001in Strasbourg).
Overall leader: Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano (Spain, ONCE) retainedthe yellow jersey he took on stage 4.
Points jersey: Erik Zabel (Germany, Telekom), retained the greenjersey he won in stage 1, but he is just by two points ahead of RobbieMcEwen (Australia, Lotto).
Climber’s jersey: Christophe Mengin (France, retainedthe polka-dot jersey he earned on stage 3 (there were no points awardedin Thursday’s stage).
Best young rider: Isidro Nozal (Spain, ONCE) retained the whitejersey he took on stage 4.
Best team: ONCE remained atop the team classification.
Most aggressive rider: Stefano Casagranda (Italy, Alessio) wonfor the day’s prize, Jacky Durand (France, leads the overallclassification.
Peloton: The Tour’s first abandons: Tom Steels (Belgium,Mapei-Quick Step) pulled out at the day’s first feed zone at 74 km; MarcoPinotti (Italy, Lampre) crashed hard with 16km to go; 187 riders remain.

UCI jury decisions
No decisions.

Injury report
Pinotti lost consciousness in crash at 179km, taken to a localhospital in an ambulance, cuts to face, broken nose, heavy bleeding, brainscans revealed no serious problems, required to stay overnight in hospitalfor observation; Rik Verbrugghe (Lotto), also in crash at 179km;dislocated shoulder, taken to hospital where X-rays revealed possible fracturein shoulder; five others in crash at 179km with various cuts and scrapes;Richard Virenque (Domo), crashed at 83 km, cuts to left knee; TylerHamilton (CSC-Tiscali), shoulder pain; Michael Sandstod (CSC-Tiscali),knee pain; José Azevedo (ONCE), teeth pain.

Also, 36 riders from four teams (Cofidis, ONCE, Fassa Bortolo were blood tested by the UCI before the start of Thursday’sstage from 7:20 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. None of the riders were deemed unfitto race.

Jaan Kirsipuu-Fact File
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 82kg
Date of birth: July 17, 1969
Nationality: Estonian
Teams: AG2R (1993-present)
Principal wins
1998: Estonian champion – time trial and road, Tour of Spain- one stage
1999: Tour de France – one stage and yellow jersey, Estoniannational champion – time trial and road
2001: Tour de France – stage win, Estonian champion – time trial
2002: Tour de France – stage win, Estonian champion-road andtime trial
With close to 100 victories Kirsipuu is one of the most prolific winnersin the peloton, although the 32-year-old sprinter has never won a racein the World Cup – races which should suit his physique and style. Witha total of 18 victories in 2001, he was the second most successful rideroverall last year behind world number one, German Erik Zabel of the Telekomteam.

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1. KIRSIPUU Jaan (Est), A2R en 4h 13:33

2. SANDSTOD Michael (Dk), CST, at 00:00

3. DIERCKXSENS Ludo (B), LAM, at 00:00

4. CASAGRANDA Stefano (I), ALS, at 00:03

5. EDALEINE Christophe (F), DEL, at 00:08

6. MC EWEN Robbie (Aus), LOT, at 00:33

7. COOKE Baden (Aus), FDJ, at 00:33

8. O’GRADY Stuart (Aus), C.A, at 00:33

9. ZABEL Erik (G), TEL, at 00:33

10. HAUPTMAN Andrej (Slo), TAC, at 00:33

11. PIZIKS Arvis (Lit), CST, at 00:33

12. SVORADA Jan (Slo), LAM, at 00:33

13. MATTAN Nico (B), COF, at 00:33

14. HUNTER Robert (SA), MAP, at 00:33

15. PAGLIARINI Luciano (Brz), LAM, at 00:33

16. MAGNIEN Emmanuel (F), BJR, at 00:33

17. SIMON François (F), BJR, at 00:33

18. GUTIERREZ José Enrique (Sp), KEL, at 00:33

19. PENA Victor Hugo (Col), USP, at 00:33

20. BROCHARD Laurent (F), DEL, at 00:33

21. KROON Karsten (Nl), RAB, at 00:33

22. PINEAU Jérôme (F), BJR, at 00:33

23. VIERHOUTEN Aart (Nl), LOT, at 00:33

24. APOLLONIO Massimo (I), TAC, at 00:33

25. AGNOLUTTO Christophe (F), A2R, at 00:33

26. CASSANI Enrico (I), DFF, at 00:33

27. OSA Unai (Sp), BAN, at 00:33

28. GONZALEZ GALDEANO Igor (Sp), ONE, at 00:33

29. NOZAL Isidro (Sp), ONE, at 00:33

30. JULICH Bobby (USA), TEL, at 00:33

31. VASSEUR Cédric (F), COF, at 00:33

32. HUSHOVD Thor (N), C.A, at 00:33

33. VELO Marco (I), FAS, at 00:33

34. EKIMOV Vjatceslav (RUS), USP, at 00:33

35. SEVILLA Oscar (Sp), KEL, at 00:33

36. ZABALLA Constantino (Sp), KEL, at 00:33

37. ARMSTRONG Lance (USA), USP, at 00:33

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43. LUTTENBER (G), Peter (A), TAC, at 00:33

44. BAGUET Serge (B), LOT, at 00:33

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49. TRAMPUSCH Gerhard (A), MAP, at 00:33

50. HONCHAR Serhiy (Ukr), FAS, at 00:33

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58. JALABERT Laurent (F), CST, at 00:33

59. CASAROTTO Davide (I), ALS, at 00:33

60. LODER Thierry (F), A2R, at 00:33

61. RADAELLI Mauro (I), TAC, at 00:33

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186. MAZZOLENI Eddy (I), TAC, at 10:14

187. VERBRUGGHE Rik (B), LOT, at 13:19


STEELS Tom (B), MAP Abandon

 PINOTTI Marco (I), LAM Abandon


1. Igor Gonzalez Galdeano (Spa), ONE, at 19hr 05min 56sec

2. Joseba Beloki (Spa), ONE, at 00:04.

3. Lance Armstrong (USA), USP, at 00:07.

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