Alzate takes Speed Week confidence to California; Allar wins women’s overall

Carlos Alzate won the overall at USA Crits Speed Week on Sunday, a win he says his Exergy team needed before the Tour of California

Carlos Alzate closed out his run for the overall title at USA Crits Speed Week Sunday by winning the Sandy Spring Cycling Challenge. Joanne Kiesanowski (Tibco-To the Top) took top honors in the women’s race, while Erica Allar ( sealed her overall title.

Alzate said the race and overall wins were a boon to his squad as it prepares for the Amgen Tour of California, which opens Sunday.

“I think Exergy really needed this win because we’re growing a team, and something like this makes us feel good about heading to other races like the Tour of California next week,” said Alzate. “I just need to get some rest between now and then.”

Allar was consistent all week in the women’s races and narrowly topped Laura Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom-Rose Bandit Racing) in the overall.

“It’s been a tough week, but I’m happy,” said Allar. “My job today was to keep an eye on Laura Van Gilder. I had to play my cards right because I was there by myself. The 34 points I had on Laura at the beginning of the race today was the biggest gap there was between us all week. I knew that her and Sarah Fader were going for lap points towards the overall, but since they weren’t winning every lap, I knew that as long as they weren’t in a breakaway that I wasn’t in, I didn’t have to be concerned. And in the end it all turned out well!”

Global Imports Sandy Springs Cycling Challenge brief results

1. Carlos Alzate, Team Exergy
2. Jake Keough, UnitedHealthcare
3. Emile Abraham Rossetti Devo Cycling Team
4. Shane Kline, Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop
5. Ben Chaddock, Team Exergy
6. John Murphy, Kenda-5-hour Energy
7. Adam Myerson, Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop
8. Sterling Magnel,l Wonderful Pistachios
9. Leonardo Marquez, Lifetime
10. Andrew Crater, Cleveland Clinic Sports Health

1. Joanne Kiesanowski, Tibco-To the Top
2. Kristen Lasasso, Mellow Mushroom-Rose Bandit Racing
3. Debbie Milne, Absolute Racing-MSMOC
4. Erica Allar,
5. Laura Van Gilder, Mellow Mushroom-Rose Bandit Racing
6. Carrie Cash, Pedal the Cause
7. Jennifer Purcell, Tibco-To the Top
8. Kat Carr, Paceline Projects-Veloforma
9. Vanessa Drigo, Vanderkitten-Focus
10. Sarah Fader, Pepper Palace-Spin-Tech Training

USA Crits Speed Week Final Overall Standings

1. Carlos Alzate, Team Exergy 1695 pts
2. Emile Abraham, Rossetti Devo Cycling Team 1556 pts
3. John Murphy, Kenda-5-hour Energy 1517 pts
4. Frank Travieso, Team Coco’s 1503 pts
5. Ben Chaddock, Team Exergy 1275 pts
6. Brendan Cornett, Cycle Sport Concepts 1241 pts
7. Rafael Meran, CRCA-Foundation 1207 pts
8. Yosmani Pol, Team Coco’s 1201 pts
9. Thomas Brown, Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop 1129 pts
10. Euris R. Vidal, CRCA-Foundation 1054

1. Erica Allar, 1690 pts
2. Laura Van Gilder, Mellow Mushroom-Rose Bandit Racing 1641 pts
3. Sarah Fader, Pepper Palace-Spin-Tech Training 1599 pts
4. Linday Bayer, XO Communications-CISCO 1449 pts
5. Alexis Ryan, Tibco-To the Top 1348 pts
6. Elizabeth Morse Hill, ZMotion Racing Team 1331 pts
7. Addy Albershardt, NOW-Novartis for MS 1303 pts
8. Carrie Cash, Pedal The Cause 1275 pts
9. Kat Carr, Paceline Projects-Veloforma 1242 pts
10. Vanessa Drigo, Vanderkitten-Focus 1203 pts