Digital Edition FAQ

How do I subscribe to your digital edition?

Velo magazine’s digital edition is available through multiple digital providers; depending on your preference. All of our digital editions contain the same product. Much like finding the same product in two different stores, the biggest difference is your experience within each store. Our goal is to bring our product to you wherever you like to shop (your favorite device or digital magazine provider).

Our official digital magazine provider is Zinio ( If you sign-up for a digital subscription through our website, your digital edition will be powered by Zinio. And, you will use the Zinio App to access your digital subscription on your mobile devices. If you choose this option, you will be required to access your issues through Zinio. You will not be able to use the Velo magazine App via Apple Newsstand. Zinio is also the provider we use if you’re looking to purchase both the print and digital subscription together.

If you would rather have your issue delivered directly to your Apple Newsstand, you may download the Velo magazine App from the App Store. The App is free to download but will not be activated until you purchase a single copy or subscription. This version is powered by PixelMags; versus Zinio. The editorial product is the same. However, choosing this option will populate your Apple Newsstand. Apple does not share customer information with us so we will not be able to assist you with customer service issues. The digital edition add-on for print subscribers is not compatible with Apple Newsstand.

In the future, you will also have the ability to purchase your digital magazine through Kindle, Nook and through an Android App. There will be many different ways to buy your digital magazines; depending on where you like to shop and what devices are your favorites.

How do I know which digital magazine provider I subscribed to?

Subscriptions and single copies sold through Zinio are accessed through Zinio’s website or Zinio’s App. If you subscribed to the digital magazine through Velo’s website, then Zinio is the digital magazine provider. Look for the Zinio App icon in the App Store. For technical issues, please contact

Subscriptions and single copies sold through Apple’s App Store are accessed through the Velo App. Look for the Velo App icon. For technical issues, please contact Subscriptions and single copies sold through Apple are outside of Velo magazine’s customer database. Unfortunately, Velo magazine’s customer service cannot assist with Apple Newsstand accounts.

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