VN Podcast: Examining the Dirty Kanza’s name change

We discuss the Dirty Kanza's decision to change its name.

Organizers of gravel cycling’s marquee event, the Dirty Kanza, recently announced their intention to change the race’s name.

The decision has come after a turbulent few months for the event. In April a petition was circulated asking the race to change its name; the petition stated that the event’s name represented a slur against the local indigenous population, the Kaw Nation. Then, in June, the event’s co-founder parted ways with owner Life Time after making insensitive comments on social media about the shooting death of an African American man at the hands of the police.

On today’s podcast Senior Editor Betsy Welch and Editorial Director Ben Delaney join the show to discuss the recent news stories surrounding the race (now called ‘DK’), and what a name change could bring to the event.

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