VeloNews Podcast: How Major Taylor Iron Riders nurtures new cyclists

On this week's podcast we catch up with the Major Taylor Iron Riders club to discuss the club's game plan for bringing new cyclists into the sport.

Pro racing continues to chug along, but this week we’re taking a break from the WorldTour to catch up with the Major Taylor Iron Riders cycling club in New York City.

Major Taylor Iron Riders is comprised largely of African American, Latino, and Asian-American club members, and it is one of the larger cycling clubs in New York City. We spoke to five board members of the club in June about how they have experienced explicit and implicit bias in the cycling community.

Today, we follow up with the club’s board to understand the impact of that initial podcast episode. Club president Dereka Hendon-Barnes (pictured above) leads the discussion alongside Patrick Merosier, Natasha Merle, Chris Hasfal, and Darrell Tucker.

We dig into the club’s game plan for helping new riders develop a deeper love and appreciate for cycling. Major Taylor Iron Riders has a detailed plan to help novice riders rise up the ranks to become competitive cyclists. It’s a blend of inclusivity, attention to detail, and tough love.

And guess what? The club has three new collector’s edition team kits for sale, and proceeds from the sale of the kits go to the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund. Check out the kits below:

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