Ride with Rally Cycling’s Sara Poidevin

Hear about how the Healthy Habits Challenge creator got her team director and teammates dancing this spring.

This Wednesday, come ride and chat with Rally Cycling’s Sara Poidevin on the VeloNews Ride presented by Amp Human on Zwift. At the start of the coronavirus lockdowns around the U.S., Sara kicked off the Healthy Habits Challenge with her team, which resulted in not just teammates but riders around the world doing some fun and funny stuff.

“The idea for Healthy Habits came from wanting to combine some of the health and fitness challenges that regularly circulate online with the Rally Health missions, which aim to help people implement positive change to their daily lives,” Sara said. “Many of the challenges I was seeing online would motivate people to do one big thing, and although this can be fun, it doesn’t necessarily do much good for your health in the long run.”

Starting in late March, each week Rally Cycling would post a new challenge, and ask followers to do it and post on social media. Sara’s favorite? “The highlight of the Healthy Habits challenge for me was Zach’s dance video,” Sara said of her team director Zach Bell. “Amazing.”

“I’ve done a couple of random challenges here and there that have been passed around, but I think the team created something really unique by helping people implement positive habits in their daily routines in a fun and creative way,” Sara said. “Most people likely know they should sleep well, eat well, and exercise daily, but having a way to keep each other accountable and to be inspired by creative ways other people are staying healthy, especially when there are/were social restrictions in place, makes it a lot easier to put these habits into practice.”

Join the VeloNews Ride presented by Amp Human Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. PT.