PYSO, ep. 73: Kasia Niewiadoma on racing in an uncertain world

Since the season's restart, racing has felt like one giant stage race for the Canyon//SRAM rider.

Race every race like it’s your last. We’ve all heard that kind of a cliche in one form or another during our lives. However, for the women’s peloton in 2020, no sentiment could ring more true.

Today, we sit down with Kasia Niewiadoma from Canyon//SRAM to hear from her just what it’s like to be approaching each race day as if it’s your last.

This season has felt just like one giant stage race, Niewiadoma says.

“I feel as if I [have been racing] one giant race because basically we started at the beginning of August, and the pressure was never going down,” she says. “We had to be all the time at top shape because no one knew how long we were going to be racing for. So every race we would approach as if it was the last one.”