PYSO, ep. 72: Winning Tour de France director Allan Peiper on taking the long view

From early life family struggles to more recent battles with cancer, Peiper hasn't had the smoothest road. But the calm director at UAE continues to provide hope and guidance for many riders and others in the sport.

When Tadej Pogacar won the 2020 Tour de France, it was a come-from-behind success story for the whole UAE Team Emirates squad, including veteran director Allan Peiper. But it was by no means the first come-from-behind success for Peiper, who has twice battled cancer.

Peiper got his start in the sport decades ago as an athlete before going on to serve as a sports director and sporting manager at elite teams. After his parents split up due to job loss and alcoholism while he was a teenager, Peiper dropped out of school and found himself heading to Belgium to race at age 17.

Tune in to this episode of Put Your Socks On to hear Peiper’s tale of struggle and success.