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Project 14er: Climbing Mount Evans, twice

Everesting is crazy. Climbing 14,000 feet? That's only half crazy. Check out the new VeloNews challenge.

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Project 14er is a new challenge from VeloNews where you climb 14,000 feet in one ride.

Why 14,000 feet? Well, Everesting is now officially a thing in cycling, where riders climb 29,000ft in one go, but that’s crazy. Of those who have finished, none want to do it again.

We wanted a challenge that is a stretch goal, but one that is attainable, and one that is fun! VeloNews is based in Colorado, home to more than 50 mountains over 14,000ft that are called 14ers.

To kick off this project, Betsy Welch, Ben Delaney, and videographer Kirk Warner tackled Mount Evans, the highest paved road in North America — twice.

Come along for the ride, and then plot out your own Project 14er. It’s only half crazy…

Betsy Welch is all smiles before climbing 14,000 feet. Watch the video to see how she’s doing at the end.