Join the VeloNews Wednesday group ride on Zwift

We ride for an hour every Wednesday, with special guests joining to chat.

Remember when we used to do group rides outside? That was a thing — riding together for the challenge and the camaraderie and the conversation. Remember?

Let’s keep that going online. Join me and the VeloNews crew on Zwift every Wednesday for an hour, starting at 9:30 a.m. MT / 11:30 a.m. ET.

If you’re on Zwift, you can join here, or look for the VeloNews Wednesday Group Ride in your Zwift Companion App.

There are scores of ride options on Zwift, and many start as — or drift towards — an all-out effort. Our Wednesday Group Ride is not that. Instead, we ride steady at 2.5-3 watts/kilo. The idea is to get a steady tempo workout in, but still be able to chat with each other.

As with riding outside, riding together in the draft makes it easier.

Each week we invite different special guests to join us.

I’ve been riding Zwift since it launched in 2014. Options for hardware and communication have exploded since then, but in terms of gear, riding together inside isn’t too dissimilar from riding together outside: It doesn’t really matter what gear you have, just get your butt on a bike and show up. See you there!