‘From the Insight Out’ looks at ultracyclist Jack Thompson’s record-setting ride

Dealing with depression — and helping others deal with their depression — is a key part of Thompson's mission.

On October 4, ultracyclist Jack Thompson set a world record for the most kilometers cycled in seven days. We caught up with the Girona-based rider after his record-setting ride to find out what it takes to keep getting on the bike, day after day, in spite of horrific headwinds, sour stomachs, and fatigue.

We learned that Thompson not only has an iron will and a hankering for adventures on the bike but that he has also long grappled with the challenges of living with mental illness. In fact, a big part of his reasoning behind undertaking epic challenges on the bike is to help others who are similarly struggling.

His latest film project about the seven-day world record takes a deeper dive.