Commentary: Cycling, racism, and VeloNews

George Floyd's murder has prompted a nationwide discussion on racism. We don't have the answers. But we are listening.

The murder of George Floyd has prompted widespread protests and discussions about racism in all facets of our society, including cycling. Like many of you, we at VeloNews have been talking a lot this week about what we as members of the cycling community can and should do.

The short of it is, we acknowledge that racism exists in our sport, and we want to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

As journalists, our role is to find stories and tell them. To find the truth, and share it. To listen to what people are experiencing, and have experienced.

Basketball Hall of Famer Reggie Miller came on our Put Your Socks On podcast this week, and encouraged the cycling community to have uncomfortable conversations in order to achieve higher understanding and empathy. I appreciate his advice, and will try to heed it.

Finding and telling more stories is something we at VeloNews can and will do. We won’t always do it perfectly. Personally, I’ve failed in the past, and probably will screw up in the future, too. For those I have wronged through my own stupidity or ignorance, I apologize.

Outside of journalism, many of us are donating to causes we believe are making a positive impact, and I’m proud to say that our company, Pocket Outdoor Media, is matching these employee contributions dollar-for-dollar.

But I believe our primary impact is our work. I absolutely believe that bicycles change lives for the better. And I’d like to believe that as cycling journalists we can not only inspire people to get out there and ride, but to also understand each other a little bit better through our sport.

We are listening, and we need your help. Got a story to tell? Write me at