Cobblestone carpet: New from Cycling in Flanders

"Tested and approved by real professionals."

Cycling in Flanders, part of the tourism board for the Belgian region, is touting a new technology to bring the cobbles of the famous bergs to your home, with cobbled carpet.

In a video featuring the Lion of Flanders, Johan Museeuw, Cycling in Flanders touts “a ‘Flandrien experience’ to all cycling fans across the world: a cobbled carpet that is an exact replicas of Flanders’ legendary bergs & cobbles – like the Paterberg, Koppenberg and many more –  that everyone can  unroll wherever wanted.”

Cycling in Flanders went all in on the idea, creating a video ad like you might see on cheesy late-night television, and building a web shop for it.

The actual Tour of Flanders will hold its 105th edition Sunday.