Tech & Wearables

Wahoo Kickr Headwind

If you're building the ultimate smart trainer setup, you probably want a fan to match. Wahoo's Kickr Headwind isn't cheap but it is smart.

Wahoo Kickr Climb

Wahoo finds another way to make indoor trainer workouts more realistic with the Kickr Climb, but this upgrade comes at a steep price.

Wahoo Kickr trainer

Wahoo remains the king of the smart trainer world with the Kickr, a stable, accurate, and user-friendly trainer that now offers a suite of accessories.

CycleOps H2 trainer

With a stable platform, good looks, and nearly best-in-class performance metrics, the CycleOps H2 comes close to dethroning Wahoo's Kickr.

Wahoo Kickr Core trainer

Wahoo's Kickr Core is likely the best smart trainer on the market for the price. It's stable, quiet, and easy to set up on Zwift.

Elite Drivo II trainer

Elite's Drivo II smart trainer offers accurate power measurement and stout construction for workouts and virtual trainer sessions.