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Mission Workshop PNG jersey

This jersey has a few drawbacks, but overall it's a well-made, high-end piece of kit.

Wahoo Kickr Core trainer

Wahoo's Kickr Core is likely the best smart trainer on the market for the price. It's stable, quiet, and easy to set up on Zwift.

Mission Workshop PNG Bibshorts

If you buy a high-end car, you get a comfortable seat, probably with built-in heaters and electronic adjustments. If you book a first-class ticket on an airplane, your seat is bigger, more comfortable, and it includes perks like free drinks and better boarding. Consider the Mission Workshop PNG bibs the first-class ticket or the high-end […]

Elite Drivo II trainer

Elite's Drivo II smart trainer offers accurate power measurement and stout construction for workouts and virtual trainer sessions.

Review: Roka GP-1 Sunglasses

Roka expanded from the running and triathlon game into the cycling market quietly but hit the gas hard in 2018 with some impressive sunglasses. The newest addition is the Roka GP-1, which you may have seen on some pro faces, like UAE’s Ben Swift. And like the other Roka sunglasses we’ve tested, the GP-1 glasses […]

The science of being seen

At the end of the day (or during the middle of the day) your lights just might be the most important component on your bike.