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Wahoo Kickr trainer

Dan Cavallari /

Wahoo remains the king of the smart trainer world with the Kickr, a stable, accurate, and user-friendly trainer that now offers a suite of accessories.

Review: Champion System zipperless Apex Elite Cycling jersey

Dan Cavallari /

Dan Martin had a good day during stage 6 of the 2018 Tour de France. He won the stage, in fact, while he was wearing this Champion System Apex Elite Cycling Jersey. It would be an otherwise unremarkable detail, but this particular jersey has a pretty special feature — or lack thereof: It doesn’t have […]

Spurcycle Saddle Bag

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Spurcycle clearly didn’t model its saddle bag after any others on the market, and when a company takes such a course, the results are likely to be about as polarizing as possible. Fortunately, Spurcycle’s Saddle Bag lands on the right side of any controversy. It’s exceptional. The lunch bag-style pouch features a wide-mouth opening that makes […]

CycleOps H2 trainer

Dan Cavallari /

With a stable platform, good looks, and nearly best-in-class performance metrics, the CycleOps H2 comes close to dethroning Wahoo's Kickr.