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Review: PowerDot electro-stimulus

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage minor aches and pains or to speed recovery after big races or travel, PowerDot offers an easy-to-use and travel-friendly tool for recovery and therapy.

Hanging with the pros at Grand Junction Off-Road

The Epic Rides Off-Road Series allows amateurs and pros to battle on much the same course. In Grand Junction, Spencer Powlison tries his hand at "going pro" and hangs tough to tell the tale.

Even with a singletrack chaser, Whiskey Off-Road still burns

Prescott, Arizona’s distinctive rock outcropping, known as Thumb Butte, is the first thing the sun touches, around 5:45 in the morning in late-April. Three and a half hours after I had my pre-race coffee at dawn, the morning of the Whiskey Off-Road, I was again looking up at this cliff castle, except I was on […]