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Jeremy Powers’ road season, Cliffs Notes version.

Yes! I’m back in writing mode! This road season has been amazingly busy but still so much fun. It’s like getting the boys back together. When you have a good group of doods and you’re traveling around racing your bike it’s pretty hard to buckle down to write it all out in a journal. Now I’m gonna attempt to re-tell the awesomeness in one article.

J-Pow’s Journal: Jeremy Powers, talent scout.

Editor's Note:Jeremy Powers is a pro road racer with the Jelly Belly team, and races cyclocross for the team. Powers provided readers with an inside look at the cyclocross scene last fall and winter, and now, after a few months' vacation, he's back to provide a look at his season on the road. Last time you heard from me I was finishing up my cyclocross season in Belgium, trying to conquer the world championships.

J-Pow’s Journal: With ‘cross season over, Jeremy Powers stirs up trouble with his road team in California.

'Cross worlds were crazy this year: the fans didn’t disappoint, the track was similar to the Leguna Seca raceway and the weather was pretty reasonable too. Thank you to all the people who came out and cheered on their fellow countrymen and women and especially the ones who cheered for me. It’s an amazing experience to be racing thousands of miles away and to hear so many people screaming your name. I was diggin’ the vibe in the morning watching Katie Compton give the ladies field a real leg whippin’. She rode strong and left it all out there on the course.

Jeremy Powers reports on his first ride on the Hoogerheide race course.

The weekend is here and it’s the biggest race in cyclocross: The world championships. If 'cross were included in the Olympics, we’d all have a bigger race to look forward to every four years. While talk of the Olympics is happening, so far it’s only talk. For now, we’ve got the rainbow stripes and it’s the highest honor any 'cross racer can achieve.