Got a bit of holiday cheer you still need to burn off? A Zwift subscription may be an ideal way to recover from egg nog evenings.

Zwift makes indoor riding a fun, interactive experience and turns lonely trainer sessions into a group activity. You can chat with other users all over the world, give and receive thumb’s up encouragement, and earn your way to a new virtual wardrobe or bike.

But don’t worry, Zwift has a serious side, too: hook up your smart trainer and heart rate monitor, and you can take part in structured workouts to keep your legs fresh all winter. There are even plenty of group rides, and races, to test your mettle and keep you in a competitive mindset.

If you’re more into riding alone, you can simply start riding on any of Zwift’s virtual courses. It’s a great way to sample some famous racecourses, like the 2015 World Championships in Richmond, Virginia. Or you can wind your way through Central Park in New York City, and off into a virtual New York skyway to get some climbing in your legs. Of course, Zwift’s original island home, Watopia, is always an option, with challenging climbs, fast sprints, and a volcano for good measure.

Prices on Zwift gift subscriptions vary. A 1-year subscription gift card runs $180, or you can grab a three-month gift card for $45. Just head over to the Zwift website and fill in the recipient’s information. You can even choose the graphic — usually a screen grab of one of Zwift’s virtual environments — you want to appear on the gift card. It’s an easy way to get your friends and family virtually spinning this holiday season.