• MSRP: $455

The Aeropack S fits well in the commuter’s arsenal, especially if that commuter likes to work in training rides on the way to work. It’s ideal for bike tourers, too, since it hauls a lot of gear but still fits nicely behind the rider to maintain aerodynamic performance.

Like Tailfin’s other rack products, the Aeropack S features carbon legs to keep weight to a minimum and to prevent any side to side movement. The legs attach to a specially designed axle (included with purchase) so you can install and remove the rack and bag in seconds. The quick-release-style levers simply wrap around the axle ends and lock into place with a snap. If you want an added layer of theft protection, use the included screws to prevent unwanted visitors from releasing the quick releases and making off with your Aeropack S and its contents.

The bag itself is secured to the carbon Aeropack S legs, so the entire works is essentially one unit. The rolltop opening allows you to stuff the Aeropack S easily and compress it all down for maximum aerodynamic advantage. If you need to access things in a hurry without unrolling the whole works, there’s a side access pocket so you can unzip the side and reach in quickly and easily. There’s a stash pocket on the other side so you can stow frequently-needed items like a multitool or your credit cards. The laminate material and welded seams make the Aeropack S completely waterproof, too.

If you’ll also be carrying pannier bags, you’ll want to opt for the Aeropack X instead, which includes mounts for Aeropack’s pannier bags.

Check VeloNews for a longterm review  in the coming months.