• MSRP $45.00

Spurcycle clearly didn’t model its saddle bag after any others on the market, and when a company takes such a course, the results are likely to be about as polarizing as possible. Fortunately, Spurcycle’s Saddle Bag lands on the right side of any controversy.

It’s exceptional.

The lunch bag-style pouch features a wide-mouth opening that makes it easy to stuff the bag full. Be careful, though, because it’s easy to overfill. Remember that you’ll need to fold the top down for this bag to mount to your saddle properly and seal off moisture and muck. That said, it was no problem to get the following in there with room to spare:

  • 700c tube
  • Multitool
  • Tire lever
  • Patch kit
  • Two 16g C02 cartridges
  • C02 inflator head

Once the bag is loaded, a long 23-inch Velcro strap wraps around both the bag itself and your seat rails. There’s a reinforcement on part of the strap that’s supposed to make contact with the seat rails, and the excess Velcro is secured using a smaller Velcro security tab. Once on the bike, the bag tucks up nicely into the seat rails and stays put, and most importantly, it stays out of the way of your legs as you pedal. That’s largely due to the bag’s long and narrow profile, which offers ample storage opportunity and an unobtrusive presence.

Part of the charm of the Saddle Bag is what’s not there — namely, a zipper. That’s one less part to break and fight with when you’re wearing gloves. The bag is compatible with dropper posts too since there are no straps making contact with the post itself.

There is one drawback. That big Velcro strap that secures the bag nice and tightly around your seat rails also flaps around when you’ve got the bag off the bike. This isn’t exactly a problem, just an annoyance when it sticks to itself or to any exposed soft fabrics nearby. Fortunately, the strap comes off the bag completely, but then you’ve got a loose strap sitting around, ready to be lost in the brush on the side of the road.

That minor complaint aside, the Saddle Bag feels rugged, it’s convenient and stable, and it sets itself apart from just about every other saddle bag out there with its wide opening and ample storage. This will be a staple in our riding gear, no question about that.