• MSRP: $2,500 (set)

While Roval has long been known as Specialized’s house brand, the Terra  CLX gravel wheels make one thing clear: Roval is branching out to bring its tough wheels to more bikes beyond the big red S.

These light and ultra-durable gravel wheels accommodate tires up to 42mm thanks to the non-hookless design and 25mm internal rim width. That means they’re ideal for your gravel bike regardless of what tire size you intend to run on your next off-road adventure. It should come as no surprise that they’re tubeless-ready.

What may be surprising, however, is that Roval didn’t go hookless with the Terra CLX wheels. A hooked-rim design allows you to run a wider variety of tires though, and that was the end goal with the Terra CLX design: offer a system that works on any surface with as wide a range of tires as possible.

The Terra CLX gravel wheels feature reliable DT Swiss hubs, too. A single star-ratchet design helps reduce weight and increase axle strength by moving the bearings further outboard. The single star-ratchet system also helps reduce drag. Racers, take note.

Notably, the Terra CLX gravel wheels  weigh about as much as a road wheelset without sacrificing strength. That’s a boon for gravel riders who want the benefits of a tough wheel that can stand up to the rigors of rowdy gravel racecourses without bogging down their race rig. And since the Terra CLX wheels can accommodate tires as skinny as 28mm, you could even toss some road tires on these hoops and have yourself a fine training ride on pavement.

And how about that no-questions-asked lifetime warranty? As gravel bikes become more capable and riders experiment with gnarlier terrain on drop-bar bikes, that might just come in handy.

Check VeloNews in the coming months for a long-term review on the Terra CLX gravel wheels.