• Gender: Unisex
  • MSRP: $99

Vittoria’s Cross Evo XN tubulars were created for dry, non-technical ‘cross courses where speed, not traction, is the ultimate goal. These tires are basically beefed-up fat road tires with just a touch of diamond-shaped tread to rip across firm terrain. The small side tread adds a bit of traction but not to the same level as the file tread tubulars from Dugast, Clement, or Challenge, which makes these even more limited in their racing capabilities.

Hitting turns at speed or diving down off-camber descents gets hairy quickly since the tires don’t have much bite to keep you upright. But the ride quality of these tires is impressive with a 320-TPI casing and latex inners. Dropping the pressure enhanced the supple ride and also added a bit more confidence back into the handling, but we were also more susceptible to hitting the rims at these low pressures.

While they are not your best bet for an all-season, all-terrain tire that you can mount up and forget about, the Cross Evo XN tires could be a huge advantage for the few races that are so smooth and fast that knobs just aren’t necessary.