• Gender: Unisex
  • MSRP: $100

Specialized’s Terra tubulars look mean and aggressive with big, chunky knobs spaced far apart across the tire’s tread. The knobs are on the shorter side for mud tires, measuring just 2.3mm tall. But they are no slouch in the corners, digging into the slick, muddy ground with confidence.

The Terras have a narrower casing, measuring 31.5mm compared to most of the other tires in this category that are closer to 33mm. This slimmer profile shines on steep, straight climbs or when hard pack is hiding beneath a slick layer of mud — it can cut through the slop and hook up despite the shorter knobs.

The 260-TPI Terra tubulars are not quite as supple as other mud tires like the Challenge Limus, which measure in at 300 TPI. This makes maneuvering in and out of ruts or making minor changes in direction a little less smooth than some of the other mud-tire options.

The Terras are an in-betweener option for mixed conditions when the course isn’t mucky. The lower knobs make for a better rolling tire on dry sections but the side knobs add enough bite for moderately muddy conditions. It’s a good compromise between rolling resistance and traction.