• Gender Unisex
  • MSRP $190.00

The Tectal looks and in some ways feels like its predecessor, the Trabec. At first glance, you’d probably even mistake it for the Trabec, but on closer inspection, the subtle differences stand out not for their aesthetics (for which POC has become notable) but for their effect on fit and safety.

Take, for example, the unibody shell construction. The Tectal’s outer shell is made from one piece, and POC says this keeps weight down while improving the structural integrity of the helmet. By comparison, the Trabec’s outer shell comprised of several pieces, with seams located in areas least likely to experience impacts.

You probably won’t immediately notice the impact of such changes, but you will notice the vastly improved size adjustment system. You can snug the helmet one-handed via a dial at the back of the head, unlike the Trabec’s fit system that requires two hands to pinch the closure together.

Not all the benefits result from changes. The Tectal fits similarly to the Trabec: low on the back of the head, somewhat snug at the temples if you’ve got a wide head like I do. If you like the Trabec’s shape, you’ll like the Tectal, too.

The helmet shape does cause some problems, though. The low temples interfere with the arms of your sunglasses, which can, in turn, cause discomfort and even sunglass movement while you’re riding. The venting seems better than the Trabec — the Tectal has 18 total vents compared to the Trabec’s 14. We’ve noticed stifling heat on moderately hot days while riding the Trabec; not so on the Tectal, though it still sits on the warmer end of the helmet spectrum.

Ultimately, the Tectal is a marked improvement over the Trabec, mostly because of its improved fit dial and safety features — which, thankfully, I didn’t crash-test for efficacy — but otherwise it largely feels like the same helmet. That’s both good and bad: Good because both helmets look cool and fit well, and bad because we would have liked some more clearance for our sunglasses. If you liked the Trabec, you’ll love the Tectal. If the Trabec wasn’t your jam, don’t expect the Tectal to cure what ails you.