• Gender Unisex
  • MSRP $100.00

Hutchinson calls its Toro tubular a mud tire but the low, fast rolling tread makes it a better all-around option for mixed conditions. The tubular gets its blocky tread pattern from the company’s Toro mountain bike tire and the ‘cross version hooks up similarly to the wider, mountain option.

The tire’s soft rubber compound and firm, short knobs provide confidence through loose corners and are equally suitable for snowy conditions and grassy courses. The 32mm tires are true to size and look and feel quite skinny next to Clement’s MXP or Specialized Tracers that are both on the fatter side of 33mm widths.

The Toro’s 127 TPI casing paired with its narrower width makes for a ride that is noticeably less supple than others we’ve tested. Hutchinson uses inner tubes inside the tubulars for more sidewall durability, which also makes the side knobs more effective at low pressures. We ran the tires at 20psi and felt comfortable through loose corners and steep hills, but they were not very cushy on bumpy terrain.