• MSRP $2,800.00

Type: Clincher (tubeless-ready)
Rim width: 19mm internal (28mm at brake track)
Rim depth: 38mm
Spoke count: 16 front; 20 rear

Deflection: 5.34mm front; 7.48mm rear

By now we’ve all heard that going fatter and lower pressure is actually faster, and Easton has seized upon that concept with the exceptionally wide EC90SL wheels. These suckers feel extra chunky at a 19mm internal width (28mm at the brake track). We were apprehensive at first. Who wants to put that much effort into leaning a wide wheel over, especially on your all-around bike? But it only took a couple rides for those reservations to disappear entirely. The EC90SLs quickly became our tester’s favorite wheelset, especially on windy days with only moderate climbing.

In the past, we’ve looked to Shimano’s Dura-Ace road tubeless wheels when comfort and reliability were our main concerns. The EC90SL wheels share some characteristics with the Dura-Ace hoops, like tubeless compatibility and aero advantages (The Easton wheels have a 38mm rim depth with a tapered profile, compared to Dura-Ace’s 21mm front/23mm rear rim depth). They’re absolutely killer in crosswinds and at high speeds.

But they’re not climber-light (1,473 grams), so they may not be the best choice for a big day in the mountains. For your daily ride with only a moderate amount of climbing, some dirt, and some sprints or hard accelerations, the Eastons are a perfect choice, and they’ve got enough stiffness to get you feeling peppy on the short-and-steeps.

We also had some reservations about the hubs, based on previous experience with older-model Eastons, but the EC90SL hubs remained quiet and smooth throughout our extensive, almost year-long testing. We haven’t needed any adjustments yet.

The EC90SLs take the do-anything concept to heart. They’re purpose-built for the types of riding most of us do. If you’re looking for a lightweight wheelset for a race day in the mountains, look elsewhere. But if you’re routinely rolling on varied terrain, hitting the aggressive group ride, and even jumping into the occasional race, Easton offers an exceptionally smooth, fast, do-it-all wheelset.