• Gender: Unisex
  • MSRP: $130

For a supple, smooth ride, Dugast Typhoon all-around ‘cross tubulars are hard to beat. The delicate cotton casing conforms to the changing terrain, providing exceptional grip on off-camber sections and over technical terrain.

The Typhoon’s radius control side knobs add to the tire’s traction as well, digging into loose ground to work through corners with more bite. At just 2mm high, the side knobs certainly feel more aggressive than they look. We were nervous at first to lean the bike over into fast corners, but the tires hooked up without a problem on a twisty course.

While the Typhoon’s cotton casings are hard to bash when it comes to ride feel, they do require extra time and care. The tires are tight straight out of the box and need some wrangling to get mounted up the first time. Some extra stretching time is a must. The cotton sidewalls can rot if you put the tires away wet, and they are also quite delicate, easily puncturing on sharp rocks and thorns.