• Gender: Unisex
  • MSRP: $130

For the deep, sloppy muck, Dugast’s Rhino cotton tubulars are the tires for you. The aggressive 3.2mm tall knobs dig into mud better than any other tubular we’ve tested, and this will keep you Velcroed to the ground through turns and slick hills. They have a row of sharp knobs with angular edges down each side of the tire for added grip in the corners, and they’re spaced far apart for excellent mud shedding.

However, the tall and aggressive knobs make these tires less versatile for mixed-condition courses and make the tires feel squirmy on pavement or hard-packed dirt. The Rhinos are available in several different sizes including 30mm, 32mm, 33mm, and 34mm. The wider option will help you float through deep mud while the narrower version is better when there is a thin layer of mud on top of hard pack.

Like all Dugast tires, the Rhinos use a delicate cotton casing that adds suppleness to the ride, but that also means they deteriorate quickly. Muddy conditions and aggressive washing can damage the very thin casing threads, resulting strength compromise and fuzzy sidewalls. A waterproof protectant coating can help add life to your tubulars, but this can also result in stiffer, less supple tires.