• MSRP $130.00

Dugast’s cotton tubulars are the go-to choice for many top pros thanks to the supple ride characteristic and the company’s Pipisquallo file-tread tires are no exception. However, these racers are made for very specific course conditions like Koksijde, Belgium’s sand dunes or Cross Vegas’s grassy circuit. Throw in some loose features and technical turns and these cotton tubulars will have you wishing for a bigger bite.

The Pipisquallo tires are based on Dugast’s original file tread option, the Pipistrello, with more aggressive side knobs from the company’s Rhino mud tires. While the minimal open diamond-shaped center tread grips well on hard packed or sandy terrain, the taller side knobs don’t hook up with the ground as well as we’d hoped.

While Dugast’s cotton casing provides a distinctly supple and responsive ride, it also makes them more vulnerable to wet and muddy cross conditions. To help prevent deterioration, VeloNews tech wizard Lennard Zinn prescribes using a waterproof sidewall coating like McNett Aquaseal urethane repair compound so you won’t be changing out rotting tubulars as often.