• Gender Unisex
  • MSRP $130.00

Clement’s MXP tubulars tackle a wide range of conditions and variable surfaces, and they split the difference between the company’s LAS file tread and PDX mud options. These do-anything tires have an intermediate tread pattern that rolls fast on hard-pack but won’t send you into the tape on loose corners. The center knobs are spaced close together for better rolling resistance, but the knobs are split into smaller pieces so they can flex and grip with the changing terrain.

For more technical courses, the MXP’s aggressive side knobs are shaped like a soccer cleat so they dig into the softer ground and provide traction on loose gravel turns. The tires’ rubber compound is spongy and pliable for added grip and a little extra cushion on bumpy courses.

Clement’s tubeless tubular construction makes these tires more durable and lighter, coming in at just 370 grams. The tubeless design and a removable valve core means you can add liquid sealant to prevent or fix small punctures. The tread is manufactured as an integral part of the tire itself, so they won’t start peeling away from each other after a couple months of racing.