• Gender Unisex
  • MSRP $110.00

Whether your ‘cross course is covered in deep muddy ruts or it just has a couple slick sections, Challenge has a tubular for you with the Limus and Baby Limus. Big, burly knobs down the middle and along the sides of the tread make the Limus tire suited for the sloppiest conditions. And like any good mudder, the knobs are spaced far apart to quickly shed mud when you hit hard pack or pavement.

Challenge took a step back with its Baby Limus tires, creating an in-betweener better suited for mixed conditions. The baby tire has a lower, smoother tread down the middle for improved rolling resistance on hard pack and taller knobs down the sides for plenty of bite in slick corners. The intermediate knobs (found between the low center and tall side knobs) are medium height for a smooth transition as you lean your bike over into a corner.

Both the Limus and Baby Limus tires have 300 TPI construction, which adds to the tire’s supple feel through ruts and turns. But the handmade tires can sometimes feel a bit wobbly if the tread isn’t perfectly straight when inflated.