• Gender Men
  • MSRP $210.00

Nobody likes getting bundled up to ride in the cold, but Rapha’s sleek, snug Long Sleeve Pro Team jersey had us hoping for cool weather so we’d have a chance to wear it.

Now this piece isn’t a thermal jersey to wear in the winter. It’s not waterproof, not wind-proof. So why do we love it so much?

The jersey’s single-minded perfection makes it a joy to wear on fast-paced group rides in temperatures around 50 to 60 degrees. It simplifies your kit a little as well: No need for arm-warmers today.

Plus, Rapha nails the details. Fit is extremely trim and aero — almost to the point of it feeling like they chopped off the top of a long-sleeve cyclocross skinsuit. The zipper is full-length with big teeth that make it easy to use and likely more durable. And since you’ll probably be packing a vest or maybe gloves in that chilly weather, pockets are deep and stretchy.

Of course, any cyclist on a budget will scoff at the notion of a $210 jersey, which doesn’t really have the same versatility as Rapha’s Long Sleeve Brevet jersey, $10 more and a fine piece in its own right. It should also be noted that Velocio makes a long sleeve lightweight jersey for $170, and Castelli has an even less-expensive option in the ProLogo 4, priced at $100.

If it seems crazy to spend more than $200 on a piece of clothing you could easily ruin in a crash, know that Rapha does offer a free repair service.

More than anything, the racy fit, stretchy material, and all-around finish of Rapha’s jersey makes us happy when we put it on. And that’s pretty important, if you’re kitting up for a chilly, hard ride.